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Rollout of FRG22D to Enable Flash 10.1 for DROID Starts Today

Verizon started the testing rollout of FRG22D which allows Droid 1 users to download Flash 10.1 from the market on the 24th and are now ready to confirm that it’ll be hitting all D1’s over the next few days.  From Big Red…

Verizon Wireless has begun pushing an update  today to the DROID by Motorola (introduced November 2009) that will  allow customers to download Adobe Flash 10.1 via Android Market. Flash Player 10.1 provides access to millions of sites  with rich content including animations, casual games, videos, rich internet  applications, audio and much more.

Start checking your “System Updates” screen religiously!  Or remain patient…if that’s possible.

  • Justin

    false alarm … had to turn off wifi and refresh the market with 3G? Anyways … I got the 10.1 to show up and Im off to push the limits of the flash player!

  • Justin

    I got the update that is … still cant find Adobe flash on the Market??

  • Justin

    finally got mine this morning … been waiting for this since I got the phone in November!

  • Justin

    finally got mine this morning … been waiting for this since I got the phone in November!

    • Justin

      I got the update that is … still cant find Adobe flash on the Market??

      • Justin

        false alarm … had to turn off wifi and refresh the market with 3G? Anyways … I got the 10.1 to show up and Im off to push the limits of the flash player!

  • 90210killer

    love this comment lol

  • aaronvail

    I'm going to wait for the alert on my phone 🙂 I manually updated to 2.2 (FRG01B) and last time got the alert on my phone was the 2.1 update.. so its kinda fun to get the alert =P I can wait a few days

  • aaronvail

    I'm going to wait for the alert on my phone 🙂 I manually updated to 2.2 (FRG01B) and last time got the alert on my phone was the 2.1 update.. so its kinda fun to get the alert =P I can wait a few days

  • Scott
  • Infojock

    I had the leaked “official build” and I was not that impressed. I kept getting messages saying “not optimized for mobile” on most of the videos that I tried to watch. Skyfire may be a better option.

  • I don't know what an OTA update looks like. I always end up downloading the updates from droid-life.com

  • Cinnibar
    • Cinnibar

      from :

      before anyone gives me credit for anything

      • Cinnibar

        ….and I'm manually updated to FRG22D. Flash visible in the market, downloaded it. Back to sleep until Gingerbread…

        • garbagedick

          i also updated manually. i was hoping to get that new gmail, but oh wells…

        • Do I need to unroot first?

        • Luckyr1981

          do I need root for this?

          • Cinnibar

            From the link :
            “-Do not attempt to install this to anything other than the Motorola Droid.
            -If you are running anything other than stock 2.2, FRG01B, you will receive an error.
            -If you attempt to apply this update with a custom ROM installed, the update will NOT apply.”

            So no root.

  • Is this going to fix the battery issues too?

  • LinZbee

    OK, here we go again, but why do I always find myself believing I'll be getting the update any second now…I've checked my “system updates” screen over and over. I'm obsessed when they keep putting out these notices. Help!

  • Cinnibar

    I just keep checking variations of :
    until one of the links works. That's been the link format for the last two updates.

    • Ralphtrentacosta

      Just curious, where do you get the .e48e48f.zip number from. meaning how do you know what is the number?

      • Cinnibar

        I don't know the number, I should have elaborated. I'm just stuffing random hexadecimal numbers in there to keep me amused… aka “Variations”

      • Cinnibar

        Also, you could google “signed-voles-FRG22D-from-FRG01B” repeatedly and see if someone else has posted a valid link yet to the update.zip file.

  • Jcoburn

    can rooted FRGB01 users apply this update? heh?

  • briderx

    Where does google store the updates on our droids?

  • Greedy

    just out of curiosity has anyone else had trouble with the wifi since recieving froyo(FRG01B)???

    • Pog

      Not that I have noticed. It seems to work fine and produce longer battery life.

    • Luckyr1981

      My Droid1 takes a while to connect to any WiFi signal. I noticed it more after the manual update.zip of FRG01B.

    • Micah

      Mine seems to only stay connected on Wifi for a few minutes at a time. It shows that I'm still connected, but i'm unable to do any surfing, etc. I have to go toggle the Wifi off, then back on to reconnect. I've only had this since FRG01B. What trouble have you had?

      • Greedy

        I have the exact same problem as you, it will only stay on for a couple of minutes at a time and then fade out.

  • user1

    i wish someone would create an app where i can send in my payment to verizon $1 at a time, until the full amount is completed by the due date. that way, their accounting department will enjoy the experience that i'm having right now of waiting for their updates!

    • JC

      lmao, good one…

    • Rashad4024


    • Chili

      that is one of THE VERY BEST statements I have seen on here!!! I agree with you 100%.

    • 90210killer

      love this comment lol

  • JoeDirte

    I'll believe ya when me sh*t turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.

    • garbagedick

      does it sound that bad when I say it?

  • Pete

    “Start checking your “System Updates” screen religiously!”

    I've seen this before….but does it actually work or do anything for anybody else? Every time I've ever went into the system updates screen, it instantly says nothing is available. It seems like it returns too quickly to actually have gone out to somewhere and checked something. My gut feeling is that it's a dummy screen that doesn't actually *do* anything.

    Has anyone actually ever initiated an update by going to this screen when they hadn't already been prompted by an OTA update??

    • I think that's the screen you go to if you decline to install a pushed update immediately

    • Tcook815

      It actually worked for me for the original 2.2 update. I did the “checkin” thing, then went to the System Update screen and it actually was there. Granted, I had also done this at least 50 times before over the couple days preceding it…. There is also the .01% chance I happened to get the update at that exact moment….

    • Dave

      worked for me with the 2.1 update

  • mlawlor777

    i rooted my droid with easy root after i manually updated to froyo and then i bricked my phone so i fixed that and re-rooted now flash is in the market for me. im still on the first droid froyo build not the FRG22D. so i dont know why this update is necessary to “enable” flash because it already shows up for me.

  • Unrooted just to sit here and wait lol

    • So, and I'm sure this has been asked before but I've yet to see a clear answer, must we unroot to take this? I know they have typically put out a “for the rooted” update.zip not too long after we get our hands on the production version, but I've never heard if it is necessary to unroot to take the on from big red?

  • Lhandsome

    I downloaded flash manually. So will I get notified or what will happen? Should I erase it?

    • You can download the flash update from the market when there is one (I assume you have the latest anyway). You will still be notified of the new Froyo update or you can choose to install it once the droid-life folks get their hands on it. This is based on my past experience, although someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Is this probably going to be our last Droid 1 update or at least our last significant one?

    • EC8CH

      Gingerbread will be on my Droid whether Verizon sends it to me or not 🙂

  • Is it going to help with the battery issues?

  • Michael

    I'll believe it when it actually happens. Stop torturing us and get the freakin' thing out already! How gay is it that we have to wait for another minor OTA update to be able to see the Flash player on the market? Were they just too lazy to include it on the 2.2 update that took forever in getting? Get with the program!

    • Evermour

      Heyheyheynow. Watch yo language boii. Gay is a bad werd. D:< jk

      • Michael

        you’re gay! haha jk

  • The350zWolf

    I see that some people are running flash beta 3 ( I have the one from the market (or so I believe) Kellex or anyone at droid-life, how can I pass this along to you guys so that you can make it available via your downloads link?

  • manderko

    off topic but does anyone know where the droid x update.zip is hiding online?

  • Received the update notification 15 minutes ago. It's a 45.2MB package

    • Luckyr1981

      save that file!!! so you have a update.zip!

      • I have clockwork mod, so I didn't update. However, I couldn't find the update.zip in the root folder. Where does it hide?

        • BAoxymoron

          speaking of which why hasn't clockwork mod included a way to save these updates? wouldn't it make easier for all those who want to distribute the ota's?

          • The350zWolf

            I believe that Koush has them under the Download ROM > Stock Images , but I don't see that latest. Also Peter Alfonso has them in his website under downloads, including FRG22

          • Anonymous

            Oh yeah I know that I’m talking about having Clockwork hijack the update process and save the file to your phone so you can forward it to koush or kellex or someone else…

        • Tsusai

          check the /cache folder or /system (You might have to use root explorer / mount RW to see those files)

    • Aguest

      Did you save the zip file??

  • I still don't know why they can't just let us download it. Why do we have to wait until some mysterious, fog obscured, future date when unicorns roam the prairies and the clouds rain skittles to get the damn update that they've promised. This is becoming obscene.

    • Luckyr1981

      Mmmmmm….. Skittles.

      • Drummer62

        lol +1 for the skittles

    • villian1998

      It adds to the magic….. I'm getting all tingely thinking about it

    • This place you describe sounds wonderful. Can't help but think I was there last weekend!

    • EC8CH

      But are there double rainbows? I neeeeed there to be double rainbows.

    • GilmourD

      It’s probably because everybody would download at once and destroy their server. Even the most expensive, powerful servers in the world have limits That’s why when they push the OTA updates they don’t end up on everybody’s phone at once.

  • Guestacular


  • Lies. This better roll soon and fix my freaking phone because I'm not to fond of motorola/verizon/google right now. Every update has fixed one thing but broken two others.

  • Delwyn77

    What if you have manualy installed the 2.2 update and flash 10.1 already? Do I need to unroot my D1 before I get this update? Is it optional?

    • The350zWolf

      Probably what will happen is that FRG22D will overwrite the leaked froyo and you will lose root. Then you will have to re-install flash, and if you wish re-root. Easy root will take care of that. It is optional up to an extent. You can just ignore the upgrade prompts and not upgrade, but you'll be annoyed be the prompts, or upgrade and just deal with it, or try to see if you can use Peter Alfonso's “stopota.zip” patch before upgrading. You may need to flash BB to do this.

    • At0msplat

      In the same boat. Rooted D1 (easyroot, FRG01B) with flash 10.1 beta 3 installed.

      • At0msplat

        sorry hoping for answer to. lol I don't know either.
        kernal [email protected] #1

        • Chris Jones

          See reply to Delwyn77 and Rizzidy above.

      • Chris Jones

        See reply to Delwyn77 and Rizzidy above.

    • Chris Jones

      If you're using ClockworkMod recovery, it should prevent the update from applying. You'll receive the prompt, click to accept or install, the phone will reboot and act like it's installing, but will stop and you'll get the Alert icon (triangle w/! in the middle). From there, reboot the phone and you'll still have your custom ROM w/o the official update. You should no longer be prompted for this upgrade as well.

      • Rizzidy

        Can you still install the update even with clockworkmod?

        • Chris Jones

          Pretty sure the only way you can load it will be when the update.zip starts to surface and you apply it via ROM Manager or directly from your recovery. The auto-update provided by Verizon will fail.

  • We'll see what all the fuss is about!! Cant wait….

  • Will getting this take away my root access?

    • HiddenPeanuts

      I'd like to know this too.

      • AnimateD

        see reply to Intesar Zarman ^ by Chris Jones… geez…

    • Chris Jones

      See reply to Delwyn77.

  • bravoleader2

    Today is a good day

  • B-Do


    • tbaybe


      • B-Do


        • Umm… My post was first. I successfully prevented a true first comment. Sort the comments from oldest to newest. You’ll see that you were definitely not first.

  • Yay! More functional flash!