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New Verizon Roadmap Emerges with Stingray, Droid 2 Global and Lexikon News

A new Verizon roadmap of sorts has leaked out from a variety of sources through Engadget and we’ve grabbed the major bullet points which affect your Droid lives.  The entire roadmap basically highlighted every Android device expected to hit VZW over the next few months, but we picked out the “Droid” friendly ones.

Here is what the new rumors suggest…

  • Motorola Droid Pro tentatively scheduled for late October or early November. It’s listed as having a 1.3GHz processor, Froyo, global radios, and Flash 10. We still have every reason to believe this is the phone we’ve been calling the Droid 2 World Edition (or Global Edition), but it’s unclear whether it’ll replace the Droid 2 altogether.
  • HTC Merge / Lexicon / Lexikon coming in late October / early November, too. Don’t be fooled: all of these code names refer to the same device, and even Verizon’s communication uses both “Merge” and “Lexicon” interchangeably. As expected, it’s a global phone with a 1GHz Snapdragon.
  • Motorola Stingray tablet in Q1 of 2011. Now this is interesting. We’d previously thought the Stingray would be a smaller tablet, but it now seems it’ll be a full 10 inches with Android 3.0 Gingerbread, 16GB of on-board storage, and Tegra 2. Oh, but that’s not the best part: it’ll also be “hardware upgradeable to LTE,” initially launching with CDMA alone. Whether that means you’ll need to purchase and insert some sort of module or something, we’re not exactly sure.

What can we make of this?  Word from our sources after the break.

  • Let’s just say that through our sources, we can confirm almost all of this including a few additional details.
  • The “Droid Pro” to our knowledge will actually be called the Droid 2 Global, hence the reason we’ve been using that term for the last month. It is also expected to replace the original Droid 2 altogether.
  • The Stingray tablet has always been a 10″ tablet.  It will run Google’s custom Android tablet OS which has not been confirmed yet to be called “Gingerbread” and could still be “Honeycomb.”  Q1 is when you should expect this though.  We also fully expect this to carry the “Droid” name when finalized.

So we’re really just waiting for Q1 2011 then right?  Unless Motorola has a secret device up their sleeves, we aren’t going to see a big holiday splash to ramp up the Droid line again.  I guess we’re stuck with the Samsung Tab?

Via:  Engadget

  • Beautyful219


  • Sandwichwitmayo

    This is all nice and dandy, but I'm still glad I'm still rooted with D1. Sounds like all the other android phones are a mixed opinion among everyone and nothing is as great a D1


    Was so hoping for a phone with a larger screen, physical keyboard and front facing camera to be in the line-up for end-of-year/Christmas…..I can't believe that none of the new phones have a front facing camera yet. I guess I will have to stay with my original Droid until something with those specs come about. I don't see a reason to upgrade to almost identical specs (except with maybe slightly quicker processor) than what I already have. I do love my Droid and think the only thing that would be better would be larger screen, front camera and speed, plus the all important physical keyboard (cannot deal with all touch). Anyone hear of a phone coming out that might fulfill my wish?

  • Racket

    I really hate the idea of paying for a phone data plan and a tablet data plan since I will only be realistically using one at a time.

  • KleenDroid

    Our current D2's will be like a new phone when we unlock the bootloader and clock the processor at 1.2 or greater!

    • The350zWolf

      Key word: “unlock”

  • Waiting for some type of hint about the first LTE Modem…….Comeon! It should be launched by now!


  • The350zWolf

    Well about time that Moto and VZW listen to the crowd!!! +1 (it will be +1000 if they unlock the bootloader)

  • Prent

    Yeah defly coping the Merge/Lexikon…coming from a Moto Droid 1, I hope this thing delivers…but I'll still do my research before buying

  • zepfloyd

    You forgot the Motorola Venus…which will be the first candy bar /portrait QWERTY droid with Froyo and 1Ghz.

  • Oni

    Hate to say but unless Gingerbread is orgasmic and the hardware is hot the BlackBerry PlayBook looks like the king i*ad killer. The price might be the deciding factor on it though. I love my Android smartphone, the DX. I don't really need it blown up bigger so Gingerbread will have to be something new and exciting. Never thought I'd want a RIM product but unless the PlayBook is $1,00 as I fear it might be (as RIM totes it as a “professional” tablet) or any Android tablets show off in a big way, I might have to share my love haha

    • mo

      the only way an playbook will kill an ipad is if its dropped on it.

      specs mean nothing if there isnt an os to support it. the ipad is lightweight, ios is near instantaneous and its running 1/4 the specs as this thing, and many win 7 “slates”

      im waiting for a good android or web os tablet to take the crown from the pad.

      • Mrpicolas

        The *pad is an overgrown *pod and is still closed off with the exception of jailbreaking for apps

  • Stringray tablet is making me feel excited, wanna see it alredy. I hope that there will be a GSM Version!!

    • The350zWolf

      FortitudineVincimus is poking fun at your typo… it was a typo, right? ;^)

  • Plzachar

    I'm confident Motorola has another device in store for the Christmas Holiday shopping season. I've got no facts to back this up. Just a hunch.

  • So no new Android touch screen without a physical keyboard are coming to Verizon this year? Looks like there's no need to wait, the X it is….

  • If the Stingray is going to be as impressive as the Galaxy tab, then I'm interested. After watching the 10 minute demonstration video for the tab, I was in love with it. However, I'm not sure that I will buy one at first. New technologies like this tend to outgrow themselves fairly quickly, but I'm very excited to see what next year is going to bring for Android.

  • I thought the lexikon/merge/whatever was expected to have an 800mHz processor? Is the article referring to the face that it's just an underclocked snapdrago?

    • Guest

      the snapdrago list as 800mHz processor and 1 GHz, 1.3 GHz, Dual 1.2 GHz,Dual 1.5 GHz,Dual 1.7 GHz by Q1 11

    • William

      No, it is actually a Scorpion processor, which is newer tech than snapdragon and is supposed to be >1ghz snapdragon

      • William

        That was the original report on the 800mHz cpu

  • Timoh

    I'd probably buy the Moto tablet if it is 10''. 2 conditions though. 1. Wifi only. 2. Not locked down.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    what is a stRingray?

    • The350zWolf

      Iol…it appears to be an…old guitar? string-gray? Or perhaps some rare ocean creature

  • Finire

    I'm not stuck with any of the tablets until one is available without a carrier contract for a decent price…

  • Puck3511


  • interesting