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R2-D2 DROID 2 Spotted in the Wild?

There you have it.  The special edition R2-D2 Droid 2 hanging out in the wild.  From everything I’ve heard, the entire device was built to resemble an actual R2 unit and would mean this picture is as legitimate as it gets.

  • Speaker placement – Check!
  • Micro USB port – Check!
  • Camera placement – Check!
  • Pure awesomeness – Triple Check!

We know this version is going to launch on September 30th (online only) and will be featured at the upcoming Star Wars celebration, so we’re not surprised to have seen a glamour shot leaked.

Anyone still want one or is it too over-the-top?

Via:  Twitter, Engadget

Cheers everyone!

  • adam

    omg i just got a d2 & now that ive seen this version i want it soooo bad

  • adam

    omg i just got a d2 & now that ive seen this version i want it soooo bad

  • dylan84

    That thing looks awesome! If I was upgrading to the Droid 2…thats the one I'd try to get.

  • Bigrob60

    Maybe I'll get this and have R2 do battle with my Darth Vader PSP!! Who would win? Vader with his force grip thing or R2 who pulls out more last minute save than Macgyver? Thoughts anyone?

  • IMartyMar

    Yall all trippin. I'm 19 and im definitely getting this phone and trust me i'm not some kind of nerd. I want something like this that not many people have cause i gotta be exclusive with all my stuff. but yea yall trippin forreal

  • C3P0

    It's an overweight glob of grease

  • heeheehee, you know what they should do…skip all the R2D2 crap and make a white droid. haha, Jobs would be all over that, putting up 105 and a half reasons why all the wireless companies don't play nice and you should wait out for the i*hone's glorious * **white phone

    *antenna issues included
    **free color-of-your-choice rubber sleeve not included

  • what are going build next the star trek verison, what a loser!

  • and all the pretty girls say, “he's pretty fly for a white guy.”

  • Bigrob60

    After I slept on the thought of getting this, I think I'll get it & just get a cover for it. This way I can satisfy the inner geek when I want & just cover it up when I want to be normal. That would be the best way b/c I would get a cover for any phone anyway. But, we will just have to wait and see if this is what they unvaill.

  • Fordboi2007

    wow we droid fanatics are always coming with better phones than any other carrier love verizon !!!! and why u hating on the phone jeffrey u probably own a gayass iphone

  • JT

    That can't be real… there's no obnoxious “V verizon” written all over it.

  • Dito_Muertez

    yeah, uhh….. not quite what i had in mind. It's cool though. I mean, you're cool and all little guy, but you're not gonna be seen with me in public. Srry.

  • Jdstell

    Kind of just looks like one of those skins you can get that adheres to the back of the a laptop or iPhone. Maybe just a white Droid would be cool.

  • rockymtnhigh

    Somehow I think this would be fun for about a day or two, and then all of a sudden you'd find youself saying, do I really have a Droid that is skinned like R2D2? I do look forward to somebody figuring out how to port whatever apps it comes with, but think I'll pass on the actual R2D2-D2.

    THey do need an app that constantly loops a video of Leia saying “help me obi-wan kenobi”

  • Sslayer22

    Its like the D2's “special” little cousin that bugs the piss out of you but he's family(droid) so you just have to deal with him.

    I would rather have a “jabba the droid 2” version and carry around a grumpy little fatty fat slimey tail-ed thing than this. Haha I just made myself laugh picturing a tiny little jabba with a touchscreen belly tryin to bite my finger while I'm typing hah.

  • Mtnraider

    This appears to be a fake or just built with old Droid1 parts, That lip around the outside isn't on the droid2, is it?!?!?

  • Maybe this version will have a different D2 live wallpaper

  • tpags

    Now, I liked Star Wars and R2Deez nuts just like everyone else, but if you buy this you have more hair on your palm or palms than Joe Dirt has on his head. And pretty much leaves no argument that every Sixth grader in America is getting more punany than you. Unless you are a sixth grader, then that just means your not going to loose your virginity until your grandma feels bad and buys you a $5 hooker on your 32nd birthday.

  • briderx

    :Just called verizon because my droid 1 won't charge and I heard the rep say he was going to check his other warehouse.. I am on hold for a replacement because he couldn't find any to replace it.. Does this seem a little weird? Maybe verizon is trying to get rid of the unlocked boot loader, so they nixxed all droid 1's..

  • Prateek0

    who ever buys that need to keep it for 2 years lol, i honestly thought it was going o be black and chrome like not white and blue

  • It looks good.andi don't even get the pointof star wars

  • Samsung Fascinate anyone?

  • When I was 9 years old, I had a portable cassette player that looked EXACTLY like this.

  • eh, its a collectors item

  • While I am pretty geeky myself…this seems to go way over the top…

  • Jokerwild

    officially replaces the 3PO tape dispenser (where you pull tape out of his crotch) as the worst star wars product ever.


  • Vonny571

    So…Which one of these buttons calls your mom to come pick you up???

    • VGx

      Still the best Triumph skit. +1

  • Pure pimp if you like start wars. I wonder how many starwars geeks are gonna get laid with this phone at. The conventions

  • Rogue5

    Not exactly the droid i was looking for 🙁 . Everyone just move along and get back to other droid business.

  • Well someone somewhere that is an ultra star wars collector cheered… not sure anyone else did… wow this is just really ugly! Didn't think that the R2D2 Droid was going to be the Lego addition R2D2.

  • Erik

    Okay – so this looks REALLY lame! Why George Lucas agreed to this and still holds off on releasing Star Wars on Blu Ray is beyond me! (sorry – I know… a different subject all together). This looks like a giant cheap lego sticker a kid would put on the side of a lego piece. Anyone remember those growing up back in the day?

  • guz1115

    Thats gotta be a skin or a cover. It's gotta be!

  • trumpet444

    If I had a lot of dispensable money I would buy it and put it on a shelf. Prob not take it out in public.

  • trumpet444

    This little app would be perfect for the R2D2 droid. An X-Wing nav system on android phone. http://www.yeahbutisitflash.com/?p=1697 Hopefully he releases this out in the wild pretty soon. For a price, obviously.

  • palomosan

    Ugly, only for Star Wars Geeks and lovers.

  • Fmillik

    Looks like a toy.

  • oh man, I was so excited to see what it would look like… that's a piece of junk. Why not just get a white case and stencil it on? It would take 5 seconds and be a hell of a lot cheaper. I love my droid and I love Star Wars, but unfortunately, the two combined just made me vomit a little bit.

  • joesred

    OK….all you guys going to buy this…I have one question…

    Does taste matter to you?


  • I'm gonna hold on for this one

  • OMG!!!!!

    Please…..please NOOOOOO!!!

  • this looks like my toddler's learning laptop. I'm a lifetime Star Wars geek and brand loyal to Motorola cell phones for a decade now and I would never buy that.

  • The_Other_Ray


  • its awesome!!!

  • Chris Nimon

    Over the Top? I love that movie, I think Stallone should've got an oscar for……..man i cant even type that with a straight face 🙂

    • Thanks Chris just woke my wife up laghing

      • Chris Nimon

        im betting you were in double trouble for waking her up over such a crappy movie lol

        • She hates the movies… I like them, we both agreed however THIS IS UGLY.

  • Really ? They really made that? Does it come with it's own star wars themed purse too?

    • Darth vader, strom trooper, boba fet, themes that would have looked better

      • I’d buy the boba fet one assuming it didn’t look like a toy.

      • kkj

        Vader would have both looked good (black/red is similar to the already nice black/silver, not white/blue) and fit perfectly with the Droid theme. Boba would have been pretty cool too, but R2? Completely different, looks weird next to the black/red DInc, black/silver D2, and black DX.

  • Chris Nimon

    I think i'll just wait for the good stuff to get ported. oh well, at least those other guys know whee they can get a white phone lol

  • question? When I download the GOODIES to my sdcard off the Jrummy under Rom Manager, how do i get the live wallpapers to work? I see the file in the sdcard I just can not figure out how to make work.

  • question? When I download the GOODIES to my sdcard off the Jrummy under Rom Manager, how do i get the live wallpapers to work? I see the file in the sdcard I just can not figure out how to make work.

  • joesred

    I think this is a fake…..noway…..I refuse to believe this is it.
    It is really dumb looking…I expected more.
    I thought it would be classy…I actually think the D2 with looks
    more respectable…..
    Well it is off my birthday wishlist…Release 9/30 BDay 10/2..
    gotta get a new plan.

  • tiptoptommy

    Wow its ugly

  • digitalicecream

    I think I would have preferred a tricorder.

    • See now that's an idea.

    • zero

      Download the App. I have it… I have no idea what it does or how to actually use the thing but it’s on there somewhere.

      Note: I am not a Star Trek Fan. My Co-Worker is and I had to make fun of him.

  • Wow….I was hoping for something a little more stylistic and……tasteful. That thing is an abomination.

  • verds

    First reaction: Holy nerd-balls freakout awesomness!!!!

    After reading the comments(realizing my total nerdiness): Yeah, it's alright for like a 12 year-old.

    Secretly: Holy Jesus pickles, I still want it soo bad!

    • ROFL!

    • KyubiDroid

      I’m 12 and I want this SOOOO bad. But I have to get a phone before the 13th (school starts). So I’ll just get the D2 (even though I REAAALLY want this one!)

      • KyubiDroid

        13th of September sorry!

        • Bigrob60

          Your 12. You don’t really need a phone when school starts let alone a phone at all. If you really want this phone just wait the month. You’ll regret not doing it.

  • Serqet

    Dayyyyummmm…. and Lucas is going to let his name be associated with that? O_o

    • zero

      I’m guessing you didn’t see the last 3 Star Wars movies if you think Lucas still has high standards….

  • I so totally want that cake.

  • Want

  • In theory: GREAT!
    In reality: Great for 1/2 an hour, then just embarrassing.

    If we Android users are going to get our sexual partner statistics anywhere near where iPhone users' are, this is clearly a step in the wrong direction!

    p.s. Get off the internet and go screw some chicks!

  • This isnt a good look for the droid! I would totally buy it if it was gold like C3-PO

  • scrizzo

    I like it. It's rather strong but it grows on you.. I still would have preferred just a white case with blue outlines but I guess they decided to go big.

  • Jim

    ummm… holy gay! my kids could make something better looking than that with their Star Wars edition legos… sad day for the saga 🙁

    • Shadez

      lol so true…

  • DeathofGrim

    Way to much lol. A white droid would be cool though lol.

  • Robsmith Nikon

    As ugly as that is… they should have just made it a limit edition snap on cover and called it a day.

    • tbaybe

      it looks like a decal skin… lol

      • Seriously. It does. Looks like they painted it white and slapped some stickers on there. I thought they said something about “limited edition hardware” or something along those lines. This != that.

  • Tryoung01

    I wonder what the front side looks like? That would be my deciding factor. It just dosent look sci-fi enough. Should have had more of a Bling look instead of a Matel Toy look ..

  • Tricky

    Please god let this not be it. I'm in the R2D2 builders club and I think this is horrible. TOO MUCH, Motorola. TOO MUCH!

  • Skywalker

    looks awesome

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Luke of course you think so…

  • Corinth

    I think it's really cute! I'm not a Star Wars fan but if I could choose between a plain D2 now and this version, I'd pick up the R2D2. Alas, I don't feel like waiting that long for a cell phone. Too bad they weren't released at the same time.

  • Ricky

    this r2d2 version is really ugly i can't wait to either get the droid 1 or the droid 2 as my upgrade in a couple of daysi would take those over this piece of crappy design if you are a true star wars fan then go ahead and wait until september 30 to buy this and the next hour or even day later you will just return it and get something else

  • Rizzidy



  • dannyyang524

    >:O i want it so bad. but isn't it going to come out in september or so?

  • is it just me, or does it look thinner then Droid 2. it must be the angle or something.

    • Chris Nimon

      video camera adds 10 pounds 🙂

  • balthuszar

    what are the extras? that would be the deciding factor…i could care less what the phone looks like

  • FrenchToast

    A little over the top IMO, but I'm diggin the white in general… not up for an upgrade as it is, so I'm holding out for Christmas season to see what comes around in Nov 😀

  • Rick Lopez1

    I hope they make a case so I cover my d1 and make it look like a r2d2 and when i want to go back to black i can

  • CJM

    I was expecting all the 'glam' would be in the graphics. It is too toy like. I signed up for updates, that email will get spam'd!

  • I could get all the ladies with that phone!

    • If by all the ladies you mean a woman who you later discover is actually your sister, then sure. This phone is right up your alley!

  • Ketto

    Oh dear. [/C3P0]

    That thing is much uglier than I had imagined it would be.

  • aczm1988

    I would only sport it if i got it for free. Period.

  • evltwn

    I like it….but then again, I love Star Wars and everything about it. I might just have to pay full price for this phone because I'm not due for an upgrade until next year. Have we heard about pricing yet?

    • aczm1988

      $559.99 i believe

      • evltwn

        Well I guess I better get the gf working on the corner to get the coin to buy this.

  • Patrick

    Looks good, bro!

  • OMG , AND TO THINK i was going to hold on and purchase this limited edition … thank god i didnt .. this shyt is buck ugly. at least they leaked a photo of it , instead of makin us wait till sept 30th , so now ppl who were waiting for this cell can go buy the droid 2 before they back order

  • The350zWolf

    I admit to being a star wars geek, but I wouldn't get one of those, no matter what galaxy if lived in!

  • nicko

    i have the droid x and im kinda considering the fascinate it looks so fast

    • Am0795

      Why, thats just a waste of money when it comes out only a month later…..Plus its practically the same thing except DX has better battery and build quality…Motorola crushes in those area's.

      • Anonymous

        How long does your Droid X battery last? Mine and my wifes don’t last a full day. I think the Droid I lasted longer when new. And my wife scarcely uses hers.

  • BCady

    Thats a bit over the top imo.

  • Flyinion

    I just want to know what kind of really bad drugs was the person on that designed that?

  • LOL .. looks like a toy you might show off, but never actually play with.

  • I love it.

  • Jedi_Gunslinger

    Perhaps a bit over the top as mentioned, but if ur gonna do it, do it right!! btw, that white side opposing a silver? side would look kinda nice!! 😉

  • JosueD

    Definitely would prefer the normal Droid2, This looks like a toy, Kinda cheap…


  • Nachomommi

    very cheapy look …i'll pass

  • if anyone buys that it proves that iphone users have more sex than android users. that thing is terrible. lol

    • kellex


    • Lol! I read that story yesterday.

    • MOST iphone users a gay or chicks

      • Moeyknight

        Which explains the having more sex.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know about that Steve Jobs promised i*hone users “Freedom From Porn.”

      • Nice profile pic!

        • Anonymous

          Haha thanks you too!

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree, this is like going to Disneyworld or DisneyLand and buying those Mickey Mouse ears, cool once your in the theme park but after that you you feel like a MOROON outside of the park LMAO!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      IT’S A TRAP!

      • Anonymous

        obvious troll is obvious

    • “i dont care.” hey this thing has the wifi’s and the GeeBees!

  • One word: ugly.
    They should have made the black and silver model as the R2D2 one and the default black.

    • Bigrob60

      Totally agree. The default looks so much better.

  • Bigrob60

    If this is it, I think its over the top just a bit. Might just get D2

  • jahpickney

    I wonder if it will have the same hardware as the D2

    • kellex

      It should be the same phone just with some added goodies.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know if you could call those goodies… it looks like they got a class of fith grades together and had them color in some cases… and for the posters and wallpapers and added tones we all know that with in a day u will have them all on the site for download haha… so this really is a sad day for droid.

  • vonbane

    That's a bit too much for me. I prefer understated coolness, not cheap toy look-a-like.

  • hott!

  • Bigrob60


    • Robsmith Nikon