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Motorola Olympus MB860 Headed to AT&T First?

We’ve been attempting to track the mysterious Motorola Tegra 2 device over the last couple of weeks and are starting to think it could be the Motorola Olympus (MB860) which just recently received wi-fi certification.  While it’s still a guess that this will be the dual-core device, we are doing our best to put all of the clues available together.

On that note, we seem to have missed a somewhat-major clue from that pesky @androidevicespy Twitter account.  Back on August 30th, it tweeted the named “Olympus” and  model number “MB860” with AT&T as a potential carrier.  We had heard a rumor yesterday that this new device might not be exclusive to Verizon and I guess this would help that argument.

We still aren’t exactly sure where @androidevicespy pulls its info from, but from past experiences, we know that it has led us in the right direction.

And the story grows…

Cheers @RobNazarian!

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  • get the corniest carrier out of the way first. Save the best for last (Verizon, if they dont tinker with it.)

  • jo

    The Tegra 2 device has been confirmed by Motorola as the Droid Terminator.

  • jonboi78

    Is it just me or does the avatar for androidevicespy look mysteriously like Michael Jackson?

  • Droid1294

    Thats not cool and verizon is what made motorola powerful with the droid

  • BigMace23

    The stingray, everest, and this olympus are all tablet devices headed to different carriers… that's what I've heard

  • Out of all the Android websites I chose this one.


  • anymouse

    In another forum, somebody had previously said that the Olympus is equivalent to the VZW's Stingray….which is the Moto tablet.

    • BigMace23

      that's what I heard too

  • Mobrienjr85

    The downfall to AT&T and all Samsung Galaxy S Captivate owners can contest….No side loading of apps, only apps from the marketplace. Right there it turns me off and I work at an AT&T building

  • RoadsterHD1

    give me a Droid XXX with a built in tank of a processor and then I'll be interested.

  • Junk

    This is turning into a i*hone-esque rumor. until there's a branded phone pictured, a hands on or an official announcemement, i don't care

    • Malinas2


  • Patwww

    Well i got 2 year contracts so i dont give a crap about this “Tegra 2.” Itll just drain more battery. Just my opinion.

    • you sound awfully like an iphone fanboy.

      tegra 2 is a SoC based off arm cortex-a9 chip. i would hardly call it a battery drainer, but who knows what battery life will be like for the next-gen processor. dual core addresses battery consumption issues.

      • Depends how moto goes about it but it can help or kill it. Lets hope they listen to the masses and go for a little more battery life this time around. The main killer for the battery life i see right now is the phone trying so hard to get signal and the displays. Even on the lowest setting my screen takes 40%+ of the battery power by the end of the day.

      • Patwww

        Holy crap i aint no IPhone Fanboy. Im the complete opposite.

  • Michael_NM

    Android Tegra & Tegra: AT&T… yes, I'm bored… 🙂

  • El El Kool J

    Well it won't be a 4G capable phone on their network thats for sure.. The VZ model will probably out do all others..

  • EC8CH

    Is this how AT&T gives j*bs the middle finger as he pulls the i*hone exclusivity from them?

    • kellex

      Hah quite possibly.

    • El El Kool J

      Well we have no real true out of there own mouths confirmation of the non-exclusivity of the i*hone but i'm sure ATT see it comin.. 😛 suckas!!

  • Mrpicolas

    I was slackin today had to get one at least

  • Mrpicolas


    • nice! at least it was a worthwhile post, full of information and not just a total waste of space. Oh.. wait….

      • Mrpicolas

        Lol moderator perks