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Fennec Hits Official Alpha, Download it Now

Firefox Mobile or Fennec, hit official “alpha” today for all Android phones running at least version 2.0.  While this is still a very early build, the Fennec team has decided that it is worthy of an announcement and some video action.  I’ll also say that after just a few minutes of time with it, you can see that it has come a long way.  What a great browser this is going to be.

Download it now by visiting this link from your phone’s browser.



Cheers orangearrows!

  • not a fennec fan

  • Crazy to see how much this has evolved in a year.

  • Its things like this that make me think Android will eventually take over iPhone…

  • Looks a lot like Firefox

  • Garett

    My download just says Ongoing and isn't downloading. I'm on a Droid X that I just got yesterday so how can i cancel this download?

  • Garett

    My download just says Ongoing and isn't downloading. I'm on a Droid X that I just got yesterday so how can i cancel this download?

  • misphit_917

    Might be the biz on the nokia, but it's not poppin on the droid…1

  • Darkwing_Duck

    Ehh, it is bloated but, it is an Alpha. Having done Software DEV for years in the open source community I have learned to make things work then shrink it. It a work in progress and I think it has potential.

  • Not digging the alpha release…too big and too slow…like others have said, I'll wait for beta



  • Fennec is pretty terrible. Very slow to load. First thing I did when I opened it was go to google – it didn't load the mobile version, and double-tap didn't zoom in. Uninstalled.

  • Brollen

    Looks exciting. Installed it but it does not run on my rooted, OC'ed D1 running 2.2 (FRG01B)

  • Mark

    This thing is so slow and bloated, Alpha or not. UNINSTALL

  • balthuszar

    when i click the link it takes me to that site, and then when i click “download now” nothing happens

  • msk1277

    did not work on DInc

  • Loving it so far. Firefox Sync makes this the internet app a MUST HAVE!

  • i just try it for like 2 hour and i got to say it isnt good
    i personally dont like it but ill try it again when it hits beta

  • ChristineJump

    Oh so slow on the load. Uninstalling.

  • Good HELL!! It's a freaking ALPHA people. It's not going to be perfect. Give Droid-Life a break, It's not there faule that it is such a large file or that is so slow. Get a life

  • Seanj22

    Strasburg needs Tommy John Surgery!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • unable to install – any ideas?

  • Rizzidy

    Why don't they just call it Firefox?


    • BAoxymoron

      because they name all of their projects… btw a fennec is a small fox

  • NOOOOO. Stop reminding me of Strasburg's injury!! Its already sad enough that he might never return to full form. I thought droid-life would insulate me from my pain, but no, I'm just reminded again about his downfall.

  • Rain_ing46

    Watching this video, the function of the browser looks a lot like Dolphin to me which I was not a fan of. I still feel like the stock Android browser while basic is the best option available.

    • Acehalo2

      I too prefer the basic browser, though while reading some sites like Cracked, having multiple tabs open makes the browser crash. I've since started using Opera mini 5, and even though it's missing a few things, if Opera can't do it, the basic browser can even better.

  • Salt60

    Can't install. Error message says “no application can be found to open this file”

    • neiding

      Go to the market and get appInstaller to install it.

  • Justsayitanyway

    does it re-size text to center with double tap after zooming?

  • i just wonder why the settings page looks so similar to an *phone. i was under the impression that there is a settings library in android, so the app would use the built-in ui, so you don't have to create your own ui for an app, and therefore save space.

  • RLJSlick

    I love Firefox, but this thing still has a ways to go. I like what I see so far though.

  • fennec hates me, although it is just alpha release. I will wait for beta to try it out again.

  • Luckyr1981

    Downloaded it, tried it for a little bit. It's very similar to Dolphin browser HD, it runs really slow which was expected from an alpha app. I did not sync with mozilla or firefox, I run chrome on my PC. I might try it again when its in beta form though. I wouldn't shun this app just yet, theres always room for improvement…… speaking of room; I like the app to sd feature, but 32mb is a little to much.

  • James

    Wow, this thing is slow….

  • I downloaded it and immediately got a low memory warning. uninstalled. I already have xscope and dolphin hd. I never use the stock browser, I've been using xacope mostly but am warming up to dolphin. I rarely use firefox on my laptop either, I use chrome.

    • balthuszar

      there is a chrome to phone add-on for firefox

  • Jdstell

    Nice clean looking browser. I always hated how Dolphin HD had the green themed top menu bar (I know there are add-on themes, but I just want a stock look) and it always seemed to be too in-your-face. Too bad the speed is terrible on this thing. Once it's out of alpha, I'm sure it will awesome.

    Needs: Flash and performance boost. I'll start using it.

  • rals

    Uninstalled, alpha for a reason. Sticking with stock

  • jojo3281

    Just got it. No problems downloading it. I like the features but it's really slow. I guess that's ok for now since it's an Alpha version.

  • Slow as hell. Doesn't support flash (yet). Uninstalled. Droid1

  • Molloybe

    had no problem downloading and installing….

    brower's slow as hell though.

  • very sweet! Always been a Mozilla fan, but recently I feel it's been slowing down on my computer… miss the speedy light weight!

    • do you have a lot of add on? the more you have the slower it'll run

      • yea I might have to check to see what ones I have…. can disabling them work just as well?

    • Justin Bieber

      How much porn have you watched on your computer? that could be slowing it down like a fat man eats chicken.

  • kent502

    why is this application 30mb. This is ridiculous

    • prob no move to SD option is there? — this will kill my droid onboard memory reeaaalll quick

      • I did see the option to move to sd

        • Wolfspirit68

          Even moved to the SD card it was still 22 meg on the phone side. I started it and it killed my Droid 1 to the point I had to pull the battery because of the resource hog that it is. Just like the same PC FireFox I use currently.

    • BAoxymoron

      supposedly because its a native code application and android requires the native code library to be stored on the android operating system as well as within the application itself… well at least that's my understanding of it…

  • Davis1062

    Yeah I guess I should ready 1st, lol. I get so darn excited about these new installs I don't read I just click, lol

  • NorCalGuy

    Well I dl it and went to open it and waited a good 10 sec or so for it to open then another 10 to get the page fully loaded and when I tried to type in droid-life in the address bar I got a force close…. so far not a great first impression… going to stick with the stock internet cuz I already have flash… what more do u really need?

  • Make sure you read the entire posting, it says you must download Fennec from your mobile phones web browser.

    When you click the link to download Fennec from your mobile phones web browser you in fact will download the .APK file.

    • did this…doens't install. says it's not an install file type

      • Synergy

        Same here. Do I need to change the file extension from .install to .apk? Will that work?

        • Timoh

          should download as apk. Still it's definitely an alpha version. I uninstalled it because it was so slow and force closed a few times.

      • Jimmy058910

        Yea this doesn't work for me either. Tried saving as an apk and no luck. The regular .install file just says it cant open this type of file or something

  • Couldn't get it working on my DInc. Guess I'll be waiting for a (more) stable version.

  • Jasonxlee01

    You have to enable mobile view in settings and refresh it because it probably thinks you are using a nokia or something.

  • Davis1062

    never mind, i was in the wrong download folder on my computer

  • Jim

    Nothing opens except a blank screen after install…

  • villian1998

    This looks really nice, I finally might leave the default browser

  • Just tried to install the apk and my Droid X rebooted. Fun stuff.

  • Davis1062

    there we go…we got ourselves a file now 271 bytes

  • Davis1062

    This is all I see when I save it>
    firefox-alpha.install 1kb

  • Davis1062

    doesn't work, not a real file….where's the real file?

  • TheCinciBengals


    • xmetl


      • Rberscheid

        Such hostility. He must own an *phone. That is the only thing that could make me that angry.

      • quiklives

        Regardless of how you feel about the first phenomenon, is it actually necessary to use that particular insult?

        • Rberscheid

          Maybe its not an insult. Perhaps he was just abbreviating and was too lazy to write out Freaking Awesome Guy?! Or maybe not.

          • balthuszar

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          • Haneygregory

            I think he meant “Freaky Alien Genotype”

            +10 to anyone who gets the reference. 🙂

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