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Exclusive: Droid 2 and Droid X Commercial Slides, New Juicy Details

Over the weekend we got a hold of the commercial slides and scripts for the new batch of Motorola Droid 2 and Droid X commercials that are slated to run as we get closer to launch next month.  After reading the scripts on these slides, you get a great feel for the level of power plus the new user experience you can expect from these 2 devices.  You should really be excited after reading these.

First up is the slide at the top of the post and is the new commercial called “Digits”, made specifically for the Droid 2 (or D2).  The biggest details we get from this appear to be its newly found grasp of Email Exchange, the upgraded keyboard and a 1.0GHz processor.  Yep, the same 1.0GHz processor our initial source mentioned back in April.  Here is the voice over part of the script…

“‘Does’ used to do a lot. Now it does even more. Now it does Email Exchange, so you can be hooked up to everything thing you need to do. Now it does 1.0GHz speed on a sleeker, more intuitive keyboard.  It does and does and does. And the only thing it doesn’t do is ask for time off.”

Does 1.0GHz  change your mind on the Droid 2?  It definitely helps ease mine.

Two more commercial slides for the Droid X after the jump!

The second and third commercials were made to promote the Droid X, its 4.3″ display and a new multimedia app which we can assume is a part of the new Moto/Shadow/Ninjablur that has been rumored to be included in all new Motorola Android devices…

First up is the “Eagle Eye (NFL App)” commercial which talks specifically about the device’s 4.3″ screen and its ability to watch the NFL on the go in unbelievable quality.

And lastly, the “Media Mogul” commercial.  In this commercial, a new EyeCon app is highlighted and apparently will come standard with the Droid X and allow you to manage every multimedia device in your entire house.  A mobile media center as your smartphone?  Sign me up.

Now obviously these could have been commercials that received the axe, but my gut is telling me that these have made the cut and will be hitting the airwaves in no time.  I love the “Gattaca” feel that they all seem to be focused on and the features mentioned should help sell a ton of both devices, especially with the “Droid” tag slapped on them.  Yay July release!

Can Verizon or Motorola announce these already?

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  • I had a droid phone for about 1 year, I really liked it. I only switched to the I-Phone when verizon started offering the product. Otherwise i would say droid is the second best phone out there.

  • If the media app is as good as the ad makes it then I'm definitely getting the Droid X. I need something to replace my outdated iPod. Thanks for sharing with us…

  • JohnnyEyecon

    Just FYI, Eyecon (the guys doing the Eyecon 'Media-Mogul' app above) are launching their new website in the next few days, which will make the purpose and function of the app a whole lot clearer. For now feel free to get more info at http://www.youtube.com/eyecontechnologies, also pending new updates and better videos. So stay tuned!

  • JohnnyEyecon

    Just FYI, Eyecon (the guys doing the Eyecon 'Media-Mogul' app above) are launching their new website in the next few days, which will make the purpose and function of the app a whole lot clearer. For now feel free to get more info at http://www.youtube.com/eyecontechnologies, also pending new updates and better videos. So stay tuned!

  • Obialfred

    I'm disappointed. Droid doesn't do front camera. I wanted one real bad and I'm not going to AT&T for it.

  • Mleonard1231

    how many home screens does the droid X have? is it like the Droid incredible with 7 or like the original droid with only 3?

  • Appletree111

    What the major diff between the D2 and the X?

  • Jasonanthony

    Moto Blur rules them out for me.

  • hope we get some europe-love this time

  • msmarpledaisy

    More pics of Motorola Droid X leaked. http://www.androidcentral.com/ A guy took pic of an Motorola X on an airplane he believed it belonged to a VZW Exec. Coming thru as guest Twitters down.

  • capo745

    If Chuck Norris needed a phone, it could be either one of these two.

  • I think I'm getting both…..

    Seroiusly, Im getting the X. I'm in the category of “thought I needed a slide out keyboard when I barely used it”.

  • Droid X does.

  • Thegoldendroid

    I must admit Im deeply in love with these two options, but I must be strong…must be patient…and must stay disciplined for a chance at a rooted 2ghz Motorola phone by the end of the year..NO early upgrade..NO paying full price…and NO whining in the store until I get what I want! Its 6 months and I think I can do it.

    • Chris Nimon

      I feel your pain. My next update falls about then but im really liken the specs and tests ive seen for the droid X. Maybe we should start a support group, Droids anonymous. We'll all get pagers and a group brother in case we waiver.

  • dpu328

    Man I don’t have a clue how to resolve this. I am pretty desperate. Nobody seems to have a real answer. Least that I can work with.

    I tried all the Froyo updates and after too many problems, I am back to 2.1 with BB Smoked Glass. I CAN’T boot into CW recovery. I have flashed SP, then CW. I have flashed SP then reboot and Flash CW. Nothing. I have flashed and flashed. I have asked and asked. Nobody can give me an answer. There is a lot of others having the same issue. That is the only thing keeping me for going back to Froyo. I really wanted one of the Froyo themes, but can’t get past this not booting into recovery. And yes I have the latest Rom Manager updates.

    Somebody has to be able to help somewhere. Please!

    • Adamania

      Unfortunately, I can't answer your question. I can, however, understand your frustration. Have you tried emailing Kellex?

      • dpu328

        This worked for me. I'm flashign liek crazy with older version., Go into ROM
        Manager and scroll down to the All ClockworkMod Recoveries. Select an older
        CW Recovery. Choose This is the most previous Droid Recovery., I
        was having problems trying to flash ROMs after updating to Froyo and the
        latest update to came out. Emailed Koush and this is what he
        recommended. Hope this helps.

    • t0ni

      I had that problem, found out you should try an older version of CW. I'm using, and got it to work. After I chose that version I flashed between sp and CW twice.

      • dpu328

        Thanks. I did the same and fine now.

  • picaso86

    I want to see the actual commercial… NOW~ :]

  • iammebane

    I absolutely love my droid, but the droid x with the fwd facing camera, size, and all the android goodness will be hard to pass up….


    Oh My God!!!!

    Im so exciting!!! Cant wait to see DROID commercials on VZW

  • When I first read the specs for D2 a few days ago I was disappointed; after reading that it will have a 1Ghz processor, I am more stoked than ever. I can't wait!

  • I really think I might go for the Droid 2 can't wait for the commercial to come out. I want to see this shiny sleek design. If something comes out thats really great at the end of the year for VZW. If I find the Droid as great as most say. I will just pay for one thats really worth it. I won't be needing to get anything else if it has really great specs anyway.

  • Has it been made clear what version these bad boys will be running upon release? 2.1 or 2.2? Anyone?

  • sheldawg

    What's up with all this half human half robot stuff? you see it everywhere now. Three female recording artist have come out with the similar album cover theme, Erykah Badu, Lady Gaga, and Cristina Aguilar now this Droid commercial is following in the same theme. This is all based from Fritz Lang movie Metropolis. Strange. Anyway
    cant wait to get my HUMAN hand on this… lol

    • Chris Nimon

      nice to see im not the only person whos seen metropolis

    • Maybe because an android is “a robot resembling a human being”? Can't speak for the recording artists, but that's why they use it for Droid commercials.

      • sheldawg

        Thanks for the Android lesson Todd..lol but I'm aware of the definition of android. It is just strange to me because I have been seeing the android reference my prevalent lately. This is a mechanical phone that does not resemble a human. I am a human, so I guess the commercial is stating if this phone and I are one then we become ANDROID…lol okay guys I'm gonna put down the blunt and listen to some JIMI. Later.

        • Tyrian

          droid does blunts

  • Flyinion

    Eh unless I can upgrade for free (yeah right lol), I'm not upgrading anything until we get a 4G droid 🙂 It just seems silly to me to upgrade any hardware that came with and was capable of running 2.x stock until a 4G droid hits since we're starting to get 4G phones and providers are starting to roll out their 4G networks.

  • dr0id

    Droid X and Droid 2 commercials gonna rock!

  • Buuishere

    i juss recently rooted n i need help.!!!!….how do i load themes

    • Chris Nimon

      buy ROM Manager in the market. open it and click download rom. search for themes. load. enjoy.

  • WhereIsTony

    Well looks like may be wrong about them not using the name “droid 2”

  • EggoEspada

    This is too awesome…
    Motorola and Verizon spoil us to death. 🙂

  • t0ni

    I want the X, but I agree that no front facing camera is a sucky thing. I've been using my son's iPhone, and it honestly does suck, but he defends it saying look at all my cool apps (shows me some air horn app) I mean these things are basically like a Nintendo DS, there's nothing to them. Since Apple fans seem to know nothing about specs, and the importance of them, I will obviously need the outside goodies to compare. I could care less about the front camera really. The Droid X is sexy, and it's going to be hard to leave the store without one, and be patient for the 2ghz coming out…decisions. =)) Happy about the X regardless!

  • PattyOMalley

    If the media app is as good as the ad makes it then I'm definitely getting the Droid X. I need something to replace my outdated iPod.

    • Dr. FeelGood

      I'd like to replace your outdated iPod!! 😉

  • Can Ninja blur/Shadow blur be turned off on either?

  • Chris Nimon

    Any more info on the Email exchange? I mean I get all my email now in the Email app, aol,Imail,Gmail,yahoo. So what is different? And im assuming the new media will let us get pics/vid/ music all in the same place (?)

    • lakerzz

      Microsoft Exchange…(Outlook)

      • Chris Nimon

        please disregard my ignorance. I use livemail/messenger on computer. Aren't these pretty much the same. I mean as far as email goes.

  • man united

    any one saw the 720 dpi screen on the Droid X part in the NFL section ?

    • Ericsorensen

      720 DPI must be a mistake. 720p HD makes more sense, but still is a huge increase from the 865×480 expected resolution. Even the Iphone is only 640 pixels high and 320 DPI

      • Gekiganger

        So is Motorola going to call this a “super” retina display 😉

        • EEGeek

          Actually if you do the A^2 + B^2 = C^2 calculation, a 4.3″ screen with the same aspect ratio as the EVO would have the shorter edge be 2.21 inches long. If that was 720 pixels across, that would make 720/2.21 = 326ppi. EXACTLY THE PPI OF THE NEW IPHONE!!! That would give a total of 1200×720 resolution on a 4.3 inch screen. Anyone just jizz themselves?

          • Barrowbl

            some one talks about HD screens, and I ……….. Jizz… in.. my. pants
            **I jizz in my pants; jizz in my pants**

      • Lets hope its not hmm 😛

    • Yeah, it says 720dpi a couple of times. Has to be a mistake…


    camera phone?

  • are they saving the front facing camera for the 4G devices? either way, these two phones are full of awesome

  • EC8CH

    I think the biggest question is how this ninja blur thing is going to play out.

    • MrChips

      Yeah, I'm still worried that any moto-additions (Blur) will force owners to have to wait inordinate amounts of extra time for updates to the underlying Android base OS from Google. 2.2 (Froyo) can't come soon enough, and when 2.3, 2.4 etc. come down the pipe I want them ASAP, not 6 months later…

  • Rybro

    Probably g

    • Rybro

      haha whoops, comment virgin… Droid1 here, probably gonna wait until a front-facing cam device comes out. You know that's going to be pretty soon.

  • So the D2 has a 1GHz OMAP processor… Does the X have 1GHz also or is it clocked at 720MHz? Also are these media apps that are outlined for the X also loaded (or at least available) for the D2?

    • Im curious to know what the main differences really is going to be between the droids as if its just the cam and screen – or+ the keyboard thats kinda poor.

    • StephanC

      Hard to say. The new TI RISC is supposed to be pretty fast…

  • EC8CH

    Can I just say thaat I love Droid marketing?

    Thanks for the sneakpeak Kellex!

  • Mcydeeze

    O by the way this is my first post on this site. Kellex keep up the good work, this is by far the best Droid site anywhere. Check it about 127536 times a day……..jk, but really love this site

  • 1ghz 3630 please 🙂
    I like the sound of these adverts 😀
    Rofl im sold droid 2 please ty!

  • Mcydeeze

    Wanted the x but no front facing camera is a no go for me. Don't really want or need it but when I show the ifans my phone, gotta have it or their gonna just assume their precious iPhone is better.

  • djspikezz

    1GHZ processor? Long as it's not a snapdragon processor im sold. Still has to be rooted before I'll buy it.

    • EC8CH

      Anyone know what OMAP would be 1ghz? Seems moto is pretty committed to TI, hard to imagine they would switch to different silicon.

      • StephanC

        That would be the Texas Instruments RISC 1 Ghz processor. http://bit.ly/aMCj6r But, when the TI OMAP 3440 720 MHz is overclocked to 1 GHz it delivers better speeds than the Snapdragon… Interesting.

        • jo

          as far we know it will be a OMAP 3630 (oc to 1000mhz) which is a 45nm and a lot faster with lower power consumption than 3440. with 1ghz 3640 would also be possible …

          • StephanC

            I'm not saying it will be the 3440 I just know that many overclocked TI processors are faster than the Qualcomm 1 GHz processors.

        • jxcgunrunna

          The 3430 has better performance at 1ghz than the Snapdragon.

      • Shelby46

        According to the OMAP Wikipedia article, the 3640 is 1ghz.

    • StephanC

      Damn. Qualcomm is releasing a 1.5 Ghz processor in the next months. TI needs to catch up.

  • Chris

    I'm sold. Please announce these phones Verizon!

  • root4life

    pretty sure that app is in the market already

  • SlimeySam

    Want X now!

  • rals

    What do you have insider in Verizon lol?

    • kellex


      • Brendan

        glad to see are droid leader has so many connections!

  • mkregs

    It would have been a bad move for the sequel to have anything less than 1.0GHz. The enhanced Exchange integration has my interest too.

    I'm hoping the new physical keyboard is of better quality than the OG Droid keyboard. I've had the D1 since the day it came out and use the physical keyboard a lot. I'm having problems with keyboard response in the upper right keys. It's actually forced me to use the on-screen keyboard more…and, to my surprise, I have gotten used to using the on-screen keyboard more often. So, the X also has my interest as well, now that I know I can live without a physical keyboard.

    Either way, my next Droid will def be a Moto. I have dropped my MotoDroid a few times with no physical damage. Moto is the real incredible and I wouldn't settle for anything less.

    • Dbdynsty25

      According to your last line, there has been “no physical damage” yet in the paragraphe previous you complain that the top right of your keyboard has become unresponsive. Think that may have something to do with dropping the phone multiple times? Sounds like physical damage to me. 🙂

      • mkregs

        lol….I'm guessing you're a HTC Incredible user?

  • StephanC

    DROID DOES: Turn you into a robot!

    • Tehfingaz

      Along with multitasking it keeps you oiled haha

  • Chris Nimon

    Now when these drop they need to sell through Wal Mart. Then the iphone will be like the smartest phone in the store with down syndrome

    • Rodeojones000

      Dude, the down syndrome comment is wrong and in poor taste. Keep that crap out of here. Some of us might have a special connection to Down Syndrome (like a family member with the condition) and using it as a derogatory term referring to someone with low intelligence shows that you are the one suffering in the intelligence department.

      • WhereIsTony

        Agreed, plus why do people feel the need to attackt he iphone. The droid family has a lot going for it. No trash talking the iphone without fact just makes droid fans come off as jealous.

        • Chris Nimon

          like ive said on this site before (not such a popular comment i might add) The Iphone is an excellent phone, but there is no way it is the more capable phone anymore. 2- 3 years ago, definitely, now, only a zealot would think so.

          • People have different types of humor. Welcome to America 😛
            I don't know what comedian you are referencing but, IMO, Bill
            Hicks is one of the funniest mother f****** who ever graced this planet.
            And he said some of the most hateful things. I love offensive humor.
            People need to laugh more often…

            Anyways, I laughed…

          • Chris Nimon

            me too, I think Family Guy is one of the funniest shows ever. It is also one of the most politically INcorrect. But thats why I like it. Too many people today are afraid to do or say something because it might offend someone. I dont mean to offend anyone but Im not afraid to speak either. Personally I think we should attend to these issues with humor and fun, head on instead of tap dancing around an issue. That is what I find offensive, when people get offended because im dancing crazy with my cousin at a picnic because they think im making fun of her, yet they avoid any dealing with her.

          • RavenLuna

            Exactly! You're having a good time with her at her level and making her feel included, while everyone else is being so pc, that she's not included at all. I can't blame you for being offended, but glad you rose above it and are yourself with her anyway, no matter who is watching or judging.

          • Chris Nimon

            Yeah, I guess whoever took offense to my earlier comment had no context as they dont know me or who I am. didnt mean to piss them off.

          • Chris Nimon

            Its from the movie Waiting, at the end where the kid is ripping ryan reynolds a new ahole

          • RavenLuna

            I knew I had heard that somewhere! I just saw that movie last week. Stupid, yet funny.

          • Jdforyou

            I don't consider myself a zealot and would love to get over to the Verizon network. I'm looking forward to the Droid-X but the new iPhone 4 is one sexy piece of hardware and the new iOS4 I just installed today is nothing but elegant. I'll be able to sell my iPhone 4 for a nice profit if the Droid-X is the dream machine you think it's going to be. If you really think only a zealot would think the iPhone has lost it's appeal compared to the new round of smart phones I'm guessing you've got a PC sitting on your desk 🙂

          • Chris Nimon

            LOL, Your obviously not a zealot since you are considering getting an android phone. There are a lot of zealots on both sides. Im saying that most of the android phones have far more capabilities than the iphone. If you decide to keep the iphone youll get your option to go with verizon in 2 years. Yes, I have a win 7 laptop. Unfortunately I have to choose my computers the same way I do my president, I pick the one which I view the lesser of 2 evils, lol.

          • ZusE84

            lol @ apple zealots XD

        • Esmccarty09

          But seriously the iphone to the droid is like a person with down syndrome to a genius. The iphone had its time, but that time is now over. The android phones (mainly the droid) have taken the spotlight and I know its gonna shine on them for many years to come 🙂

          • Chris Nimon

            thats all im sayin. didnt mean to offend anybody. Is the coffee ready?

      • Chris Nimon

        I have a cousin with DS. Its not meant as derogatory. Its from a comedian and is used here to say that the over hyped new iphone is not the smartest tool in the shed. (no offense to any tools meant)

        • YeahOK

          If you did, you would know it's “Down's”

          • Moaty

            It can be written either way.

      • root4life

        omg people chill out really

        • leniamonio

          Hopefully, we can see a price drop on black friday sales.. and it isn't that far

          • Kasra Sadeghi

            why isn't their white fridays?

      • umadbro?


    • in this weeks wal-mart ad, they are selling the moto Droid for $48.99. my jaw dropped.

      • Chris Nimon

        youre kidding me? My brother getting one soon but doesnt want to pay verizons new price of $150. Is that for new customers only or is that just a new 2 year price?

        • briderx

          Free on wirefly.com.

          • Chris Nimon

            Yeah I showed him that but he is already a verizon customer so they wouldnt give it to hime for free. They said he had to be a new customer.

          • briderx

            That isn't true. Its for new & existing customers. My brother just purchased his phone through wirefly. He's had them for 10+ years.. He was eligible for an upgrade (2 years). The only stipulation is that you have to be the “head of the account” – Only that phone # can get the upgrade.. BUT, you can just call verizon and have them switch it.. The customer service rep @ verizon offered to switch it for him…

          • Chris Nimon

            Cool, unfortunately he transferred to his wifes account and theres no way shed give up that “control.” Maybe they'll loosen up a little though with these phones dropping soon. tx 4 the tip. we'll have to try them again and ask about that.

          • Blp2021

            Unless I'm wrong, it appears Dell lets you get the Droid for free just by renewing or upgrading your plan at the same time. I assumed you could just chose the same plan you have.

          • Chris Nimon

            I didnt even know you could get a Droid through Dell? This is why this site is so awesome. You can learn alot on here.

          • Clearly you guys missed this article: http://androiddelight.com/2010/06/12/get-a-moto

            Dell and Wirefly had them for free this weekend, for both new and current Verizon customers. I'm not sure if it's still going on but it's worth checking.

          • Chris Nimon

            just checked wirefly. 8 hours left

          • Inegenteropy-jajah

            go to wireless dot amazon dot com – I got mine for $70 (well $69 really) as an existing customer. no shipping or tax. not a bad deal.

          • ndfan4u

            Wirefly is a freaken scam. BEWARE, they are scamming people left and right.

          • Gbblr69

            i bought my incredible from wirefly and i have nothing but good things to say about them

        • Inegentropy-jajah

          $20 from amazon wireless if you're a new verizon users, $70 if existing customer.

  • mo

    i want the X's screen on the droid 2 🙁

    • Timoh

      I agree, the most disappointing thing about the Droid 2 is the screen size. Why don't they make the screen bigger and get rid of the lip at the bottom. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if they did. The small screen + lip is making me think about waiting to see what happens in November.

  • Aleksmilosevic9y

    I hate motorola, they made it harder to choose

  • aarynk

    Awesome indeed!! Now the hard part… deciding on which one I will be getting

  • Luketastic1

    Hmmm, the 1ghz on d2 eases my mind a bit for sure, however…if d2 releases in aug…wtf is coming out before the end of 2010 that's rockin' the promised 2ghz?!

  • StephanC

    MotoMobile on twitter says that I've qualified for a free H17txt. Should I take it? They told me via a direct message.

    • kellex

      Oh yeah get one of those. Supposed to be pretty sweet actually.

    • t0ni

      What is that??

      • StephanC

        It's a Bluetooth Headset that will read your text messages to you through the Android app MotoSpeak. I got selected by MotoMobile on twitter to receive one for free. Yay!

        • t0ni

          Oh nice!

  • B.

    Still not sold….

  • holidayK

    YES!! 1ghz on the DROID 2 THANK GOD, IM SET ON THE DROID2, the droidX is TOO fuckin big

  • root4life

    this is how u say legen wait for it dary legendary

  • Rachel

    Nice!!!!!!!!! If the D2 is as sexxxxxxxxxxy as it sounds then Im in. Now to find out id use D1 users can trade for a low cost.lol

    • Rachel

      That should be if* and us.lol….See how excited I am. :0P

      • Mr. HardWick

        Well Rachel is a SEXXXY name…MARRY ME Rachel!

        See how excited I am? ANd I just have the EVO after switching over from a Droid. I guarantee one thing – once you use a 4.3″ screen you'll NEVER go back to anything smaller. Size DOES matter (and YES, I measure up) and < DOES a THICK too!

  • Fordc08

    First…. cooooolllllll 🙂

    • Not even close buddy 😛 lol

    • lol


      • Hogasswildmc

        I need to see if I can use the 4.3″ soft keyboard and if I can, then it's DX for me, if not, I'll stick with replacing D1 with D2 lol

        • MikeV

          Does this mean since the processor specs were a little off the camera specs may be too? (5mp maybe to 8?)

    • Ray Air Force

      You are first buddy… you are first. Don't let any of these other guys tell u otherwise. =)

  • Pimpin! Happy Monday everyone!!!! 🙂

    • kellex

      There you are 🙂

      • Mrpicolas

        Hrs always there lol…

        • I don't call it stalking, I just call it looking at it from a distance…lol