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White DROID Incredible Anyone?

You can already buy a special edition white HTC EVO, but what about the Droid Incredible?  Similar phone, similar styling, all that, right?  Well now you can.  Except the good part is, it appears as if you can simply buy a new battery cover rather than an entire new phone.  White Incredible time people!

Thoughts on the look?  For some unexplainable reason, I’m kind of digging it.

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  • Chaloofa

    If your smart you would have a case to protect the phone which would cover it up anyways so there’s no point

  • DROID Incredible, one of the most popular Android-based smartphones in Verizon Wireless' offering, can offer some more personalization features to its users…Thnaks

  • wolfrunner22

    Awesome the color of the white brings out the black and makes the red pop.

  • lovin the black white red combo- keep up the update droidlife

  • lovin the black white red combo- keep up the update droidlife

  • Northstar 69

    Anyone know whereI can purchase this?

  • Tekki

    I wondetr if the HTC letters fall off as easily?


    yah no dice. if i wanted white, i would wait for the iphone4. Incredible is must sexier in black.

  • Beetlejuice

    Where and when can I get it?

  • Justsayitanyway

    Yuck, ewe, yuck!

  • Me likey/wanty! Where do I get it though?

  • JohnPA2006

    Drink some Red Bull and update this site.
    Droid news cant be that slow today.

    I NEED MY FIX !!!!

    • Djspikezz

      Agreed, You need people to work over the weekend for you. Going nuts with the lack of news. White Droid Incredible… yeah……

  • Caleb

    idk i rather see black covers with racing inspired designs since that is htc's inspiration.


    where can you buy one ?

  • Evermour

    Froyo would be nice… js.

  • drinksprite

    it'd be pretty pimp if the whole phone was white.

  • where do u get it ?

  • stealth

    I dont care if you make one that turns invisible! I WANT MY FROYO!!!!!!!

  • Nothstar_69

    I want it!! Where can I buy it?

  • i wish kellex would find some news about the Moto 2Ghz device…..

  • droidguy90

    kinda wish i still had my incredible!