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Download: Clear, Black or White Custom LauncherPro

We’re starting to see some custom themes popping up for LauncherPro which is a major win in our books, since we obsess over customizing every last inch of our devices. And today we have 3 new versions which have been updated to replace the most current LP release on your phone.  The developer behind these (signals23) also plans to keep up with updates so your custom LP will never go away.  These install like any other side-loaded application would.  You DO NOT NEED TO BE ROOTED.

All credit to signals23 for putting these together!  Check him at XDA Forums.

Download:  Clear LP – Is clear for all backgrounds.

Download:  White LP – Works with white backgrounds.

Download:  Clear Black LP – Has a black tint to it.

*Note 1* – In order to enjoy this themed widgets, you will need to purchase the Plus version of LauncherPro.


1.  Uninstall any previous versions of LauncherPro.
2.  Install the .apk that you downloaded from above.
3.  Re-enter your “Plus” version unlock code to release the widgets.
4.  Enjoy!

Anyone to show off your home screens?

Cheers Picolas!

  • I agree with what you're saying. Good point.One of the best themes out for the Droid X, and you're able to use either skinned versions of ADW or (as was wildly requested and then implemented) Launcher Pro (with skinned widgets for Plus). Thanks for this post and good luck!

  • Interesting post…well the finally here! The LauncherPro App Icon contest has come to a close with today’s final 10 winners.

  • SirBrass

    Don't forget BigDXSerenity also available on the XDA forums. One of the best themes out for the Droid X, and you're able to use either skinned versions of ADW or (as was wildly requested and then implemented) Launcher Pro (with skinned widgets for Plus). Of course for the skins to take effect, the phone must be rooted and deodexed.

  • Shanehillsr

    Does this remained themed if I update?

  • me

    this was poorly explained, really

  • me

    i dont knw how to get this to work..

  • me

    this was poorly explained, really

  • me

    i dont knw how to get this to work..

  • Docism

    Okay I have all of the icons unzipped in a folder on my SD card, how do I activate them through LP?

  • Adowding3

    I downloaded the .apk (ota). I uninstalled LP. I installed the downloaded theme (which brought me to the default LP home). Then i input my LP PLUS code and had a successful message pop up. Upon restarting LP, no change has taken place. Why am i doing wrong??

    • Puffy98

      this is shown up on only LP widget. it's about just LP widget's tint color & sort of pointed color on LP calendar. not too different from original LP pro.

  • Puffy98

    what wallpaer is it? pink grass and black sky?

  • Kellex

    where are the darkedge icons u talked about 2days ago kellex?

  • yhwhsozo

    I'm just excited that I was caught in the screeshot on twitter. 'yhwhsozo'

  • Philsfanforeva

    Are we sure that backing it up, uninstalling,getting the .apk and then reinstalling and restoring from your backup means you dont need the plus code? i cant find the email so i wont do it unless i know i won't lose my access

    • MuddyB00ts

      I can confirm that this works. I did it with all 3 and it was flawless.

  • DS1595

    Can someone pleaaaaseee tell me how to get those nifty Phone Call, Google MAIL, etc..launcher icons? thankss. lol

  • Cheapsuits

    if only they had this for the normal launcher pro..

    • MuddyB00ts

      come on it's like 2 bucks, don't live up to your name…

  • Goldenboy504

    Guys I try not to bother u as much anymore but for the love of God. I download the icon packs and they dont show up in my gallery..I think we're getting a little elitist here in the Droid world and we're forgetting that not everyone is developers and stuff..I downloaded it on my phone… extracted, moved it to root, went to change icon on homescreen, picked custom icon and it brings up the gallery but no icons show up… Ive tried this with a couple different icon packs.. even if u dont feel like telling me could u just copy a link.. Ive googled and cant find it…and I wanna be cool like everyone else…Please help fuel my need to belong…;) [email protected].. hit me up on talk if anyone would be kind enough to jump in there and help.

    • SFC_Airborne51

      I am using a Droid running CM6 stable with 800 Mhz kernal and I run into the same problem sometimes for me I just do a reboot and the images show in the gallery fine. Try that and see what happens.

    • JT

      Are you trying to change dock icons? If you can see “folders” after hitting custom icon, try navigating to where you extracted them. Idk if it matters, but I created a folder on the sd card and named it icons.

  • kulz


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    • Mother theresa

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      • HarveyMilk

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      • Alan B

        Mother Theresa indeed.

  • Cpt. Awesome

    love those icons, anyway to get just those? how about a .zip with the .png's? thanks!

    • SP

      I like it, Kellex, any possibility??

    • ReebX

      Do a search on the forums, this comes up often.

  • Braydenboschhh

    AWESOME….but this does not update:[

  • mathees

    i keep getting a parse error

  • Dreamtheater993

    I'm confused. I uninstalled LP, downloaded this, installed it, hit home, selected Launcher pro, but I dont see the theme change. How do I apply it?

  • EC8CH

    Just so no one is confused… this post is about theming the LP widgets

    Dock and Icon theming in LP is old old news and doesn't require purchasing Plus.

    • Chris Nimon

      Thanks for clearing that up, I admit I was confused lol. Now if someone would post a few screenies we could see which ones we like.

  • Flyinion

    I'm confused, what is being themed? We can already put our own icons and dock in. Is it just the widgets from LP+ that are being changed?

  • EC8CH

    I've been using a themed version of LP for some time to match the look of the REVOlution theme.

    • i have droid x 2.2 rooted flyX with the REVOlution theme…. whats best one for it?

  • EC8CH

    I've read on Fede's page that he plans to add theming natively to Launcher Pro at some point…

    boom goes the dynamite.

  • antintyty

    5th!! Heck ya!!

    sweet stuff btw!!

  • Noble 6

    where are the dark edge icons you posted about 2 days ago u said u were going to post yesterday?

    • JT

      I think if you look in the forums where ludacrosse posted a bunch of custom icon packs you might find them

  • If you have a backup of Launcher pro Plus and apply it to a themed launcher pro it restores your plus status. Just so you don't have to go digging through your email for your unlock code.

    • Abbepp

      Sorry, I'm a newb. What's the best way to backup Launcher Pro Plus? Thanks!

      • soulever989

        From your homescreen in launcherproplus:
        Menu button > Preferences > Scroll to the bottom > “Backup homescreens & settings”

  • tba


  • timarnette

    WOW 1st