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Pandora Receives Update, Fixes Audio Quality Issue from Froyo?

Pandora has been updated to version 1.5 and we have been told that it could fix the audio issues many were experiencing while running it with Froyo.  This seems a little odd as Pandora gave off the impression that Android was to blame, but all reports suggest that it sounds amazing again.  We’re digging for a changelog and have already reached out to the big P.

Download the update from the market now.

Anyone else noticing better quality audio?

Cheers David Young Oh!

  • anyone else missing sharing options for pandora on the mobile application. On the pc I love sharing stations via twitter/Facebook .. C'mon pandora lets make sharing a priority its the best way to spread the word about music too.

  • Mjkasper76

    I'm not sure how come I'm not experiencing the same awesome pre-froyo audio quality like the others who have posted. I just downloaded the 1.5 update and there is no change. Quality set to high and I'm a paying Pandora One subscriber for no commercials and higher quality.
    I got the Droid 1 in 12/09 and pandora was used every day up until froyo was released. It was outstanding and I've raved about it. Now I barely use it due to the quality issues with compression, eq, bass washout, mids are distorted, etc. Going to need to cancel and uninstall until this is resolved.

    • DAdrian

      I second this… my parent's both have Droid 2s, running stock Froyo. Their Pandora sounds 10x better than my D1. I didn't experience any difference after installing the 1.5 update.

  • jeesung

    definitely 100% better. the volume would fluctuate between listenable to super faint. that push of blame to Android was crap since no other music app i use had the same issues.

  • Sounds awesome.

    DroidX2.2…. Sennheiser HD380 😉

  • 00mred00

    All is fixed on mine….nav interrupts and sound all better

  • Jeff

    It still does not solve the quality issue streaming over 3G for me. I put a 2.1 Rom back on and it sounded much better……

    I guess this will never get fixed… One more Android bug you just have to live with. ….

  • Stephen

    I flashed saphire this morning and the new update wont install…tried uninstalling the old one, and still nothing…

  • The350zWolf

    I haven't notice anything different except that the widget is back. I have to confess that 90% of my stream listening is done via LastFm. ;^p

  • Brandon

    It did seem kinda like the audio quality dropped last week when i was listening to it we'll see if this does the trick i do wish i could see a change log though

    • Brandon

      yes it for sure made a difference before the update it was like it was on the low quality setting even though it wasnt

  • Funny I didnt feel their were sound issues with pandora while on froyo.it ran just like it always has.

    • Killer4247

      same here on dx froyo but im not one of those audiophiles i got like 35 buck over the ear headphones that sound much better than anything ive heard theyre on par with bose 200 buck headphones ive heard except noise cancelling is not as good

  • sounds much better on my D1… LFY watermark'd theme

  • sounds much better on my D1 .. running LFY w/ watermark'd theme

  • Timmay

    I downloaded the update as well…better audio quality but it seems like every song quits about halfway thru and jumps to the next one…at least on 3G. Will have to test tonight on WIFI.

  • GulMiguel

    Here's a good one for you – wonder if anyone else has seen it. My DX is updated all the way to the 2.3 which fixed the text message time issue. I had to get a new DX because a salesperson in VZW broke my old one's camera button. So on the new one, I downloaded the Pandora app – noticing it was 1.5, I was impressed. However, I decided to try the Pandora widget which is available. I put it on one of my screens and since that – nothing has happened. I press the widget, i double tap on the widget, I yell at the widget – it doesn't do a frakking thing. Can anyone explain this to me? (Let me guess, it's not a bug, it's a feature *LOL*).

    • JTE

      maybe try a reboot? my widget is working so far so good

    • Killer4247

      really a verizon salesperson broke ur camera button LOL. tell us the story 🙂

  • H3nvp

    I upgraded now mine will not play it gives that forclose error…anyone of going back to older version?

    • H3nvp

      Anyway I meant

  • Brickforbrains

    Biggest improvement I have noticed is that I can use the widget while the app is on SD now. I'm happy

  • Davidl

    This did fix the issue of music not restarting after navigation instructions.

    Funny that pandora support also told me this was google's fault and they would have to fix it. Guess not.

  • saimin

    I like Slacker better than Pandora, but the AAC Froyo bug affects lower quality Slacker streams, too. Slacker uses lower quality audio over 3G and higher quality over WiFi.

  • Barry

    Pandora is one of the buggiest apps on the market. At least once per day it just shuts down for no apparent reason. I'll be listening to music and suddenly it stops and I look at my phone (Droid) and the app is just gone. Especially annoying when I'm in the gym lifting weights.

  • wolverinefan

    Hey I got a question if someone can help. My Droid X received the OTA and the Messages are messed up. But so is the Landscape mode screen. Does anyone know how to fix that? I mean it turns on the internet but not on the Home luncher…plus i cant get the compass calibrated worth a sh…. can someone suggest anything?

  • Keith

    I think this version actually sounds worse than 1.4.1. Droid1 running SS 4.8.

    I'm very close to going back to a 2.1 ROM just so that I can tolerate the sound quality of pandora. *sigh*

    • Droidzilla

      No need. Either disable Stagefright in your build.prop or use a 2.2 ROM that already does that, like Sapphire.

      • Keith

        SS 4.8 has googles stagefright fix, so there's no need to disable it. I decided to delete all the cache and user data for Pandora and try again. It sounds better for whatever reason, but still no where near as good as it did on 2.1.

  • JT

    I did a side by side (very non-scientific) test of 1.41 vs 1.5 and the 1.5 update sounds louder and seems to sound a little richer (headset and even Droid 1 phone speaker!).

  • tjpeco

    Sounds better to me – although I noticed that not all songs suffered from the bad AQ problem before the update.


  • saimin

    Does this update include a new AAC driver or something?

  • 11knives

    Never really had an issue, but I do think audio quality is better with froyo and i haven't even done the update yet.

    • Droidzilla

      . . .

      Dude, get new headphones (or stop listening through the Droid's external speaker).

  • Elliot323

    Issue? There never was an issue on the Droid 1

    • Chinesis

      Elliot, get out of the ghetto bro and get yourself some decent cans or monitors…

      Pandora has sucked on EVERY Android phone after leaving 2.1

      If you can’t tell the difference you won’t hear the difference.

  • Baker1015 Sb

    Sounds better but still not as good as it was. Last fm still is the only one that sounds good for me.

    • Baker1015 Sb

      Thats on a DX2.2

  • camlel76

    Does not work on my DX w/ 2.2

  • Imajinaxn

    Having an install issue may be due to invertnito theme version.

    • kellex

      Yep, themed versions will not play nice.

      • Would Pandora work if I flashed back to a stock-themed ROM and then go back to invertnito? Not really having any major issues with Pandora 1.4.1 so I'm not sure it's worth it…

    • The update won't install sucessfully for me either. Running Sapphire 1.1.1 with invertnito theme.

      • Djtim21

        I used Titanium to remove Pandora and then just installed it right from the market. I’m running D1 with Sapphire 1.1.1 and the Invertnito red theme.

    • John

      Definitely a problem here too. LFY w/ Gala S theme.

    • qmartman711

      did u try uninstalling before installing?

    • had the same issue. it’s a problem with the custom icon/widget. I uninstalled using Titanium Backup, cleared cache with Koush bootstrap and it installed fine.

  • Droidzilla

    Anyone use it, yet? Not sure if I'll turn on Stagefright or not, yet.

  • Darkfyre

    Sounds ten times better than it did before the update, even on the normal audio quality setting. Kinda lame they blamed their problems on the OS, but all in all, glad its back to what it should be!

  • qmartman711

    Yeah, apparently it was claimed as a froyo issue..but it's great that they found a work around. Stock music player would stop with navigation as well…definitely frustrating.


    • Awesome, that was so annoying that I actually had a Nandroid of 2.1 saved that I would restore when I did long trips. Now 2.1 can finally go away for good!

    • Drdisco69

      I did the upgrade, it is fixed.

    • Brife

      I hear that this is fixed. 🙂

  • Droydhead

    Cool dealio!

  • tbaybe

    i hope it fixes it, i hate changing the scripts EVERYTIME i switch roms!

  • skltr21

    and +1 for jeff buckley!

  • Djspikezz

    First!! Does it??

  • skltr21


  • johnny


  • First

  • FIRST! Does it?