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Samsung Galaxy Tab User Guide on Verizon, Will Make Calls and have Google Search?

We had a chance to look at the “work in progress” user guide for Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab this morning and some interesting things really stuck out.  The first thing was the multiple mentions of phone capabilities which we had all assumed were removed from the U.S. version of the device.  While our sources have confirmed it indeed WON’T make calls, my hopes were high for a good 3 minutes that it would.  (Tease!)  

The second thing to stand out was the mention of Google Search on more than one occasion.  If this UG holds up at all, the Tab might actually find the ranks of the Droid franchise and not sport Bing, although the screen shot of a Bing app pre-loaded is enough to not keep us crossing our fingers.

Oh and the preloaded app suite should look something like this:  VZ Navigator, VCAST Music and Videos, Kindle app, ThinkFree Office Suite, NFL Mobile, and Slacker.

Will this device actually see that November 1st launch date we mentioned earlier?


    Now i have used this about half of a year…

  • Any idea if the screen will have anti-glare yet?

    Until they start concerning themselves with glare, I see no reason to get a tablet.

  • Rexey

    Ok, so let me get this right. I will now have to carry my work blackberry my personal blackberry and this thing? Why did they not just make it a smart phone like the rest of the world? Or do we HAVE to compete with the Ipad? Seriously samsung, find your own path.

  • Champignon36

    This isnt for the Galaxy Tab. It's for the upcoming Galaxy Continuum (with a dual Super AMOLED screen). A major screw up there… lol

  • Luckf150

    No thanks…I'm going to be just fine with my Archos 70 IT.

  • sir

    The device in the picture on page 25 of the booklet looks like it's the Contiuum. Maybe this is not actually the Tab user guide? Or it's a mix of Samsung guides?

    • PA

      It is the Continuum. Surprised no one else caught that…

      • mattyboy1013

        other people did catch that… like 6 others

  • Cpg716

    Um yeah, this manual is not for the galaxy tab, first giveaway, its not a SMARTPHONE. Second, that picture is NOT THE GALAXY TAB.

  • Funkyhomefinds

    If Verizon were smart (sorry…just work with me here) then they'd offer some kind of multiple-device package where your one phone # could be used on your celly or your pad. And charge just one flat fee, rather than charge you twice. For a few bucks more, I'd get that deal. But I know…I'm dreaming….

    • Jdstell

      Actually you can do that already, you just have to pay full price for the second device. Then just go on MyVZW.com and update your ESN each time you change devices and do a *228 option 1 to reactivate it. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as just switching a SIM card.

      • Jdstell

        I meant verizonwireless,com and log into your personal account.

  • Scott

    would be nice, if they have the phone features. carriers should offer the options of buying it either with data plan or data plan and voice both which meet the needs for people who only will use it as a tablet, and others who want just to carry one item (no need to carry a phone and a tablet both).

  • Dmarriott93

    i NEED to know if this is going to have a wifi only version. if not will the “stingray?”

  • Mth2134

    I'm going to say pass. Nothing I've seen justifies the price. Yet. Crossing fingers that something will really wow us that they haven't told you about.

  • saimin

    If the thing can make calls, then Verizon will force you to buy a monthly voice service plan.

  • mattyboy1013

    the screenshot on the 5th picture is not the galaxy tab. it looks like the dual screen samsung phone…

    • Jdstell

      It may not be an actual screenshot. Just a representation to accompany the instructions on how to add an app shortcut to your home screen. Manufacturers do that all the time so they don't have to come up with original user guide or manuals pages over and over again for different products that use a similar/same interface.

  • jahpickney

    I'll wait until google actually starts approving tablets for android

    • they did approve the tab as a “phone” so it can get onto the full android market.

  • Djenks24

    Not interested until I can get a 7″ screen that I can make phone calls on to replace my droid

  • VZWemployee

    this isn't the galaxy tab, look at image 5. now look at the picture of the device. now google samsung continuum. Either that or the whole thing is a fake

  • Blue balls…ever heard of them? 😛

    • Your face 😛

    • Michael_NM

      Unfortunately, yes. I've hurt of them too. 🙁

  • unknownmonkey

    Would really like this to make phone calls.. pointless if you ask me.

    • Skype, Vonage, Google voice, etc, etc, etc. Pointless comment if you ask me.

      • Jdstell

        Pointless? Skype can't call a landline without opening a paid account. Google voice on Android does not make voip calls. The point is this: it's still useful to be able to make traditional phone calls from your wireless number.

        As soon as you can make VOIP calls using just your data plan, then it would be pointless. Hopefully Google Voice will be able to do this soon.

        • MachineGun68

          Been using 3CXPhone to make VoIP calls all day long. On top of that you don’t need voice on a tablet…the tablet needs WiFi from your rooted droid..lol

  • Kellex, wanna buy me this?

  • ogait

    waiting on the moto 4g…

  • 2 pricey for basically the wifi version.

  • cmcconkey

    Looks interesting but I will be holding out for the Moto Tab.

    • angermeans

      Same here I am really put off by Samsung and their lineup. I gave them a chance and purchased a Captivate on launch day it was a nice device, but they really messed it up. It has the fastest processor in the game but they seem to mess that up with TouchWiz. Why does a company that is one of the worlds largest NAND flash memory make their flagship device have an internal SD card for memory instead of using the faster NAND? Then the IO is horrible too. I shouldn’t have to intstall lag fixes for my phone to run the way a top of the line Android phone should run. Now that I am on Verizon I am never going back to another Samsung device at least their mobile phones and tablets. I am back with HTC and the Incredible until they launch their next Droid (hopefully it’s the 4.3″ EVO like device that we have all seen pictures of a couple weeks ago) and hopefully it is a 4G device. I am pretty excited, but as for now I have had the Droid X, Droid 2, and the Droid Incredible in the past month and I sold the X and 2 in favor of keeping the Inc. It is the best phone on Verizon in my opinion by far. I am sick of these locked down phones with buggy skins. I am talking to you Motorola and Samsung! Hopefully the Motorola tablet will run Stock Gingerbread and not their Blur shit.

      • I was turned off to Samsung after I got the Delve. For a “smartphone”, it was the lamest waste of money I’ve ever spent. Moved next to the Droid and became anti-Samsung. Thought Android would change their game, but I guess not. I’m with you on waiting for a non-Samsung tablet. :-

    • Funkyhomefinds

      Ditto. I've always been partial to Moto devices and ANY chance of a Moto/Android pad coming out will make me hold off on any purchase (although I will probably check out the other pads to see if I like using them).

  • Legacy23

    1st…..don't think i'll be getting this tho