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Droid X by Motorola Preview from Engadget

Engadget appears to be the first tech site to get a hold of the new Droid X by Motorola long enough to do a quick writeup.  They put this beast to test by showing off it’s 720p video capabilities, new Motoblur, its size in comparison to competitors, a new keyboard, and so much more.

This comes only hours after we broke the release date news and the official announcement which is coming next week.

Some of the highlights…

  • Hardware:  Looks slightly bigger than the EVO and has far more exterior details.
  • Screen:  Might actually be 4.4″ and is incredibly crisp.
  • Motoblur:  Running Android 2.1 and not what anyone expected but seems to be solid.
  • Camera:  8MP is nice, but the actual camera button made pics unclear at times.
  • Keyboard:  Official Swype comes preinstalled and includes multi-touch.
  • Performance:  The speed is remarkable.

Like I said, they put together a pretty good review for only having the device for a short period of time.  They also have videos and an entire gallery that you must see.

Check out the rest of their writeup here.

  • ericsorensen

    About that “Hump”. It seems to me that you could design an extened battery that would extend the hump down and probably triple the size of the current battery. And it would still be about the thickness of the old Droid or even the Evo. Look at that battery cover – it looks like that was the plan.

    • Indeed! Judging from the Engadget pics it def looks like it would be only as thick as the EVO if they were to make an extended battery that increased the rest of the phone to thickness of the hump, which isn't very thick at all! That would be one insane extended battery!

  • October Ace

    I hate for my 1st post to be a question…but I am switching to VZ in a matter of days (Incredible on backorder shipping 6/22)…anybody know if I'll be able to use my 30 days to switch out and get the Droid X…this phone is a must have!

    • root4life

      u should be able to as far as i know thats what they told me when i got my droid that if in 30 days i could exchange it for something else like the incredible

    • cduce2411

      Yeah, when this comes out swap the phones as long as it's 30 days, I'm pretty sure it's fine.

    • xzlene

      most likely.. call a verizon rep. ask to speak to the head manager. politely ask if you can exchange the pre – order,,,,

  • JP

    I'm thinking it is going to come with Froyo. Did Engadget miss something? There is the Froyo help widgit. I also noticed the mobile hotspot icon. Wasn't mobile hotspot also introduced with Froyo? That has been bugging me. Only thing is will it be free from Verizon? We can only hope!

    • One tell tale sign of Froyo is how the time is displayed. In froyo, the AM or PM is smaller font size than the time. In 2.1, the AM or PM is the same size font as the time.

  • Wow I just now got to take a look at Engadgets pics… WOW…
    It def. looks like the screen is bigger than the EVO's and it is also thinner than the EVO at the non-hump sections and is only as thick as the EVO at the hump! That is great! I was worried that most of the body was just about the thickness of the EVO and even thicker at the hump…
    Man I don't know if I can wait another month! How do I get the sweet gig that these testers get?!
    Now I'm jonesing for a preview of the Droid 2!

    • EC8CH

      Well said. In the pics the hardware looks rock solid and the screen jumps right out at you. The more I see this phone the more impressive it looks.

  • Rodeojones000

    This phone is ridiculously big – too big. It will be like carrying around a tablet PC in your pocket that's capable of making phone calls. No thanks.

    • Are you a small person? Because it isn't much bigger than the EVO (actually overall thinner) and I had no problem what-so-ever with the EVO's size when I checked it out.

      • Tom

        Don't judge… Some people don't like big phones. Some people think the Droid is too big… That is the beauty of Android, there is a phone for everyone to enjoy.

        • cduce2411

          I agree, but trashing a phone for its size is not smart either. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Sure, you can express your opinion, but a tablet? This phone looks sweet.

        • Don't judge? Where did I judge him? I simply asked him a question because I cannot see how someone who is at least average size can equate the device to carrying around a tablet PC…

  • BeeJay

    m m m m m… TASTY. This device makes me proud to be a lifer.

  • GrafiXpressions

    how is it not Android 2.2 if it clearly shows the Android Tips widget? I thought that was Froyo only?

  • holidayK

    the phone is too big for my liking… i dont want a tablet i want a phone..

  • Droidmanx

    I HAVE A DREAM !!!!!! THE MARTIN LUTHUR KING DROID X …. LMAO. (Im Black Just For The Record So I Can Say That.

  • I'm seriously considering switching from my Droid to the X, but the key here is this. Can that Blur business be turned off? I wish someone, anyone would attempt to do that while they are lucky enough to have that phone in their possession for a 2 hour window. Forget all else just go through every setting looking for the kill switch on blur.

    • Brendan

      why would you want to? it doesnt look anything like the blur we know, did you watch the video?

      • I did see the video. No matter what I'm still not a fan of Blur. I prefer Android stock.

        • cduce2411

          Things change. This blur looks decent. Plus it doesn't hog up memory like Sense UI.

          • Brendan

            thank you

        • Brendan

          dont knock it until you try it

  • QuickSilver98

    Looks awesome but it needs three things:

    -Front facing camera
    -ability to change from motoblur to stock android
    -2.2 NOT 2.1

  • Francis buxton

    Well since the official launch on june 24th has confirmed ADOBE will be there, it makes sense that these 2 new droids will come with FROYO and flash, WOOOOT


    no front camera!!! skip!!!

    • droidrooted800mhz

      for me wont need a front facing camera until 4g hits vzw. Im gonna pick this phone up unsubsidized and then next june i will upgrade to whatever phone is out then.

  • Man I just played with an Evo for the first time…and my next phone will be that big. It was so fast and smooth and looked beautiful…Now i see that an over clocked phone is not as snappy as a normal clocked one….

  • Rizzidy

    Motoblur :'(

  • Stephen

    So the Droid X, Droid 2, or the 2ghz Droid? I'm strongly considering this one, even though I would really miss the keyboard. But only if it can be rooted.

  • root4life

    pete just released a link to new bb on his twitter

  • Normanb20

    Home screen tips widget!

    • Stephen

      Good eye. Maybe it isn't running Android 2.1?

  • Heres the thing,how rootable will it be and what kind of community support will it have. Because our droids rock,but what makes it an amazing device is the community and customization. I would love this phone for a month and then want to root, overclock theme, and just make it better.

    • ericsorensen

      I think the community will be as good as the Droid. I see them selling a ton of these – one of them to me!

  • root4life

    i also want the 3g mobile hotspot and phone portal app shown. say wha

  • Jason

    Question for Kellex, will the existing droid cradle work for this phone?

    • root4life

      i think they might be makin another one. if u look at the photos engadet posted they show the lil booklet with the accessories

  • dannyyang524

    Arg, I got my Droid 1 in March…. god dammit 🙁

  • root4life

    im glad they put some video out on it but it was kinda a crappy coverage of what its all about

  • Brendan

    I love the navigation bar when your scrolling, and i love the red in the software

  • Man that phone looks nice. I really love the big screen, so what if it doesn't fit as comfortably in my pocket? I usually have it sitting on my desk at work anyway :p

    I actually really like the different homescreen buttons at the bottom, it adds a lot to the “Droid” feel. Now I have to decide if I want this or if I should hold out for that 2Ghz phone (assuming it's coming to vzw)….

  • This phone just keeps looking better and better. Look at that awesome screen!

  • greatness

    does it have 2 cameras like the iphone4 & evo so that ppl can skype?

    • root4life


  • excelent, I will be first on the line.

  • Kevin

    Definitely getting this as soon as it hits the streets.

  • This thing is just so goddamn big…It's like holding a clipboard up to your face

  • MrChips

    The only announcement that I really want to hear is one from Google/Motorola announcing that from this day on, all Android updates (2.3, 2.4, 3.0 etc.) will be available on Motorola phones they DAY that they become available from Google. If they can promise me that, then I might be willing to put up with the MotoBlur crap…

    …Yeah, I know. But I can dream, can't I? 🙁

    • Sparhawk2k

      Updates aren't available that quickly for phones that don't have Motoblur so how is that related?

      • root4life

        thus the reason motoblur sucks for everyone

        • Sparhawk2k

          I'm still missing something…

          Are you saying that they're not updating a stock phone because they're too busy working on other phones with Motoblur? Or that they're trying to update them at the same time so they're sitting on an update for a stock phone that they already have done + tested? I just don't see how the Droid update schedule can be blamed on Motoblur…

          • root4life

            it seems to be imo that it seems to be tru like my gf and her moto cliq is runnin an oooold version and who knows when its gettin any kind of current up date but u can talk to anyone u know with it and see what version they are runnin

          • MrChips

            What I'm saying is that for whatever reason, phones with manufacturer bolt-ons, such as MotoBlur from Motorola and Sense from HTC always take an additional couple of months (or more) to get updated to the latest version of Android over phones that are “Android Experience” phones (aka: Droid D1, Nexus 1 etc.).

            Most likely this is because it takes significantly more time for the manufacturer to take the base OS (Froyo 2.2 for instance) and then re-add and re-test all their bolt-on crud (Blur, Sense) etc before releasing an update. This extra work is not necessary for a phone that is simply “Plain White Wrapper” Android and has none of that extra stuff added on.

            That's all I'm sayin'. Hope this helps clarify!


  • Octotron

    I want this phone. I like the styling, the size.. everything. I think this phone will scale well into the future. I could definitely live without the keyboard in exchange for this type of setup.

    I could see myself shelling out some real cash for this, heh.

  • HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!
    That is bigger then my head!!!

  • EC8CH

    Wonder why that earpiece looks so funky?
    Wonder if those are some sort of LED's on either side?

  • Guest

    I think the small hands of that girl handling it exaggerate the size of this phone. I've got slightly larger hands (6'2″) and the Evo didn't feel as big as it looked in all the reviews. I think (hope) this is a similar situation.

  • DexDroid

    Well if the android is expecting to get the official 2.2, then wouldnt you be able to update to froyo when you get it.

  • rals

    Very nice, but it should have Froyo on it. I'm concerned that with “Ninja Blur” that could fall in the same category as Sense UI where there be heavy delays on updates like Froyo and Gingerbread.

  • JCarroll

    So… where does the SD card go?

    • EC8CH

      That things so big it probably takes a CF Card.

      • Could I take my Motorola Droid battery out and put it in thi bad boy?

        • EC8CH

          Forget the battery, you could probable fit your Droid inside that thing.

      • eddieonofre

        and it has a cd-writer too and who knows maybe a floppy

    • Could be behind the battery?

  • I want one NOW!!!

  • The lack of Froyo is concerning.. I dont see why a brand new phone doesnt have the latest android. If VZW is going to do like what they did with droid users with 2.1.. forget about it. I think 2.1 has a few bugs in it like deleting all messages, the gallery with pictures not poping up and im sure there is more i cant think of at the moment.

    • Erica, I haven't encountered ANY of the problems that you're listing with 2.1

    • Brendan

      root is the answer to the froyo problem

    • John Mo

      I get the gallery problem all the time too. If I take a picture, then go to the gallery, the picture I just took wont be there. Sometimes I have to kill it then restart or just use astro to see the picture. Very annoying.

  • redbar0n11

    Sweet baby jesus! That's a big phone(screen)!

  • EggoEspada

    Mmm. Damn. Things one beast of a phone. I knew Motorola wouldn't let us down…
    Also apparently this features a 1Ghz OMAP processor, not just the Droid 2..?

    • Yea, the Droid 2 and the X are rumored to have the same CPU

  • Chris Nimon

    This thing is looking sexier and sexier. That screen is ginormous and crisp. It looked really quick to. They sure are making it hard to wait out the droid pro aren't they.

  • Ace Z.

    Last…yea baby!

  • EC8CH

    That phone looks like a tank… good addition to the Droid Army.

    • Sorry but figured this is the best spot…
      Bugless 0.2 is now up…
      That is all 🙂

      And dude, you are SOOO right, finally a family member I can be proud of! 🙂

      • aczm1988

        Did you also notice that all apps go to sdcard automatically, and its power button + volume button reboot commands. Not to mention the speed god dam lol.

        (Assuming you flashed it already lol)

      • Trey

        Yes indeed, and here is nextheme


      • brandonmee

        92nd yay!…so is it a lot faster than other 2.2 like the original beast in 2.1 was?

      • leniamonio

        Actually, this looks way way better than the leaks. As it's now already previewed. Can't wait to see this next month! Although, that shiny mirror design at the side is somewhat distracting. Motorola Droid X confirmed Updates

    • Toome2u

      I thinks it's actually quite ugly the original droid looked much better

    • Unknownhorny

      I would Masterbate to this phone!
      This thing is sexy!
      It shouldn’t be called the Droid X, it should be called……………… The Droid XXX

      • leniamonio


  • 2.1..but with the FroYo help widget? hmmmmm

    • kellex

      Yeah was wondering the same thing.

    • EC8CH

      If adobe is going to be at the release, 2.2 is almost assured IMHO

      • if not at launch, than it will be updated to FroYo within a month of launch. they still have a month and change to flash inventory of the Droid X, or if its an OTA update-it should be an easy rollout. New Eris's are prompting us to update to 2.1 when we activate them, same with any Droids in our backstock that were still around before the 2.1 for the Droid. Instant OTA Notification. Im fairly sure that will be the case, it may not LAUNCH with 2.2 “out of the box”, but it will have an almost instant OTA update.

        • EC8CH

          I predict on-stage demos of flash running on the X.

    • Brendan

      thats exactly what i was thinking

  • Phobic99

    Really hoping they didn't lock the phone down too tight. Other than that this looks like my next phone.

  • Ray

    Way to big for me

    • PyroHoltz

      From the pictures I agree, might check it out in person but I really want a physical keyboard.

      • Quoteandstate

        i might be sold. i was against it at first – but the multitouch keyboard just like the iphone now offers true typing… sorry im not a swype guy, even though it comes pre installed..

        as mentioned can blur be shut off? aditionaly – how is the speaker phone compared to droid… speaker phone always seals the deal for me.

    • Why it's only a 1/2″ taller then the Droid? A 1/2″ doesn't seem like a deal breaker to me.

  • wow, nice phone

    if it had a front camera i would be interested. i do like the fact that it's nice and bright outdoors. my htc incredible is tough to see outdoors. about the only bad thing I can say about the incredible.

  • Does this include Froyo?

    • PyroHoltz

      According to the review at Engadget it looks like it's running 2.1…lame IMO.

      • Nick Potraz

        Yeah, but Google said that The would be giving Froyo to almost all of the phones that come out in 2010

        • Nick Potraz

          *said that THEY would be

          • thescreensavers

            I am sure the Droid 2 and X will both receive 2.2

      • they'll just update it. something tells me that they're going to announce something completely new at the event next week. Something not even this engadget pre-review caught