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Download: Newer Motorola Droid Froyo Leak FRF57

Who wants a full Motorola Droid Android 2.2 build instead of just a ROM?  A big “thanks” needs to go out to DroidMod and Alldroid for leaking and cracking this new build first.  Yes, this is newer than the build you had on Saturday.  This comes with the stock kernel that can actually be overclocked to 800Mhz, the wifi works out of the box, and is as legit as it comes.  There is nothing hidden about this Froyo.

Again, huge thanks to to those that had this first.

Unfortunately, the original version did not have root access, so we’ve tossed in root and created our own nandroid for you to flash.  In a way, it’s almost like the Droid Life Froyo build.  (Funny.)

*Reminder* – You have to be rooted to do this.  New to rooting? Follow our full guide here.

Download:  droidlifefroyo-BS-20100608-0521.zip



*Note 2* -If you are coming from the previous Froyo build, you do not need to wipe data and cache.  If this is your first time getting Froyo’d, please perform a factory reset before step 5 in recovery.

1.  Download the new nandroid Froyo build from above.
2.  Unzip and drop folder in the “nandroid” folder on your SD card.
3.  Open ROM Manager and flash “alternate recovery” (SPRecovery).
4.  When it finishes, scroll up and choose the option to “Reboot into Recovery.”
5.  When SPRecovery loads, choose “backup/restore.”
6.  Choose “Advanced nandroid restore.”
7.  Select “Choose backup” and find the “droidlifefroyo-BS-20100608-0521” backup.
8.  Select “Perform restore.”
9.  When it finishes, hit the “power” key to go back to the main menu and choose “reboot.”
10.  When it reboots, you should be Froyo’d with root!

Questions or comments?  Chrome to Phone time!

Updates: Time to answer some questions from the comments…

-Q: Is this stable?
-A: Yes it is. We wouldn’t post it if it wasn’t.

-Q:  I lost root! Now what?
-A: Boot into recovery and apply this update.zip.

-Q:  Can this be overclocked?
-A:  Yes.  The previous kernels we posted should all work.

-Q:  Is this the same build as the one posted everywhere last night?
-A:  No idea.  I got this from the original leak.

-Q: Will the previous radio update work?
-A: Yes it should still work.

-Q: What does “unrar” mean?
-A: Unraring is like unzipping.

Cheers to Wade for helping me out with this!  Go buy xScope.


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  • Guarneros Luis


  • this way is work to HTC wildfire ?

  • anyone know why many of my google apps wont work?

  • Guys / Gals. My phone went into the loop logo phase. I followed the instructions of delete you data and then running the advanced restore and it worked. A lot of the people are not accurate on these post but luckly we have users that participate in posting like these that helped me restore my phone.

  • Guys / Gals. My phone went into the loop logo phase. I followed the instructions of delete you data and then running the advanced restore and it worked. A lot of the people are not accurate on these post but luckly we have users that participate in posting like these that helped me restore my phone.

  • Riviewred

    I can't get drop down menu's to work can anybody help

  • Playermatic3092


  • Playermatic3092


  • cant get 2.2 to install, got 2.1 rooted just fine, boot loops right after i install 2.2, any ideas?

  • cant get 2.2 to install, got 2.1 rooted just fine, boot loops right after i install 2.2, any ideas?

  • Stjowa

    How do I uninstall it when the real deal comes out?

  • Trueprose

    endless boot loop!!! what do i do??!! Help for jesus sake…help!!!!!!!!!

    • Mrpicolas

      Wipe your dada and cache

  • adam

    why doesnt apps to sd work?

  • Ttstorm02

    Anyone Know how to fix the droid eye loop?

    • Mrpicolas

      Try wiping data and cache first if using a kernel other than stock go up in voltage or down in clock speed

  • Maddoxmisery

    so i have a huge problem now and i have no idea what i did wrong.

    the phone powers itself off when it starts up and doesn't respond to me hitting the power button. like it has gone through the entire process starting up, then blinks off and i'm unable to start it for hell like an hour. i thought it could be battery drain or something..so i charged it for a few hours. still having trouble powering up.

    i did your first step on rooting 2.1. followed to the letter. fired up rom manager and wanted to get bugless beast and a new kernel…i fell asleep waiting for bugless to download. i wake up and i have this weird..i guess bricked phone now…no clue what to do..so i desperately need help. i can't get it powered into recovery..seeing as i can't power up at all now…

    i'm screwed.

    • Mrpicolas

      Leave it on the charger For at least an hour Then try booting into recovery When the battery is low You will sometimes have a problem

  • Does anyone know how I can get the ringtone that comes default with this? I like it a lot and can't find it now that I upgraded to BB0.4 :[ Help would be appreciated! :]

  • Cahollow

    Ever since I updated to 2.2 (both this build and a previous one) my Droid will often display the symbol like its syncing to/from Google servers on the cloud and totally lock up. Sometimes if I wait it goes away, sometimes the phone just reboots and sometimes I just have to jack the battery out of the back and reboot (often 2 or 3 times) before the phone stabilizes and is useful. Anyone else run into this?

  • Rbotelho76

    I got 2.2 put on and now i can't find some of the apps i had on the market place. whats going on and is there a fix?

    • Rbotelho76

      i also noticed that on my baseband version i have C_01.3E.03P this is different from the one showed in the photo above could this be the reason i am having issues

  • Mike

    How do I enable WIFI tethering? I only see USB tethering?

  • so i followed these steps & after it reboots it just keeps loading the droid red eye over & over. any suggestions?

  • SirusTheVirus

    For everyone having the “Flash Alternate Recovery” greyed out… open Rom Manager > Settings > Check the “Advanced Mode” box and try again…

    • At0msplat

      I tried this and I still have Flash Alternate recovery greyed out. I downloaded the file and and droped the 3 files into the droidlife floder in the nandroid folder. I have in the nandroid folder which is is in the root on sdcard,
      there is also 2 other folders in nandroid folder, BDS-20100808-1939 & BDS-20100809-2224. I dont think these are stopping it but maybe? Anyone have any other suggestions?
      I am rooted 2.1 moto droid
      kernel [email protected]#1
      build ESE81

  • Vyruzx

    the zip doesnt have a folder in it called droidlifefroyo-BS-20100608-0521 it is like an update.zip

  • Sure Wifi works but Wifi Tether is missing. My “about phone” info reads the same as the screen shot in the original post above too. Not sure whats up with that.

  • JPC

    I can't seem to find Verizon FIOS Mobile in the market after doing this update.

    • JPC

      Maybe someone can email me the apk ?

    • JPC

      I'm actually looking for the apk for the DVR Manager

  • Mikelmc

    Is there any way to recover after you updated to froyo and then to the 1250 kernel .. The phone wont mount the sdcard at all ..and does not recognzie. Can anyone help me with this or am I going to have to replace the phone?

  • Baraksteve

    In step 3. flash alternate recovery is grayed out and it says no alternate recovery available, I followed the previous steps to root the phone how do I proceed?

  • Ford5pt0

    Is there a fully explained step by step way to do this, i'll donate to whoever puts one together..

  • I had an issue where I couldn’t mount the nandroid folder. I had to rename my drive from “NO NAME” to “SDCARD.” After this, everything worked perfectly.

  • Ramjabar

    caused my phone to get red hot and wouldn't charge. Had to revert ;-(

  • Kfath1978

    Cant find the file while in back up?? Please help!

    • Kfath1978

      seriously where the hell is droidlifefroyo-BS-20100608-0521 on the sd card? when iam in recovery i dont see it..nothing there…wtf!!!! please be as detailed as possible! thanks!

  • TeeJay

    yeah… when i go to flash “alternate recovery”, the option of greyed out and says there isnt an alternate recovery. ive done everything in the previous instructions, and everything in these instructions up to that point. whats the deal??

    • TeeJay

      option IS greyed out *****

  • Justin

    Woohoo FROYO!
    Thanks DL!

  • victor aroma

    I tried this ROM twice, both time i bricked my phone. Thank god for backups.

  • Taters343

    It won't let me do step 3. When I go into ROM Manager “Flash Alternate Recovery” is unselectable. It says it has no alternate recovery available. Any tips?

    • I needed to install the clockworkmod recovery tool by clicking on all clockworkmod recoveries and clicking install when prompted.

  • gorman.larry0

    how do i get root??! its not working!!

    or how do i “apply” it?

  • Chad24taylor

    Anyone overclocking the stock kernel that comes with this? If so, what settings do you have your setcpu at? i've got it at max 800 min 500 currently, running cool temps/clocking over 1000 on quadrant, and decent batter life so far. Any suggestions?

  • gorman.larry0

    how do i “apply” the update folder??

  • Chirag

    after installing froyo, the phone wont reboot. It just gets stuck between two of the startup animations. Someone help!

  • HydroxideNaCl

    got infinitive rebooting after restore… any suggestoin?

    • Sondun2001

      I had to turn off the phone, hold x and power to get back into SPrecovery and do a factory data wipe and cache wipe when it booted the 2.2 restore was still there!

  • Sano Sinji

    why wont my phone reboot into recovery after putting it on sprecovery?

  • Mmart99999

    how do you know if you've become unrooted after you do the froyo update?