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Verizon Running DROID Trainings for Users on August 12th, Coincidence?

Just because it’s Friday, we thought it was time to rev up some conspiracy talk.  Verizon is currently sending out emails (like the one above) to customers who have purchased or activated a Droid recently, asking that they come in on August 12th for training.  Wait August 12th?  Sound familiar?  Same day that we expect the Droid 2 to launch.

Normally we would just brush these emails aside, but since they’ve slapped the original Droid up there, and we all  know that VZW is early upgrading customers (here too) like crazy, are we completely out of our minds to think that they might offer you a Droid 2 upgrade should you choose to come to a training?

And…custom theme Friday on the way!

Cheers Travis and Chuck!

  • Qb4kicks

    I'm curious if they are going to offer and early upgrade because droid 2 will soon be the replacement phone for droid 1 since they are no longer making the droid 1. They just want people to pay 199 now oppose to 80 when everyone “breaks” their droid and uses their insurance to get a droid 2.

  • Qb4kicks

    I'm curious if they are going to offer and early upgrade because droid 2 will soon be the replacement phone for droid 1 since they are no longer making the droid 1. They just want people to pay 199 now oppose to 80 when everyone “breaks” their droid and uses their insurance to get a droid 2.

  • Rogue5

    Looks like its going to be a pack house on that day, they better be prepare for it.

  • Rocketsfan222

    How do we take advantage of this if we didn't receive the e-mail? I bought a D1 back in May and am trying to upgrade to any of DX, DINC, or D2.

    • Alxgzz202

      same here, but i would prefer upgrading to a motorola based droid, instead of the htc (no offence to anyone ). id like to get a droid 2 in my hands, although im just wondering if that will postpone my upgrade date.

  • cAstro17

    Interesting post, however I'm not sure that it would be a good idea to have people go into a store for training on the day of a launch(especially droid 2 day). I'm convinced with all the speculation and hype that the phone will get released on the 12th, but I'm starting to wonder how much is true vs. fabricated.

    Verizon does not want customers going into their store with a droid x, wanting to exchange it for the droid 2. They lose a lot of money when a phone gets returned. They, much less want idiots thinking that because they have the 1st droid and have had several replacements, they're entitled to a free droid 2 upgrade.


    They do these trainings all the time to help to overwelmed people (old people or idiots) better understand their phone. They show them how to use the alarm clock, customize home screen with widgetts and folders, and how to download applications. They focus mostly on the basics so that they don't return the phones.

  • Actngrezy

    So I just called vzw to ask why they have the training on the same day as the droid 2 release. Tell me why she said that people are having trouble getting to apps and stuff and its a great time to look at the droid 2 because they are suppose to show you the new phone as well. I asked her are we able to upgrade she said well “I have'nt seen aything yet on yoru accoutn but keep your eyes open for when the droid 2 launcehs because you never know” this makes me wonder if she was trying to tell me without telling m that we droid 1 users may be able to upgrade to the droid 2. Then she said she has an incredible and she would wait because towards the end of the year there is suppose to be 2 to 3 more droid devices available to use “but don't tell anyone she says” lol She said if she was me she would wait for the newer ones later in the year and that my droid is suppose to get 2.2 very soon. I was thinking lady I've been on froyo for months now lol

  • Droidzilla

    Some DL readers should totally crash the training and show everyone how to root, ROM, theme, and overclock.

  • Ebecktaz

    i contacted best buy mobile, and had no info on if they were doing an early upgrade offer for the droid2

  • The_Other_Ray

    Maximize your droid's potential? Are they using easy root also?

  • matt

    my question is….. why are they offering training on 2.1? considering d2 is supposed to launch same day with 2.2. im gonna cross my fingers and hope the are gonna drop 2.2. on us dx owners as well. im also wishing for megan fox and a million dollars since there is about the same chance of me getting those also

    • Rdcamero

      Seems like a lot of confusion.Like trying to combine a class on Windows XP and Windows 7.Would it not have made more sense to wait until all of the Droids were running the same version of the operating system.

  • Flyinion

    Unless Droid2 comes with an unlocked bootloader so we can move past simple rooting and actually load custom ROMs, I'd have to politely tell them where to put their early upgrade offer if they gave me one lol. Wow, in 2 months I've become a rooting custom ROM junkie :O

  • Replant

    Why is the Incredible on here? And how many Droid 1 devices have been purchased recently? Could this be in response to the Froyo upgrade for D1?

  • Brian

    I contacted Verizon about the early upgrade and they told me that there was no list of people slated to be able to upgrade their phone early???

  • Racingmaniac

    now if they offer me to upgrade to D2 right then and there for 199.99 then I'll probably jump at the chance….consider I just got D1 like 1.5 month ago…

    • Actngrezy

      I dont know if i would do it. I think If i was there I might but I'd probably go home and reactivate my droid1 and continue to use that some it probably would be a wasted upgrade for droid 2 is supposedly suppose to have a locked bootlaoder also. I may even upgrade to the samsung fascinate (galaxy s) if moto contiues to lock down their devices.
      And people who are there with droid 1 devices I think they may offer you an early upgrade as the vzw lady told me to keep up eyes open as the droid 2 launches for an early upgrade but I would love to go to the trainign and show the other people what a droid can really do an in all honesty if your droid 1 is overclocked running a custom froyo rom and theme is the droid 2 that much better? (unless that gets overclocked and bootloader cracked then of course that woul d be better

  • pd

    Any word on whether or not the Droid2 bootloader is encrypted like the X?

  • Maizekid

    Oh nice . So you have the old version, here's the new one and this is what is can do lol. Planned!

  • Should I show up and proceed to hold a “Real Droid Training”?

    “Yes folks, that's how you add widgets, now, sorry to interrupt Mr. VZ employee, but folks, don't you wish your phone looked like this?” (I'm on a horse)

    • …just spit out my Sobe water 'look at your Droid, now look at mine, look at your Droid, now back to mine'

      • Hahahahahaha YES.

        • Mark

          “Sadly ladies your man is not me, but he could have a droid like me”

          • Wbdrummer

            Look down, back up, your on a boat with the man who has the Droid you could have. What's in your hand, back at me, i have it. Its a Droid with froyo. Look again, the Droid is now rooted. Anything is possible if you dont have an iphone.

      • The_Other_Ray

        I think this comment was the best part of this post. Hilarious.

  • I LOL'd when I read “Maximize Your Droid's Potential.” I guess Verizon is training people how to root.

  • Evermour

    (In pink) custom theme frida ;D wahooo

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    • Glenn

      XBMC is a media center application that runs on Linux, OSX, Windows and the original XBox. The project originally started as a media center app for the original xbox. XBMC stands for Xbox Media Center. The project is open source and free. You download it at xbmc.org.

      • Evermour

        What does the 'x' on xbox stand for? (:

        • “When Microsoft later set out to develop a gaming console, the X was used as the basis of the name Xbox to indicate that the console was based on DirectX technology.”

          Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DirectX

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