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Verizon Launches Trade-in Program, Incredible and Eris Worth More than DROID X?

For those of you wanting to ditch your  current device for some cash in hopes of purchasing one of the new models of phones on the market, then Verizon’s new trade-in service might be your ticket.  The new service allows you to input your current device plus its condition so that it can provide you with a dollar amount that VZW is willing to give you via giftcard.  Not a bad idea right?

Check out the trade-in value of our Droid family:

  • Droid 1:  $52
  • Droid 2:  $72
  • Droid X:  $124
  • Droid Eris:  $132
  • Incredible:  $152

Not a type-o.  The Droid Incredible and Droid Eris are both valued by Verizon as being worth more than the much newer and bigger Droid X.  I’ll reserve comment and allow you to all jump on this one.  Just keep it clean!  We’re all one big happy family remember?

Source:  Verizon
Via:  Droid Life Forums

Cheers NetworkBuilder!

  • Punk’d?

    What about a samsung Droid Charge in great condition? I Paid alot of money forit at Verizon and it still works pretty great! Should I try to exchange it for money or wait till a newr version comes out? I’m kinda lost on this! Gazelle said $18!! thats not even worth the stamps!! This phone was about $5-600 when It first came out then my spose got an HTC & he passed on suddenly. He usually handled the phone stuff sos now I’m confused! Sos!
    What’s the best thing to do? I think that included a 32bit card & oth contract stuff Is it bad tobe unfer contract? I hope someone can tell me! I feel like i’m gettin’ Punk’d by them?!?

  • Bobdittloff

    I cannot get a signal where I live with my Droid X. My wife just got a IPhone 4 and she gets a signal in our house and never looses it. My Droid drops so many calls I have to use a land line. When I went to Verizons trade in sight my Droid X is worth 79.00 It was worth 419.00 when they sold it to me minus 100.00 rebate so 319.00, with a 2 year contract renewal, just 3 months ago. Now they are giving them away when you renew your contract. That’s just rotten anyway you look at it. 4 calls to tech support later, they finally came to look at the towers in my area and said the signal was fair to marginal and would be worse inside a building. They are of the opinion IT SUCKS TO BE YOU and said I should live with it or find another carrier. That makes my investment in the Droid worthless. Thanks Verizon, After buying the Droid X I looked online and could have saved alot of money I quess you live and learn. RULE THE AIR MY A–

  • I really like its service. I don’t mind to waste a bug for these services. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  • boo.. Droid X is down to 94

  • boo.. Droid X is down to 94

  • Well This should only apply to phones that have been superseded in the Verizon inventory system or in an attempt to level the supported product base to help advance the underlying mobile ecosystem. Thanks for sharing with us…

  • It's a great news, soon going to grab this facility..

  • Thats great for me as I have 2 Droid Eris phones in good condition.

  • I think its not in list and This should only apply to phones that have been superseded in the Verizon inventory system or in an attempt to level the supported product base to help advance the underlying mobile ecosystem.

  • $52 F'n dollars for my Droid 1.. $132 for Eris? umm Big red sucks the Big one .. man I'll get 4x's that for my Droid 1 on ebay with all the accessories and extra zagg skin.


  • Mmarche2010

    Listen guys, we should know that the word “WORLD” is code for LTE CAPABLE. With the current lineup, both droid 1 and 2 now have the MOTO WORLD as backup for the LTE move. It has also been speculated that the X will be capable of 4g. This is Imo why the trade incentive is so low on these devices. The ERIS and INCREDIBLE won't be able to make the transition and therefore require more incentive in terms of trade-in value or essentially a BUY BACK!!! This way they get to get these out of the system and get the consumer into a LTE capable device without telling them that their just bought equipment is obsolete. Make sense? By the way I have an INCREDIBLE and absolutely love the phone, so I'm not biased.

  • Ofcourse Incredible is lot more powerful and uses Sense UI
    and users have always been demanding for the Droid Incredible , it was just the shortage which sks

  • junkyarddan

    Thats great for me as I have 2 Droid Eris phones in good condition.

  • the_omega_man

    The D2 and X should not be in the list! They are current selling phones! This should only apply to phones that have been superseded in the Verizon inventory system or in an attempt to level the supported product base to help advance the underlying mobile ecosystem.

  • Ciloma

    I'll be happy to trade in my Droid X for an HTC product of the same size.I loved using the HTC Evo 4G (supplied by work) and found the Moto Droid X a huge disappointment. Unfortunately, Verizon is the only decent network for where we live right now.

  • I dont see how Snapdragon(plastic) is more expensive than an ARM7(Consortium Course) CPU

  • Lol!!! I sold my Droid 1on ebay for a whopping $350 right after the Droid X came out!

  • snowblind64

    Screw that! I sold my old Droid 1 for $240 on Craigslist after I got my early upgrade! A lot of people are willing to pay extra for a phone with no contract.

  • L M Sessoms II

    Man that's a bunch of BULL?%#!, who do they think they are, Hell I hate sprint, but their price plans are better..

  • Sundaysbest

    Crack is Whack. Somebody's on some really good stuff over there at Verizon.

  • Are they freaking nuts? I could get more on eBay

  • Justin

    I would like to trade in my iphane, but they said id have to pay them!

  • thescreensavers

    Storm is worth 8 bucks, I loled.

  • Thekenjirx009

    Perhaps because they want you to sell the eris and incredible? To buy the newer dx and droid 2

  • machinegun68

    $132 bucks for an Eris and your only gonna give me $52 for my Droid 1? What an insult.

  • Chris C.

    Fantastic….thanks for the heads up! Just dumped my wife's POS Eris (on 4th refurbished phone at present) for $132….we paid nothing for it. also got VzW to hook me up with new Droid X at 2 year contract price, without resetting contract term. Wicked. So….my Droid 1 will move to her and I get a new toy. 🙂

  • I agree with the pricing, I'd much rather have an Incredible with Sense over the X.

  • jeremytheindian

    These phones (DX, Dinc, D2) must go for more on craigslist, right? I would pay those prices in a heart beat for a non contract locked handset.

  • Sdicker89

    What if you put a custom rom on the phone. Does that matter for the trade in? I put kaosfroyo rom on my droid eris but i want to send it in. Can i send it as is? If not, how do i revert back to stock?

  • cityoftreez

    That is crazy my friend only paid like $ 60 for his eris and now he can get 130 for it used thats madness!

  • impala79

    HAHA my BlackBerry Storm is appraised at $8.00! Droid R2-D2 ordered .

    • I sold my blackberry storm to gazelle recently for 75 bucks before buying the incredible.

  • EC8CH

    See even VZ doesn't want to pay for a phone with a locked bootloader 😀

  • I can wrap my head around most of these prices (we put a lot of sentimental value into our phones here at DL). But why is the brand new Droid 2 worth so little?

  • SFC_Airborne51

    I am going tomoorow for free phone fridays at Best Buy to get a Samsung Fasinate for my wife then go across the road to Verizon and get my $132 gift card for my wifes piece of crap Droid Eris. I love my Droid 1 but here Eris constantly gets locked in forced reboots since the 2.1 update. Seems like a win win for me. Thanks for keeping me updated on both Droid-Life Rocks!!

    • snowblind64

      You would probably get more selling privately! And you get CASH!

  • The Incredible has a better UI (compared to the plain UI Motorola stocks there phone with), optical trackball and larger internal memory. Hence it's a better phone.

  • Tomlwitter

    Why would anyone trade in their Droid X. I love that phone or should I say computer. I think Moto is doing great.

    • Bort

      I just got an email from my friend who is really regretting buying a Droid X. He is coming from an iPhone and he said the list of bugs in android is just too much for him. He also said everything is slow compared to the iPhone and things frequently crash. However, I love mine and would never trade it in.

  • Meatball

    My rooted D1 is worth 150 on ebay. I think Verizon is trying to scam android users to get cheap warranty replacement phones.

  • angermeans

    Thats because the Droid Incredible is leaps and bounds better than the Moto Droid X. I have both and the Droid X is alright and the hardware is top notch, but the horrible buggy OS, locked bootloader, and eFuse has killed Motorola. The HTC Incredible is the best device that Verizon has to offer by far. This is all in my opinion as like I said I have the Droid 2. My fiance has the Fascinate. All these stupid OS OEMs put on these phones are sometimes a good idea (not to me I am all for Vanilla Android), but for God's sakes Motorola and Samsung please fix all the bugs before you release your top of the line hardware. Both the Droid X and 2 and the Galaxy S lines have the best processor in the game why in the hell do they lag so much?

    • Me

      Anyone who still throws out the “eFuse” thing clearly hasn't got a clue.

  • nblufire12

    To buy a new phone after u sell it from verizon will still cost $600 right? or can I buy the Droid X for 200?


  • NAN3223

    I want to trade in my Droid for the X or Incredible….so according to this, it's not a bad deal, rite?

  • nblufire12

    But still to buy a new Droid X it will set you back like $500?

    Trading in my Droid 1 would only make it $450… not worth it.

    they just want more Incredible AMOLED screens.

  • CyberPete

    Supply and demand… I absolutely love the Dinc speed that my wife enjoys over my Droid 1, but I would still take my laggy droid over the Dinc after seeing the result of my friend's Dinc pocket-drop.

  • Aaron

    I think the reason could be the price at which Verizon purchases these devices. The agreement between Motorola and Verizon may lessen the initial cost of the Droids in lieu of higher price plan royalties. HTC may not have scored as sweet of a deal as Moto did, thus Verizon purchasing and buying back of the HTC devices at a higher cost.

  • skipwagner

    so i could either keep my droid 1 as a backup or trade it into verizon for pretty much nothing…. im gonna keep it

  • Leebee73

    They're doing this as INCENTIVE, people. They want people to buy the newer phones! The people that would even attempt to sell-back the D2 and X's probably are the ones that want to downgrade, and Verizon wouldn't make money on those people. Think about it… why would one give up their D2 or X? This plan is not about the value of the phones at all, but rather what Verizon would ultimately get out of you, the consumer. Very smart business. Of course, Verizon could feed Kenya for decades on what they charge us in surcharges in a year…

    • Michael_NM

      +1 Very well-said!

    • Kelly

      only reason I could see trading in an X would be if you cracked the screen, at least you would get something for it. I tested the eris, with a working, but cracked screen and you would still get $46 for it

    • a-duuuuh.

      Thanks for the explanation. Totally makes sense. I shoulda known there was an ulterior motive… we’re dealing with Big Red here!

    • a-duuuuh.

      Thanks for the explanation. Totally makes sense. I shoulda known there was an ulterior motive… we’re dealing with Big Red here!

    • Fakeemail

      If I were to trade in my Droid X it would be because I’m upgrading to the next Android phone that I like!
      Sold my Droid 1 on Craigslist to buy the Droid X when it came out. Will do the same when the next Mr. Bad A55 comes out. 🙂

  • The prices for these phones are based on demand for refurbished models, which are both sold retail and used for warranty replacements by Verizon Wireless. Just like anything else in the mobile world, it pays to shop around for the best price – here's a couple more places that will purchased and recycle your used cell phones:

  • Leo Martinez01

    There may be less in the wild of the eris and incredible and thus such a low value for the og droid and droid 2!!!!

  • mtkregs

    I don't want to offend anyone as everyone is entitled to their opinions and preference of taste….but, the Incredible has always looked and felt so plasticy and cheep to me. I'm sure it's really fast and all that stuff, but I definitely prefer the Motorola beefy build to the incredible. Truthfully, HTC wouldn't even be my second pick of manufacturers for Android phones. I was at the VZW store a few times recently and was impressed by the Samsung Fascinate. I'm going to wait for the next gen MotoDroid with a 4+ inch screen before I retire my D1, but I may have to get the Fascinate for my Fiance.

    • Dubz05

      i just got the thunderbolt but i still have my D1 as well. that phone was amazing! i keep all my old phones so i def would like to see what i could get out of em all. thanks for all the tips and talking about gazelle

  • Patwww

    I would never trade my Incredible in. It's just great in every way. Unless you don't have an extended battery…

  • Darkseider

    LOL! I can EBay an Eris for $90 shipped and get $132 for it? Time to go shopping! $52 for a Droid!? The KING!? Shameful!

  • bkj216

    Great! My Droid OG that I paid full price for less than a year ago is worth nearly 90% of I what I got it for.

    Gotta love Smart Phone Depreciation!

  • 1bad69z28

    Wow, Verizon must know something about Moto that we don't in terms of value. I personally like the quality of the D1 over HTC plastic phones. I wonder if sales of the HTC Incredible are factored into the equation here, since the Dinc has been filling up the back orders compared to the DX now avaible in stores.

    I'll take my Rooted D1 over an HTC phone any day. Can you drop your HTC phone on cement and see it surivie??

    It's time to step up to the plate and come out with another fantastic phone (Yeah, I am looking at you Moto)

    • bravoleader2

      I think HTC is more concerned with good looking displays and snappy processors with booting under 5 seconds moreso than a phone that you can throw against a wall and have it survive. They are marketing to high-end users, not constructions workers. Just a different company feeling.

      I'm sure just as many people prefer the HTC design since it is a high seller.

      • Anonymous

        Good point, but I still like a phone that is comfortable and has some gerth
        to it 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Good point, but I still like a phone that is comfortable and has some gerth
        to it 🙂

  • Mdn5024

    The only reason the incredible is going for more is because they sold so many more x's. Is like supply and demand.

  • I think you would do better selling your phone on Craigslist. Even old phones like the G1 go for $150 in the Los Angeles area.

  • Supply and demand. They have less Incredibles and more people want the Incredible. Women are a majority up the u.s. population and women prefer the sleek, attractive design over the industrial look of the X. As a side note the incredible is an amazing phone, still holds its own against any phone available on the market.

  • Guest

    Read the not so fine print: “Ship device and receive a Verizon Wireless gift card”.

    I want cash or a check. Not some silly gift card. I bet they have restrictions on the gift cards.

    • Leo Martinez01

      Nope, you can take them to a bank and they can give you cash for them! That is what I did with the rebate ones that I got when we bought our phones!

  • Jeff

    The Iphone 4 is worth more than any of the Droids on Verizon's Trade in site…lol…That is kind of a slap in the face!

  • I own an Incredible and a DroidX, and id say screen and battery life wise the DX wins. Every other aspect of the phone, the Incredible wins.

  • Periclesmd7

    Well, I have the Incredible, and it has exceeded my expectations, but I sort of lusted after the Droid X and Droid 2 after they were released. Perhaps it's a HTC/Moto issue? Don't you find the the Droid 2 a bit on the low side? For me, I am just going to hang on to my Incredible for the length of my contract and see what else pops up.

  • Dubbled92

    Wonder if newness has anything to do with it? Especially seeing the D2's worth? Poor lil D2. Its cuz people with the older phones will be the ones trading in, they need more money, that's all.

  • Ian

    Love my Incredible. Will take an HTC over Moto any day.

    • Anonymous

      They’re both nice. Motorola is WAY more solid, HTC is more elegant feeling. Personally prefer Motorola wouldn’t mind having another HTC phone. (Judging from playing with various phones by the two and my own experience owning a G1, Nexus One, Droid, Droid X)

  • Makes HTC Sense to me.

  • I dont get this. So you can trade in your phone and then purchase a new phone for the retail price? If thats the case then I would never do this retail price for any phone is way to expensive.
    Side note on the price is right they had a OG droid as one of there prizes and they said Actual Retail Price….. $1,200… I started laughing

    • Muddy B00ts

      it’s worth twice that to me…

    • I have to wonder if that included cost of service, somehow. Like, do they pay some portion of your bill for the length of the contract if you win it?

    • I have to wonder if that included cost of service, somehow. Like, do they pay some portion of your bill for the length of the contract if you win it?

  • Romma1

    The Dinc Rules! No way I would want an X over the Dinc.

    • Irie5447

      I agree the Dinc is amazing! I got one in an insurance claim due to my D1 being defective! It is so smooth and fast! My roomate has the DX and I must say he has tons of bugs and can hardly ever get internet even om my wifi!

  • droid incredible is the king of android.

    • /me is Facepalmin'

    • balthuszar

      i would actually consider the king of android the original Droid, however, the D.Inc is about to perform a coup d'etat, one the likes of which the original Droid has never seen, and possibly will lose the throne during

    • John

      Kind of Droids doesn't show pixels to the naked eye from feet away.. sowwy, but AMOLED is garbage

  • Yeah these numbers are based on the past demand that VZW has seen from each of these phones. The DI spent WAY more time out of stock than the DX, and therefore is valued at a higher price. Also VZW prolly feels that simply the size of the DX is not something that most smartphone buyers want.

    That being said, I LOVE my DX and wouldn't trade it for anything. I just wish there were more ROMs out for it right now…

    • Periclesmd7

      Yeah, it's prolly bcuz the DI appeared to be the only new Smartphone that Big Red was releasing for a while. I was trying to stay on top of the news. Especially since the Froyo 2.2 Update. I ♥ that DX screen and HDMI out though.

  • r0landct

    It's called supply and demand, nothing to do with “better”. Right now there are people more willing to buy USED INC than a USED X. Nothing to do with new sales or reflection on hardware, just the people who don't buy new prefer the Inc or people who have broken their phone. So right now there less used Incs out there per person who wants one versus X. Since we don't know who these are sold to we have no idea what these numbers really mean.
    If you want to argue one phone is better than the other, you definitely need another stat to go by or at least more facts where these phones are going. After all this could just be a reflection on the price from Moto and HTC for their refurb price.

  • Verizon offered me $4.00 for my LG Dare….which is $3.99 more than its worth to me

  • bravoleader2

    The Eris trade in value is $132. How about that Droid X owners?

    If I had an Eris I would run to this offer.

    • kellex

      SPRINT to this offer if you are an Eris owner.

  • DroidHAM

    LOL, my wifes LG Ally is worth more than the Droid 2 ROFL

  • Cause the Incredible has Froyo 2.2 or atleast that works with no bugs.

    • kellex

      Just a guess, but the software probably doesn't have to do with the value of it. 😛

  • You can do much better selling a used phone on ebay, I sold a used LG dare $175 and a BB storm1 without any manuals or cd's for $200

  • Dan

    That's incredible… ha

  • Ethan Bergstrom

    The Incredible is just that awesome.

  • One needs only own the Droid Incredible to understand why.

    • socalrailroader

      I did, and I sold it to buy my Droid X, I like the X better myself. It's a personal thing, everybody had their preferences.

      • Theodor33e

        i have one and im thinkin if i should.. is it faster and better with less bugs? pleaz reply..

      • Theodor33e

        i have one and im thinkin if i should.. is it faster and better with less bugs? pleaz reply..

  • Afroloq

    so wait…an incredible is better than a droid?? REALLY??? Hmmm may have to walk down to the store and investigate!!!

    • Romma1

      The Incredible is classified as a Droid also..

  • socalrailroader

    Gazelle.com will currently give you $360 for your Droid X and $223 for your Incredible, Verizon is being chincy on those.

    • Anonymous

      And 303 for droid 2

    • jason6g

      yeah, the d1 is worth over $100 on gazelle. nice to see an “official” way to trade your phone in though.

      imagine what kinda market could be generated if carriers didn’t subsidize devices…. (greedily taps fingers mr burns style)

      on a side note, check out http://erkie.github.com/ to fight some boredom, turn any page into an awesome asteroids game! lol

      • Anonymous

        Just an FYI, I’ve used Gazelle a few times now and they are awesome! I send a phone off to them and it takes 2 weeks at the most to get my money, I always select PayPal for my payment method. I have used others, but Gazelle has won my business, and no, I don’t work for them I just wanted to pass this along for those that are looking into selling their phones.

      • Zsld0423

        you have no idea how much fun i’m having with that Kick Ass link lol

        • jason6g

          lol i know! i just had to share that

      • Anonymous

        No Offense, but I just exploded your profile picture. Lol, no but seriously that is pretty cool. You just caused me to waste some serious time. Thanks.

    • Heytshirtguy

      Hot dog just sold my old BB storm for $70. Thanks

      • Theodor33e

        through who, cause i need to get rid of mine, but i cant get off the pics and videos on to my droid inc.. verizon doesnt know how to & i tried everything..

      • Theodor33e

        through who, cause i need to get rid of mine, but i cant get off the pics and videos on to my droid inc.. verizon doesnt know how to & i tried everything..

      • Anonymous

        Is that place legit?no scams or anything?

      • Anonymous

        Is that place legit?no scams or anything?

    • kellex

      Thank you!

  • bravoleader2

    Because the Incredible is better, and has more expensive parts (I'm guessing it's mostly the AMOLED screen?). I wonder if there is a trade in difference between the two models.

  • tbaybe

    thats messed up!

  • John

    Droid 2 number is what surprises me.. Less than half the incredible.. must be demand based.

    • Or the pure fact that NO ONE actually bought that thing. People got stuck with them as replacements…sad panda….

      Plus, the phone itself is sort SUB PAR for title it carries…DROID2 should have been epic! 🙁

      • kilgore

        Hear hear! I got a Droid2 because the power/lock button on my D1 stopped working. I was so pissed after 30 days of using the phone, I called Verizon and begged to send me a DX. They did, and I’ve been a happy panda ever since. I got very lucky, however, they would not offer the same deal to a friend of mine. He is stuck in D2 limbo.

        • John

          What the hell is wrong with the D2? not everyone wants a giant phone that barely fits in a pocket.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    great… then they use yours as their refurb phones

    • kellex

      “Certified pre-owned” baby. 🙂