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Tip: Use Chrome to Phone in Froyo

Remember all of those amazing new Android 2.2 features we were introduced to at Google I/O?  One of them being Chrome to Phone, which allows you to send directions, URLs and even files straight to your device without connecting it?  Well, now that we have a full leaked version of Froyo in the wild and available for download, you can finally take advantage of such brilliance.


1.  Visit the Chrome to Phone project site.
2.  If you are using Google Chrome, install the extension they have into your browser.
3.  If you use Firefox as a browser, install this add-on.
4.  Download the Chrome to Phone app to your phone and install it.
5.  Open the Chrome to Phone app, and select “register device.”
6.  Once it finishes, you are done.
7.  Now navigate to a website on your Chrome browser, and tap the cell phone extension button.
8.  It will likely ask you to login to a Google account. Login with whatever acct you registered.
9.  Link sent!

Pretty sweet right?  Are you starting to realize the potential this app and extension have?


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  • ringgo

    hi there

    where to Download the Chrome to Phone app?
    its not in the Market??please help

    Galaxy s 2.1

  • ringgo

    hi there

    where to Download the Chrome to Phone app?
    its not in the Market??please help

    Galaxy s 2.1

  • Kmasum

    just did mine, works instantly with droid x 2.2 !!!!!

  • xenacenon

    This one is now official on google. Chrome-2-phone For Real

  • tabrad

    Worked for me. Took a second for it to completely register, and for the browser end of things to work, but does work.

  • Lotusa
  • sonofgunn


  • Lane252

    ok how about tried this, didnt work i was at work all day trying to register it and it never worked 🙁

    • Jim

      It appears that it will only work with @gmail.com accounts, not other accounts, for now. Tried and tried with my apps/google account and it failed every time, but worked first time with my gmail account.

  • gonzo

    off topic..but is having the new baseband worth having? in other word do you get better reception with it? I have the 03 baseband and I get great 3g

    • aczm1988

      Its worth it

  • aarynk

    Works great!! Only took my phone about a min to register… this is a great feature for out phones!!

  • I tried using my @totalchaosgaming.com email account hosted by google and it would not register. I used my @gmail account and it registered.

  • Steve Drees

    Been “Registering device….” for the past hour. Anybody having luck registering the android app?

    • Dahctor

      You need FRF57 for it to work. I saw it on the Google Forum for this.

    • TheDon

      Works for me, use the SPR restore file from Droid-Life and it works great, I had do a factory reset/cache wipe, but with my prior Froyo backup all my apps were back in about 15 min.

  • Adrian

    How do you install the chrome browser to your phone in the first place?

    • andrew401

      read the directions people common

  • OldNuc

    In case you are not a Chrome fanboy, there is a FireFox extension also.

  • sal

    extension installed on chrome browser…apk installed on droid…under setup/register device, it will not register for some reason..what gives

  • Brett

    This Is Amazing! Thank You So Much!

  • for those people having trouble, like me. I had this installed with the previous build of Froyo. It would FC after I tried to register on the new build. Just reinstall it to get it to work! 😀

  • John

    buut, buuuut.. iPhone users can sync their netflix and iBooks!! hahaha

  • mike c

    how do i install the extension into my browser

    • If you're using chrome, just download it, save, and a little popup should come up asking if you want to install. You do want to install it (hopefully) so click yes.

    • gonzo

      if you have the chrome browser type this link. http://code.google.com/p/chrometophone/ there are two files one for your phone and browser. download both install, the one for your phone install it like you would any apk file using astro

  • mike c

    how do you install the extension to your browser?

  • jt

    droid-life is awesome. big ups to kellex.

  • This is tempting me to root my phone again. I just don't want to go through that process again. *Patience is a virtue*

  • mojo

    Mine never registers been trying it for a while now. While being since the weekend when the rom was released.

    • Install the new update from last night (FRF57 I believe) The files and instructions are here on Droid-Life.

  • IMA_210

    Sorry couldnt help myself, with everyone doing it these days. I will refrain from it in the future. I must have caught everyone off guard as they are surely updating to the latest leaked version of Froyo.

  • trumpet444

    Hmm. Been trying since I got froyo. Will try again. My phone usually tries to register and never does. It'll work eventually though, I have patience

    • kellex

      It works with the new build that was just released.

      • trumpet444

        ahh. that'll teach me to scroll all the way down next time!! (didn't see it)

      • R R

        Kellex, I have the new build from your last post, got Chrome2Phone working fine; however, my Maps app still won't update and when I type in directions on my Chrome Maps and send it to the phone, the maps comes up but Navigation or directions aren't coming up. Any suggestions?

        • Kincaid

          My Maps app wont update either but the versions (as far as I can tell) are the same. Havent tried sending maps yet though. Will try that next.

        • some dude named Klaus posted this on another forum:

          A workaround is to use the maps “Link” tool (top right above the map), copy the URL and paste it into a new browser window, then use the extension to send that. That's of course a bit clunky, but I'm assuming this will become better integrated.

  • IMA_210