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DROID Incredible Hits BOGA Status, Semi-New Commercial Launched

The Droid Incredible is back in stock and Verizon is ready to start promoting it again with a solid “buy one, get any phone free” deal.  Just like we saw with the Samsung Fascinate, Big Red wants to push some units.  Any chance this is because of the HTC Lexikon on the horizon?  Doubtful.  Maybe something else, even bigger?  Incredible HD?  That would be amazing.

Cheers zacqua10!

  • Larjent

    Every htc sucks! Moto rules!

  • malibumac

    getting mine on wednesday!!! 🙂

  • BloodiedWraith

    Damn, I ended up ordering two Droid Incredibles for $150 since I my line and my wife's line were up for renewal even though I wanted to wait to see what was out for this holiday season. Well, that's what 30 day return policies are for.

    • angermeans

      They will still honor it as long as you in the Worry Free Guarentee (30 day) just call up and they will help you out. 😉

  • Dougslezak

    The more incredibles the better. Join the party.

  • Spanky Dynamite

    I've got a D1, a Dinc, an X and the Fascinate now…
    My Incredible is pretty hard to beat. The only one that's even close IMO is the X.

    • angermeans

      I have the D2, X, Both Inc (AMOLED and SLCD), and my fiance has the Fascinate and I agree the Inc is still my everyday phone and still the best on Verizon.

  • I want a freaking DInc!

  • DROID Incredible Red and White backs… http://shopamerica.htc.com/accessories.htm?prId=37107

  • EVERYONE!!! If you didn't know DROID Incredible White and Red back are availble via HTC's online webstore with free shipping for $19.99!!! Get em' now!!!

    • PghGuy

      Too bad the covers did not come with a built-in kickstand. That would make my DInc, beyond incredible to Ultimate

  • the incredible had the best droid commercials!

    • EC8CH

      Sorry… the “I Don't” commercial for the original DROID was epic and rule all.

  • Gotta love the DROID Incredible! (w/flash lol)

  • Bgweave1ups

    Will this require activating a second line?

    • r0landct

      It does, or you can renew another line.

  • Jjdnjndj

    Its called the HTC merge not lexikon orwhatever you think it is get your facts straight it ur gonna have a website

    • Vantercol

      If you want to be a critic you should learn to spell first. Just saying

    • angermeans

      Its actually been called both and both are just the code names so we will see what it is called when it is released.

  • themiracle2012

    anyone catch the “with flash” part t the end? that should quell any doubts about new dincs coming loaded w/ froyo.

    • angermeans

      I just sent back my Droid 2 and got the SLCD Inc and it did in fact come pre loaded with Froyo and Flash so hope that helps as I just got it two days ago also I work for Verizon and our training materials state that it is pre loaded with Froyo with the SLCD displays.

  • Romma1

    Go Dinc!

  • Chen7

    so you can get a R2D2 free with this promo??

  • bravoleader2

    They must have plenty in stock now.

  • That's the same old spot with a tag added at the end.

    • kellex

      I'm just calling it “new” because of the end hah.

  • L_P

    Isnt it BOGO? Buy one get one? Not BOGA?