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Verizon Announces iPad, Launching with MiFi October 28th

That’s not a joke.  You can see Verizon’s teaser site for it right here.

I guess, so much for the Galaxy Tab ever becoming a big seller?  While I think anyone with any amount of brain matter can realize instantly that the Samsung Tab is by far the more superior device, it doesn’t have the name or release date yet to compete with the i*ad.  Not really the start we were all hoping for from the Android tablet world.

Let me just remind you that this is NOT a CDMA i*ad, so don’t start running around going “The i*hone is coming too!”  Just wi-fi and MiFi here people.  And yikes, holy pricing.

Update:  Now that I’ve actually been awake for more than 10 minutes, can I just say, “Who cares?”  This really isn’t any different than someone walking into an Apple store, buying an i*ad and then walking back down to Verizon to purchase a MiFi unit separately.  The only thing here is that you can do both in one store.  And so everyone knows, you will apparently be able to do this in AT&T stores too.  While it’s still annoying for the Android world that Verizon would do this 2-3 weeks before the release of the first major tablet, it really means nothing.

Update 2:  I understand that this means Verizon and Apple have formed a relationship and I guess I’m just not that surprised by it.  The only thing that irks me about this is the timing just before the Galaxy Tab comes out.

Let’s just open this up for some thoughts…

Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • Youdoneyo69

    I will never buy anything that Apple makes plain and simple. I think Verizon is really effing over all the phone companies ( Motorola, HTC and Samsung) who have helped them make slot of money in the past year

  • Chris Nimon
  • Michael

    I get why Android owners are feeling threatened. It's cause of the availability of having the option to switch and give into the irresistible delight of the iPhone , breaking the oath of being sworn, loyal Android phone user!

  • Jerryarose

    Unfortunately, Droid is marketed to a lower class society, I.e. teens and middle class beings. The iPad will fill the empty void for finer folks. As where this useless device, Samsung tablet thing will, well be for the peasants. Cheers. By Christmas Big red will have real droids that jerk you off any how, they pop em out every month seems like. Just calls em likes I see em. Please don't waste your time with a digital Cut down. I always win and have the last say.

  • Tristan Long22

    It is because of this article that I am removing this site from my bookmarks…ON MY MAC. I admit, I own a Droid…and I hate it. Its a worthless piece of crap and Im not the only one saying that it is.
    And before anyone starts commenting with *pple *sshole comments, I only checked this site for news on Android software updates, not to listen to some whiney bitch of a webmaster, who like some hardcore Apple fanboys, have their head so far up there ass that they cant see past their own ignorance.
    Just watch how many people switch from “superior” Android system to the iPhone in January…just watch.


    “omg im so gay, their is very little “common sense” on droid-life, blah blah blah i like ponies, i like going on droid-life to reply to every comment about my so called “maturity” about Android and iphone, i own a droid but i like my little square toy with colorful squares stuck on my screen with NO customization, widgets, multitasking, flash, interchangeable batteries or memory, background and is restricted to things a droid can do stock, and i think justin beiber is sooo cute. PONIES PONIES PONIES!!!!”

    dude get off droid-life and go listen to big time rush on your pink ipod! you are sooo annoying!

    • Atavanhalen23

      hahahahaha! “ponies, ponies, ponies”

      Michael is being a real turd though. why is he even on here?

    • Djones405

      thank you dude! Michael STOP TROLLING!!!

  • LIKE!! Apparently when you buy the ipad and mi-fi together from Verizon there is no contract involved when you buy the data plan. So that is the advantage. It shouldn't bother anyone that people on this website talk trash about Apple because they do the same thing on the Apple boards about Android.

    I do agree that this is awkward with the imminent launch of the Tab but love companies that supposedly hate each other (ie Verizon and Apple) coming together.


  • Michael

    HAHAHAHAHAHA people posting their comments about this is so entertaining! It's as if so called, loyal Android owners are shaking in their boots! “I think im gonna throw up, VZW is a sellout, Is this really happening? HAHAHHAHA

  • Hjevetts


  • Michael

    Ah so it begins…. next up iPhone baby! woohoo!

  • I have really never understood the appeal of the iPad. An iPhone with less connectivity? What exactly is the selling point for these things?

  • The_Other_Ray

    can't you just wifi tether this to a rooted droid?

  • Perfectparadox3

    Ok as a droid x owner I am vested in the android platform, one that I have been thoroughly enjoying for the past couple months…before I got the X I was a dumb phone ipod touch owner and have owned an ipod since the first clickwheel. I don't hate apple. I actually think they influence trends in tech way more than ppl give them credit for…sure they are pompus sometimes but their products imo innovate…ipods brought the mp3 player to the mass market and made them more popular than any of the other pmps on the market could have. The iphone was the first phone to successfully combine pmp and smarthones into one complete package…before that phones had those proprietary headphone jacks unless you had a blackberry…the galaxy tab? Moto tab? it seems like everyone is scrambling to compete in the tablet wars after the ipad was introduced…manufacturers considered tablets a niche market that wasnt viable, now all the sudden “we gotta get this tablet out stat.” Apple made tablets a vuable market with the introduction of the ipad and without it don't think other companies would have tried to introduce a tablet. I know I'll get flamed but the release of the ipad is the only reason we are seeing manufacturers wanting to release tablets…like it or not apple does set trends and I like to give credit were credit is due

    Sent via DROID X

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    • Michael

      Couldn't agree more. Glad to know you're another person in here that has common sense, which is hard to find.

      • Michael

        Dislike “Dislike” anything clever to say other than this?

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          • Michael

            thought so, you proved my point. you don't have anything better to say.

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  • meh. I do that now with tethering to my DROID X. Came in real handy on Sunday night while stuck in traffic… Netflix kept the wife entertained and quiet while I suffered in silence. I like iPad because it's not pretending to be something more than it is… an overgrown iPod. iPhone is something altogether different IMHO as it tries to be an iPod and more while also being a really crummy phone. I love Apple products but the iPhone and Apple's rather closed development environment for it have always been lost on me… not when there are a couple other smartphone platforms out there that don't try to be everything in one but allow the users to customize it to suit their tastes/needs. I think that's why I am so smitten with Android now… it really is an open platform and seeing how involved the user community is in developing for it, I feel as though I have a piece of hardware that can do whatever I want it to do – and not be bound by a bunch of fluff or eye candy. That's just my opinion… not saying I'm right but that's how I feel.

    VZW is smart to do this since it helps them move more MiFis and maybe it helps them see what it's like to deal with Apple as a supplier, not to mention iPad is a pretty damn hot commodity now and if it can help them sell more mobile wi-fi units, then that's super for them I guess.

  • sylent101

    Did you guys really NOT expect this from Verizon? They've always been like this.. they go where the money is.

  • The_Other_Ray

    I just threw up in chris nimon's mouth.

    • Chris Nimon

      Dude, did you have waffles for breakfast lol

  • Droid Life Community. Just remember when u pass a IPad in in the near future…


  • StingRay

    What this really means is that Samsung, Motorola, and others need to get off their asses and get in the game! No excuse for not having a legitimate Android pad on the market yet!

  • Teabling

    For everyone freaking out thinking this will bring the i*hone, here's the commercial you'll see on TV. “Buy an i*ad and get a FREE mifi with 2 year activation”. VZW is trying to sell more 3G data plans (at $60 each) before LTE comes out and kills the gravy revenue source. It's a smart move really, they have one hell of a think-tank on the payroll. (I'm not saying the i*hone isn't coming, only that this isn't the neon sign saying so.)

  • Chris Nimon

    I just threw up in my wife's, never mind 😛

  • As great as the hardware may be it wont matter because content is KING. And no matter how much support we have for Android, Apple still has greater apps which is really all that matters to most.

    • as i said to the other guy below:

      “are you serious? apps?

      lol what did i expect from a person that thinks like iOS… (fancy apps, and animations. lacking performance skills and customization.)”

    • Michael

      Thank you. well put!

  • Novalok

    Why so negitive, we all know android will still be developed and that for the guys that want it(us) will get it. The way I see it is verizon want to take down at&t and this is a few nails in that coffin

    • CIFchamp24

      Amen to that. Do we really care if Samsung makes all kinds of money on this tablet? They aren't going to shut down production because of this announcement. Isn't the Stingray a little more important to us anyway?

  • fred114

    $20 for 1 GB. What would I do for the other 29 days of the month? And the prices set on the device, jeez, I would be able to buy a decked out laptop and save money. No thanks.

  • Lucas

    I know this is a pro-Droid forum and all but seriously, some of you guys act like this is the end of the world for Android. I think not…if anything, this will help to get some of these Android tablets out sooner and available to all carriers…seriously, you guys had to have known this was coming….Apple will need VZW and other carriers to compete with the Android explosion. Apple can't just depend on at&t on selling their products anymore…apple needs VZW, not the other way around. VZW is in it for the money, period. So is Apple. It's just a smart business decision by both companies and in the end, the consumer will win.

  • Dan~O

    I just feel dirty

    • Michael

      go wash yourself, ewww!

    • Michael

      go wash yourself, ewww!

  • Hutj22

    Why does android always follow iPhone and ipad. Why don't they want to be first.

    • u make absolutely no sense… please… just shutty.

  • Jasonw.s.

    Its crazy, but just seeing this Verizon add with a CrApple device in it actually made my stomach turn. Its hard to explain, but the feeling is like seeing your ex-girlfriend out in public with “that A-hole” from high school that you just never liked. Anybody else feel what im sayin?

    • CIFchamp24

      That's not slightly dramatic?

  • cjohnson481

    kellex, there is a huge difference in getting it at a vzw store vs buying the ipad at the apple store then going to get the mifi. when you buy it bundled through vzw, you have the choice of plans you can go on for the mifi – $20 for 1 gig, $35 for 3 gig or $50 for 5 gig and dont have to sign a contract on the mifi.. if you bought the ipad, then went to vzw for a mifi, you can only go on $40 for 250 mb or $60 for 5 gig and you have to sign a 1 or 2 year agreement for the mifi.


    • I'm just guessing here, but I think he meant “What's the difference?” from a philosophical point of view and from not being an A*ple fan.

      • Anonymous

        his line from update 1 was that it was no different from getting it at an apple store vs getting it at a vzw store.

  • Kingsfan3344

    stupid, stupid vzw

  • banditball

    Its like a disease that keeps spreading….

  • M1ghtysauc3

    This feels like that time I went down on my sister. I mean, um……

    • wow….?….?…o_O

    • Michael

      you still do don’t you?

    • Michael

      you still do don’t you?

  • At the end of the day, Verizon is about dollars and contracts. And look at their track record with Android. They launched a Vanilla android device, and have yet to do it again, but there a plenty of devices with pre-loaded bloatware. It's reminiscent of a spider's seductive trap.

  • Fault

    UGH! I DONT WANT APPLE ON MY NETWORK!!! Why? Because AT&T has become a puppet for apple. They do whatever apple tells them. DONT CHANGE VZW, I LOVEZ YOU!

  • Rader023

    The galaxy tab is still better, and isnt it cheaper? Waiting for a 4g tablet though, if I am going to spend that kind of money.

  • My only irritation with this is the Galaxy Tab. Why the hell would they release this just before the Galaxy Tab? Freakin' great.

  • Dannyjedi

    Whats the toughest part of getting an Ipad?

    Telling your parents that you're gay. 😉

    • “mom, im coming out the closet with my ipad…”

      • National Coming Out Day was 3 days ago.

      • Michael

        Devin, you don’t need an iPad to distract your mom, just plainly come out and be a man, oops i mean a woman!

    • Michael

      oh and you’re such a stud for being an Anrdoid owner! NOT!!! More like a tin man with this stupid comment….if you only had a brain! so sad…

  • Pete

    The important thing about this announcement is the pricing of the data plan. Currently you have to pay $60/month for 5 GB or $30 for 250 MB. So yeah, you could do this before, but now it's a lot cheaper.