Introducing the Droid Life Toolbar, On-site Chat is Go!

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Since it’s Friday and we’re assuming that you are sitting at your desks tapping your fingers as the minutes crawl by before the weekend officially hits, we wanted to give you an easy way to get through those last few hours.  Say hello to the Droid Life Toolbar!  Our new toolbar, while not revolutionary, is an add-on to the site that should make your DL experience that much more seemless.  You can now access everything we’ve got going on without ever leaving the site.  That’s not an exaggeration either.

Toolbar features:

  • Chat:  We now have an on-site chat feature that allows anyone the opportunity to BS with other Droid enthusiasts.  This is a casual setting, meaning we still have our IRC channel for support, but wanted to give you an additional place to converse with like-minded folks.
  • Youtube:  The Youtube button gives you access to our entire catalog of videos and tutorials without ever having to leave the site.  It also looks pretty cool in its 3D Cooliris styling.
  • Social Buttons:  We would greatly appreciate any Diggs, Facebook “likes” and Retweets that you can muster up.  Buttons are located in the bottom left-hand corner!
  • Twitter:  Follow our Twitter feed and update yours all from the toolbar!
  • Facebook:  Follow our Facebook page and update your status without ever leaving!
  • Accessory Store:  An additional quick link to our accessory store which also allows you to shop without leaving the main page.

Hit up the new toolbar at the bottom of the page and join us in the chat for a Friday afternoon gossip session!


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