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DROID 2 and X Pegged for March 2011 “End of Life” Status

A new “end of life” device list appeared late yesterday afternoon and features specific dates for every major Verizon smartphone including the new Droid 2 and Droid X.  Don’t worry just yet though, the date given to both devices is 3/31/2011 which puts both out of commission about 8 months after their release. Wait really?  Seems a little early right?  The original Droid at least lasted 10 months before being taken off the market.

Speaking of the original, it is also listed, only with an 8/6/2010 date which matches up perfectly to our report almost a month ago.

Have any thoughts on seeing an “end of life” date only a few weeks after the release of your brand new phone?  We knew 4G (LTE) devices were coming and that devices have shorter lives than ever these days, but this news can’t be exciting you.  Am I right?

Source:  Phonedog

  • Starlitsky222

    La….you’re ridiculous.
    Bottom line is this: YES it is a” business” and they need to make money, however we are getting RAPED. It’s hilarious how most people posting here actually believe the device costs 5, 6, 7 hundred dollars to create. Ooooh! But they’re giving me a discount at 2 hun….it costs about 5 bucks to make a pair of Jordans yet folks pay 200 PLUS to sport their favorite kicks. Granted we are talking about advanced technology here, TRUST that it does not cost more than 50 bucks to create a smartphone. My gripe is this..just because one consumer has the money to throw around like it ain’t sh*t, does nor mean the next consumer does. I’m by no means” broke” but I’m not wealthy and if I’m going to drop 1, 2 hundred dollars on a phone that will keep up with the modern world, I expect to have it last a while. You people are like” Duh, it’s not obsolete just cause the shelf life runs out. Duuuuh.” Indeed thus is true but what you are failing to realize is that little things like SUPPORT and UPDATES all go away. If something God forbid goes wrong, minor or major, the only response you get is” upgrade.” Now why the he’ll would I upgrade a phone I JUST dropped bread for less than 8 months ago?! Wrapped around their fingers, we are. Again, if YOU are able to throw your cash around like it’s nothing then by all means but for the rest of us who don’t have money to play with, we expect to get the most for our dollar and making a phone” obsolete” in terms of support etc. is some bs. Here’s a thought….they only do it because they CAN. Enough people have accepted the cell phone providers behavior so these companies know they can ream you with the high prices and then stop support for your device within months. more people complain about something that does not seem right, the LESS we get taken advantage of.

  • La

    Nothing personal to anyone, but nothing in life is fair. There will always be something to complain about. We don’t always get what we want. This is a business, they run it how they want to. There will be things we don’t like and things that will annoy us. Either shut up and deal with it, or go to a different carrier. Verizon by far, has the best service so leaving wouldn’t be the smartest thing but if it stops you from complaining, go for it. & if you don’t have the $$ to cough up every 18 months for a new phone, stick with your old; if your old one breaks, you’re SOL. Buy a different old phone from ebay and call it day. Life is too short to sit at our computers and complain about all these phones… new ones will keep coming out, thats how the business stays open, so crazy people who need the newest and latest things can spend their $$ on a new phone that will only be considered “new” for the next 8 months to a year.. when you should have put that money to other, more important bills! Stop whining and complaining, thats life, suck it up and deal with it! =)

  • Well the OG Droid is great, we have the support of the developer community. We should really acknowledge what the developers do for us. Thanks!

  • Keep in mind that end of life is a rough date and doesn't mean all stock will be sold out on or by those dates. Further, it will probably be a few weeks or month after the official EOL dates listed above that we'll see a true successor to DX/D2

  • Keep in mind that end of life is a rough date and doesn't mean all stock will be sold out on or by those dates. Further, it will probably be a few weeks or month after the official EOL dates listed above that we'll see a true successor to DX/D2.

  • Getting shorter and shorter. This is two months less than the D1 had.

  • Well… incredible is on there (unfortunate) but at least the X is on there too… dont feel so bad now.

  • I think,it could just signal an OS update around that time. I can see the Droid getting Froyo only.

  • Mjeffp

    i haven't even gotten my phone yet ordered it on Aug 14 and might get it on the 31st and to hear that the end of life is already announced is a little disheartening i know that technology is going by leaps and bounds but how can one go out every time a latest and greatest smart phone is released and get it given that the phone companies have us limited to 1 and 2 yr contracts
    i make good money but can't afford to jump on the band wagon for the next latest and greatest smart-phone

  • Mjeffp

    i haven't even gotten my phone yet ordered it on Aug 14 and might get it on the 31st and to hear that the end of life is already announced is a little disheartening i know that technology is going by leaps and bounds but how can one go out every time a latest and greatest smart phone is released and get it given that the phone companies have us limited to 1 and 2 yr contracts
    i make good money but can't afford to jump on the band wagon for the next latest and greatest smart-phone

  • With all the LTE news how is this a surprise to anyone?

  • Mps623

    this is nothing new to me… all phones that come out go end of life usually before the 8 mounth mark. this is about normal.. i see phones all the time come out and eol with in one month or less some times….

  • Is this list suggesting that the DX will still be running 2.1 at the end of life?

    • guest

      Yep, just like it suggested that Droid would be running 2.0 at end of life.

  • BigDaddyEllison

    I have a D1 and am not up for renewal until spring anyway so actually I am glad to see it because it means my next phone might be a D3 with LTE capability.

  • im not too bothered cuz these next few devices are just gonna be different configurations of the hardware already available…there maybe one new feature over the last phone but our phones will be sufficient for everything we need or want it to do…the only thing my X really lacks is a front facing camera…but seriously a slightly faster processor or screen isnt gonna make a phone obsolete…the X and presumably D2 are not gonna feel out dated for quite a while…the only thing that will make these phones feel obsolete is its inability to upgrade to a new version of android…

  • Don't for get the HTC Incredible. Its also on the list (ADR6300).

  • Its nothing to worry too much about as far as support. Look at the EOL for the Droid. That was 3 week ago….They are still sending out Froyo updates for it….3 weeks after that EOL date.

    I cant see why they would EOL phones that can still use 3G. Everyone wont be moving up to LTE on their plan and all these 3G phones would be very affordable.

    Verizon could have these replace the feature/3G Multimedia phones, lower the data plans for 3G…

    Also like someone mentioned, it could just signal an OS update around that time. I can see the Droid getting Froyo only. The ones that have EOL's next year, they will be getting Gingerbread. Its just a guess tho.

    And like some of yall said, it could be Verizon moving forward to LTE.

  • Maizekid

    Yeah that's a little discouraging

  • Markinwyo

    I think the big issue with the HTC Incredible is that Verizon is stating that the DI will be killed with Android 2.1. This is a big tell that we DI owners will not be getting FROYO from Verizon.

    • Oo3rex

      Where is verizon stating that the incredible wont get froyo? Of course its getting it.

  • Sfhock

    Oh for Pete's sake.. did any of you notice that it said Droid X smartphone ON ANDROID ECLAIR 2.1 OS???
    It's probably just their EOL for 2.1 (i.e. they plan to have Froyo 2.2 deployed to all phones by 3/2011).
    Sheesh people this is how stupid rumors start…

    • Thats a good point. The Droid is listed with 2.0. Maybe it means by the EOL dates, they wont be on that OS anymore.

      Like I mentioned in my post, the EOL for the Droid was 3 weeks ago. They are still sending out Froyo updates for the Droid.

  • Chris Nimon

    Im excited. Bring on the Samsung and Droid Pro or ????? :P'

  • WhereIsTony

    I am not sure if people would prefer a longer time until EoL, and the manufacturers simply not releasing phones based on newer technolgy.

    “Wow this will really make a great phone”
    “Well sit on it for a while, because people don't like better stuff to come out”

  • WhereIsTony

    People End of Life, does not mean that Asurion or Verizon will suddenly stop all connection with the phone. It means more won't be made.

  • The latest date on the list is 3/31/201, for any phone. It's most likely a filler for now.

  • The latest date on any of the phones is 3/31/11. Maybe it's just a filler for now.

  • Mrpicolas

    hey just a quick comment the droid incredible from htc is also listed as 3-31-2011 as well

  • WhereIsTony

    Verizon has always offered one year contracts, customers shold be the ones re-evaluating.

  • mikejs78

    This looks suspicious to me. Look, there are at least a dozen phones on there with the SAME EOL date? And there is not a single phone on there with an EOL date after March 31? Carriers just don't replace their entire lineups on the same day.

    I suspect that the 3/31/2010 date is just a placeholder for “undetermined.”

  • davesdroid

    Bring on the DX2 and the D3

  • End of life Sucks! =P


  • LanceUppercut


    I'm was thinking about getting the Droid X. This made me stop and think about it a little but then I thought if I buy this, I'll want the newest release in March. But if I hold out to buy one in March, I'll get burned when a new phone is released months after that.

    My point being: It's a never-ending cycle. If there's a phone you want then go buy it and don't look back. And if you already have the X or the 2 and can't afford an upgrade in a few months, be happy with what you have.

  • Pizzlewizzle504

    Does this mean after that date I can claim insurance on a “lost phone” and receive the latest android phone on verizon?

    Doesn't necessarily sound like a bad thing

    • WhereIsTony


    • Chris

      You wish.You will have to wait until you have your upgrade or pay full retail.

  • Perfect 7 months my Droid X will be good till then. Mean time the new one will come out in December Boasting 2GHZ processor. Insurance claim in March = New 2GHZ unit just like what they did for Droid 1 to Droid 2….haha. Its all magic……baby

  • Hogasswildmc

    So if someone is up for renewal in January and decides to buy a DX, their phone will stop being supported after two months?

  • Djspikezz

    My Thoughts:

    The technology is accelerating which means some mean powerful droids in the future.

    The Bad, with the advancement in cell phone technology comes going out of date faster with your device. The solution? Let us upgrade our phones early and allow us to get the phone at the right price, not the over-priced price.

  • stynkfysh

    Its not Verizon's fault. We so over-pay for these phones that the manufacturers make a killing which in turn speeds up the innovation of them… which means our phones are old in 2 months and Verizon has squeezed every ounce of profit out of them after 8 months.

  • timarnette

    This is really crazy. What about updates after that. Some people don't even have their Droid X yet.

  • JT

    if it's anything like the froyo updates, it'll be more like May 31st anyways 😛

  • Guest

    This is great news to see the day after my Droid X shows up in the mail. :'( Look at the list… there's a ton of phones that have that same date. I'd guess they're either tentative dates, or they're going to be bundled differently with a new UPC or something by that date…

  • The350zWolf

    Well I'm no big company executive, but the Motorola-Verizon business sort of make sense (to them anyway). The idea of having newer phones is not only to be technologically ahead but to entice new prospective customers and have them commit to a 2 year contract. Once in the customer pool you're stuck and with the help of locked bootloaders your phone is tied to the set lifetime schedule. By the time you are up new phones as way more advanced and with incentives to upgrade, you fall back again into the 2 year cycle. What is sad is that perfectly good phones will become obsolete because Verizon will stop providing support. That is why the OG Droid is great, we have the support of the developer community. We should really acknowledge what the developers do for us. Thanks guys!

  • Adam1985

    I have been a happy Verizon customer for 9 years, so I'm knocking them, but if they wanna play hardball with the killing of devices 8mos-1yr after we just upgraded, maybe they need to lower the length of new contracts. Interesting concept. Glad my Incredible was not on that list; oh and on the flip-side – the best thing about smart phones especially the Android platform, 4 years from now after they stop rolling out updates I can just go online, root, and load the latest OS. For me, I will upgrade to the newest when the OS stops supporting my phone.

    • Adam1985

      Ha I meant “not” knocking them.

    • Adrian

      Actually the DIncredible is at the top of the list and is also slated to die on March 31 2011! Sorry

    • Mplouse

      You can upgrade with a 1 year plan the phone costs a little more but you are free every year. Another option is getting a wireless plan that is $59.99 or above and you are eligible for a yearly upgrade.

    • Nogoals

      but yet….your incredible is on the list. Check out number two on the list.

      The reality is the manufacturers are going to be replacing hardware annually and Verizon needs to stay with current hardware. All your phones will still work, they just wont be the “best” hardware available. And that's not because of Verizon. You need to blame HTC/Motorola/Samsung etc…. for this reality.


    I honestly dont see the relevance in this. The phones dont just drop dead. At most it means that they stop selling them & u cant go into a store & purchase one after the supply has been depleted. This has no bearing on the phone u have in hand.

    Its also silly to say that phones are coming out too fast. Too fast for what? Its always the consumers option to purchase now or wait for something better. We know that waiting for better could be a lifetime but its still up to that individual to buy when they see fit. If u buy 20 gallons of gas today & it goes down 4 cents tomorrow its life. Get over it.

    On another note however, I do believe it would be more reasonable to allow 1 year contracts at current cell phone prices/contract rates. It still produces revenue for the companies & coaxes people into buying/renewing more. Not that many people go out & pay full retail for a phone just because a cooler one drops 2 months later. & there should be no worry for people to jump ship after 12 months if that company provided the “best devices on the best network”. People would stick around because they know theyre getting the best deal. If the iPhone was sold with one year contracts, people would still resign with apple every year because of the cult following (silly people!).

  • Hogasswildmc

    If Verizon thinks I'm going to plop down $200 for a new phone every six months, they're crazy. Almost as crazy as Lindsay Lohan.

    • Collinsclerk

      They won't let you do this. You're stuck with it for at least 20 months… at least on a family plan.

  • RanballX

    Verizon's contract should be based on the life of the device being purchased. 2yrs for an 8month device. Nice.

  • s0n-

    This is why 1 year contracts are the way to go moving forward.

  • So VZ iPhone April 1st? Or would that just be a joke..

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    I'm not worried in the slightest. Given the speed of technology, this seems only a wise marketing move on their part. Why continue spending marketing dollars on something 6 months old if it will only be pitted up against competing devices that are newer? End Of Life these days, for me, simply means they aren't selling it anymore… not that I'll be stranded out on some desert island with a gun that has 1 bullet…

  • Joro0046

    What will happen first…I get 2.2 or my droid X reaches its end of life

    • Tracy Wilborn

      Probably EOL…

      • you can always grab the unofficial update. I downloaded it before Motorola sent out those cease and desist letters but i haven’t installed it yet because i’de rather wait for an official release. Still, it’s in my downloads folder just in case.

  • DKJD

    Looks like a lot of the phones on that list are being ended on 3/31/11. 2 Blackberries, 2 LG's, 3 Moto's, 3 HTC's and a Palm. Not to mention the Omnia II is also set for 3/31/11. D-Day for Smartphones?

  • This is one of the big negatives I have with Verizon / Android devices. Don't worry, there are more positives than negatives…but this is just silly. Phones are coming out WAAAY too fast IMHO. It is definitely not exciting. But I guess seeing as we are essentially holding mini computers in our hand, they might as well be comparable with the “just bought a new computer and when I took it out of the box it was obsolete” statement.
    Though if everyone waits for the next best thing, everyone will be waiting for a longggggggg time.

    • WhereIsTony

      I don't see that is a downside, a better phone coming out does not change the phone in my hand. If a 3ghz 2 gig of ram phone came out, my Incredible would still be awesome.

      • SKINNI


      • JT

        but if your phone konks out 11 mos into the warranty and they've already ceased making new ones, doesn't that mean you are SOL or at best, getting a refurbished phone? I think if I have a 1 yr warranty, then they should make certain that there are going to be replacements available within that time frame.

        • WhereIsTony

          1. if it breaks before the EoL you still get a refurbished phone.
          2. By that logic they could never stop selling it as before they do someone will have just bought it.

          • Anonymous

            I guess I misunderstood what “end of life” meant. I figured it meant they were tossing people to the curb and not replacing their phones. I heard people who had bought droids just a few months ago were unable to get replacements, but that seems to have cleared up i guess.

      • Agreed. What's the big deal about the tag, “end of life”? All that means is they stop selling it. They won't stop supporting it, they won't stop updating it and you'll still have a fully functioning and supported smart phone for the duration of your contract, I guarantee it.

        This gives them room to release better phones sooner. So what if a better phone than yours comes out tomorrow? How is that hurting you? Your phone is still a great phone! This just means by the time you decide to get another one you'll have even better choices!

        I have a Droid X and this news doesn't bother me one freakin' bit.

        • Akinney30

          They will stop updating it. I had a Droid Eris and they stopped updating it a long time ago. That is when I rooted. I knew my phone was never going to be officially updated again. That is how they make you by new phones. The 2 and X will probably get 2.3 but that will be the end. No Honeycomb. Just speculation, but right after 2.1 was released for the Eris Verizon said that was it.

  • WhereIsTony

    3-8 months is the usual shelf life of phones. A few get much longer.

  • Captainoftheworld

    This happens all the time they'll just get new upc numbers and be relisted with larger sd cards or BOGO deals

  • SecurityNick

    Maybe Verizon should re-evaluate 2 yr contracts.

    • SKINNI


      • ibeteck

        I agree turn them into 1 year.

        • then pay the extra $70 or whatever up front and get a one year contract…

    • Collinsclerk

      It isn't the 2 year contract that's the issue, it's the ridiculous 22 months (or whatever it is) for an upgrade policy. I have to pay $200 for a device that's obsolete in 6 months and can't even pay an extra $200 to get something new for almost 2 years? That's just dumb.

      • WhereIsTony

        But you always have the op;purtunity to buy it at retail….

        Also, when did any phone become obsolete in 2 years?

        when did obsolete, start meaning not the very best available?

        I had a Blackberry Curve, I switched to the Droid Incredible, the Incredible is better in everyway. The Curve is still not obsolete.

      • Jbarb21

        I have the DROID and I just don’t get it what is obsolete about it???You have to pay $200.00 for a $600.00 devise. Just sign up for a 1yr and pay a little more up front.If you want a new devise every 6 months than you gotta pay for it. There is always gonna be the next greatest, coolest gotta have phone coming out that if only you waited one more month, coulda got that one. Oh well……Unless something comes out that will wash my car for me and walk the dog…I think I am good for a while. Happy with my DROID!

        • The350zWolf

          What makes the phone obsolete is that support for it ends, so your only option is to move up to a new phone, and guess what it costs you extra $$$. Is your Droid rooted? Mine is and what is great is that I can update software galore no thanks to Verizon. I run custom ROMS that dance around any of Big Red’s OTA updates. I’ve been running Froyo now for about 3 months now. Will Verizon deliver this? We’ll unusually they are rolling out FRG01B to the OG Droid but with no real enhancements so it seems that this version is not playing nice with the hardware. So what to do? Ahh get the Droid2 and fork out $500+ if not up for the upgrade discount or get stuck with a unrooted droid running crappy. Are you still waiting for Flash?

          • ChuckD

            wtf is rooted?  why cant people speak english for us regular folk..  what is a good droid to get if u have verizon? 

      • Anonymous

        If you’re a primary account holder, you can upgrade annually instead of the 22 months or whatever. It will cost the 2-year contract subsidized price, but you won’t get a NE2 discount.

  • villian1998

    SWEEEEET! My contract ends around that time! I can't wait to see what phone I can choose from, hopefully without a locked bootloader.

    • dont get your hopes up of motorla providing one w/o the locked bootloader :/

  • digitalicecream

    I'm really glad I didn't invest any cash on the X… it just means I'm going to be a little ahead of the game sometime in 2011 when I'm up for a new one… 10.2″ phone/tablet that I'll proudly hold up to my head because it does. Droid does 4G?

    Or maybe those aholes are thinking that with the new iphone coming they can stop the Droid army?

  • Rant

    I wish if they were going to make device life this short, they'd let us upgrade with discounts earlier..

  • Bet that is when the I*hone is hitting Verizon….

  • Eric

    The original Droid came out in early November of 2009. It has lasted 9 months.

    • Anonymous

      Lasted 9 months? You mean it is lasting over 9 months. These phones will be fast for at least a year and probably longer. Especially if the bootloader is cracked and we get custom ROMs. My Droid is every bit as fast as the Droid X, Droid 2, Nexus, Droid Inc, and the Galaxy phones(not the graphics tho)

  • Jason

    It's like knowing the date of your own death.. Not something most people want to know.

  • KerrAvon

    Looks like Droid-Life, much like Verizon, treats owners of the HTC Droid Incredible as Red-Headed Step-Children and only cares are Motorola. The Incredible is on this list too Droid-Life! How about mentioning that!

    • I don't see it on the list above, there maybe a different list, but Verizon has said Incredible isn't going anywhere. There could be different SKU's for the LCD replacements?

    • Djfox32

      I agree…. Screw you Droid Life!

    • villian1998

      HTC Droid .. Incredi…what?? What's that…. oh yeah the phone they placed android os after they developed it just so it could slide it in with the name Droid.

      I'm sure it was just an oversight

    • Hey this is a country of freedom
      U have the choice to follow another android site. So stop complaining,droid-life puts out plenty of stories on all android phones.

  • The DInc is also on there for 3/31/2011

    • mattyboy1013

      i saw that too, thats almost a year, right?

  • m82a1

    wow, that's kinda of short, good thing i don't upgrade all the time

  • Mata

    disposable 1 gz phones. What is the world coming to? Is battery life/chipset going to improve so much in that little time?

  • mattyboy1013

    ahh, my DX hasnt even came yet, and were talking about getting rid of it? i hope we still see updates to gingerbread and beyond

  • Doolidg


  • EggoEspada

    My guess is it could be a place holder. Find it odd the Motorola Droid 2 and X and the Droid Inc. would end the same time and that early.

  • does not surprise me. Verizon has to invest capital on LTE devices. no mention of HTC Incredible. Does Verizon know this phone exists?

    • Dave

      Incrdible is number 2 on the list 😉

    • Anonymous

      Agree — it’s all about 4G deployment — who would be buying a 3G smartphone at that point if 4G was widely available…?

  • WhereIsTony

    The Incredible looks to be staying a while

  • bladedancer12

    First. 🙂 .this doesn't sound good!

  • Chriss

    Sigh…this is the cloud that drops the rain on my DroidX parade…

  • Newman