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Verizon Responds to DROID X Early Arrivals

Our inboxes have probably seen almost a dozen reports of people receiving their Droid X early (here and here) and all along we’ve been searching for answers.  Well this morning, one of our readers sent in this email from Verizon which provides the response we were sort of expecting…

Dear XXX,

I appreciate your interest in placing an order for the soon-to-be-released Motorola DROID X. My name is Roy and in review of my resources, I have confirmed that orders for the DROID X cannot be processed until July 15, 2010. At the present time, we do not offer the ability to pre-order this device.

I have also confirmed the reports that you have referenced about customers receiving these devices prior to the 15th. This was unfortunately due to a system error, allowing very few customers to receive this device prior to July 15; however, these devices cannot be activated until the phone is officially released on the 15th. I truly apologize for any concerns this may have caused.

Thank you again for your email regarding the release of the Motorola DROID X. I hope you continue to find the “Contact Us” section of verizonwireless.com a helpful option to resolve any issue you may experience the first time you email us. We appreciate your business and thank you for being a valued Verizon Wireless customer.


Verizon Wireless
Customer Service

The interesting thing to note is the remark about the activation of the device.  This CS rep claims that all of the early arrivals in the wild cannot actually be activated until next week.  That’s funny, because our tipsters are sending us emails straight from theirs.

Roy also mentions that the system error has been fixed yet we heard from at least 2 people yesterday who managed to order their device on Wednesday morning.  Maybe they just cleaned out the error?

No matter what, we’re just glad to see some of you enjoying this new family member early!

  • The official Verizon response available in full below also confirms one other thing, those early Motorola Droid X units can’t be activated earlier than July 15 so everyone that got one is probably very angry to hear that he or she owns one very cool brick phone for now.thanks for shared this with us.

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  • ericsorensen

    I went to my local Verizon store in the City of Bossier City, LA, and it was like pulling teeth to get them to cough up their demo droid. They said they couldn't display it because it wasn't launched yet. When they did admit that they got one, and I asked (joking, sort of ) if the manager has it at the house, they produced said device and I got to play with it for a while – but I had to promise not to tell anyone they let me touch it.

    It was very quick and responsive, and not a big or heavy as I was expecting, actually. Looking forward to Thursday! They said they would hold one for me so I can pick it up at lunch. They are not opening early like they did the orignal Droid.

  • andrew401

    ha, please this Verizon rep is absolutely clue less. i called verizon the other day and was able to pre order another one. i have one from best buy and one from verizon coming. also, i know it was not a system error. they are just saying that to keep a roar of angry customers who would want to get the device earlier from happening. i find it pretty funny that i know more about the phones that i own then the actual verizon employees do. if you ask me that's pretty damn pathetic. i actually recall showing my local verizon stores manager how to do a factory reset on his Motorola Droid. i was thinking to myself common dude, really?

    • lexImusprime

      to the managers defense…they have a lot more to do than learn one model out of 32 inside and out. They stick to BB for the most part, still the best integrated with Exchange servers.

  • EC8CH

    Off Topic:


    This is a few days past fresh, but it's the first I've seen it. Appartently the price you pay for 3 minutes and 29 seconds of genius hilarity is a fear of loosing your minimum wage job. Way to go Best Buy, threaten to axe an obviously intelligent kid all in the name of cowering to the Appholes of the world.

  • You can send emails from a Droid prior to activation (you just need wifi)

    Unless there was a serious computer glitch, I can confirm that these device cannot be activated (with a phone number) before launch date. Phones are listed in the system as locked until a certain date, and the only way I know of that this process can be bypassed is if it is overridden by someone to activate a review device for someone or for testing.

    • The store near me tried selling a Bold (don't ask me why) early to a customer because the rep was new. The system would not authenticate the ESN as valid.

      That's the one advantage (or curse) of CDMA. You can lock a device out of the system by their ESN/model type/etc

  • Btw, not me… 😉

    • banditball

      Yah right, we all know its u! 🙂

  • Droid9

    In my experience, almost all droids can setup wifi then use google voice to make calls if you bypass the activation screen. So this is probably straight on…

    • Google voice doesn't place calls over wifi, it just reroutes the call through the google system. It still uses your minutes.

  • last*

    *Comment was accurate at time of posting.

  • Donald Walter

    “because our tipsters are sending us emails straight from theirs”

    Couldnt they have just setup their email via the WiFi

  • Itisgizmo

    Hi, thanks to this site I am, and have been rooted for month's, and read most of what I can here with great thanks to all. I wrote with a question yesterday but it got messed up somehow so now my question is with these Droid X's popping up do we know if bootloader is locked?? thanks, and rotting apple boot animation says it all

  • never believe a VZW customer care person.

  • poeddroiduser

    I find it interesting that a firm “thinks” they are providing “service” by sending a semi-automated reply. Customers deserve better.

  • Matty76

    I tried calling last night and shaking one loose and got the rep as far as getting it on his screen, ultimately hitting a wall where he couldn't order it. Sounded like he was trying a couple of things to get around it but it wouldn't go through.

    He said he knew of some getting out there and from what he knew it was a glitch in the system, it looked like it was fixed and I'd have to wait until the 15th.

    I asked him about inventory and he didn't think there would be a problem like the Incredible's. He said the problem with the Inc's was a shortage in the processor it uses, but the Motos use a different processor. He said we shouldn't have any problem getting a phone on the 15th and to check around as many stores will be opening early next Thursday.

    That was my second call yesterday. When I called earlier in the day the rep I talked to denied any Droid X's were out and that if there were any that it didn't come from them. I told her that I was looking at a picture of one with the “Big Red” packing slip, she said it must have been photo shopped…. riiiiight….

    I know bigger and better are coming out at the end of the year, but I have a Touch Pro right now, it's getting cruddy and I've had it with WinMO… I can't wait to jump ship to the Droid!

    • The shortage with the DI is actually the AMOLED screen, not the processor.

  • One thing i love about verizon they tell you one thing but do another… :/

    • Well, kinda true, but it least thier lies are much nicer… lol
      Plus, they actually admint THEY goof'd, not trying to cover it up.
      Just sayin. 😉

  • Michael_NM

    I love Roy's presumptive, “I hope you continue to find the “Contact Us” section of verizonwireless.com a helpful…” What the heck is helpful about telling us we can't take advantage of a “system error” like a “very few customers” can?

  • craig1989

    Anyone want to try and compile a list (use a wiki site?) of all the known/guess locations of where the Droid X's are going to be? Maybe create a table something like this:

    # | City | Specific location Ideas | Finder |

    Help out other DL members across the country?

    • Thought about that, then the jealous need to horde facts about the nearest one to me overcame me.

      There are only ~19k followers of the twitter.

      • craig1989

        haha well we could still help people in other cities, and just not give our best efforts related to the ones nearby!

        • Hehe, well I'm in MA, so I'm eye'ing #20, and possibly 19, although PA is a DRIVE.

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    that's a bunch of bull system error…someone just pushed it through not giving a crap…

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