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Tip: Move Apps to your SD Card in Froyo

Moving applications over to your SD card in Android 2.2 is actually incredibly simple.  The problem right now though, is that it’s up to developers to actually allow their apps to be moved to the SD card.  While many of you are not seeing the option to move them, as you can see from the screenie above, I was able to do it with a select few.  Just be patient!  Developers are still just getting used to Froyo!


1.  Open Settings>Applications>Manage Applications.
2.  Tap on the application you wish to move.
3.  Tap on the box to “Move to SD card.”
4.  Done!  Now tap on the “On SD card” tab to see that your app has moved.

You can also move the app back to your phone by tapping on the the same app and selecting the “Move to phone” button.

Update: If you want to force move an app to the SD card, you can do so in Titanium backup.  Simply long press on the app you want to move and choose “Move to SD Card.”  Then if you go into Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>SD Card tab, you’ll see your app listed.  You will also see a “Move to phone” option if you tap on it now.  Awesome right?  Cheers Androfan!

Simple right?  Besides the 2 up above, what other apps have you found that will allow SD card storage?


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  • How can you then erase or free up ur internal memory if you have it on sd card  can you erase once you have  pulled out the sd card??

  • Denise

    I tried this but you have to have a rooted phone which i don’t have… are there any other options to forcing apps to your sd card?

  • Google earth does, and that’s like 17mb

  • OMG!

    by accident i wiped my phone 0.0

  • kyombie

    Do I need to root my android for Titanium backup? I have an HTC Desire

  • Kenny 1

    My wife and I just bought Motorola Milestones running Android 2.1-update 1. We keep getting internal memory low notifications. I’m close to taking my phones back and getting Blackberry’s again. Please tell me what to do. I was told I have too many apps. I have like 10. That’s a ridiculous excuse. Intelligent people on here, please help me.

  • Bobo

    Darktremors apps2sd will do it automatically on all installs. It also removes the No A2SD flag file found in some stubborn apps. a2sd help will show you all it can do…. amazing!!!

  • George

    Bump can be moved to SD Card

  • George

    Bump can be moved to SD Card

  • major_payne

    Air Control Lite, Google Earth, Find a Starbucks and Opera Mini all allowed SD storage

  • major_payne

    Air Control Lite, Google Earth, Find a Starbucks and Opera Mini all allowed SD storage

  • Almighty1

    It seems like only the ASTRO Bluetooth wouldn't show as installed when moved to the SD Card.

    Has anyone successfully moved Skype to the SD Card as when long pressing in titanium, the Move to SD Card option is greyed out.

  • javapop

    Why don't I have the option to move to SD card? it's not available…. running froyo on a droid.

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  • Chris.Go

    MegaUpload has Neosploit virus beware AVG caught this virus no problem.

    • I picked up several trojans and malware bits from a pop window from MegaUpload. Thankfully Microsoft Security Essentials caught them for me.

      • otter34

        I got rsdlite from there! What does that mean for my phone?!

        Also, what apps do you put on sd card if backing up to sd card? just the ones you don't use often? Or just the big ones?

  • P!X3L

    Apps on SD are
    BT file transfer
    titanium backup

  • ian

    Anyone know if you can root the droid usuing a mac???? if so i need instructions. thanks!

      • skltr21

        does this still work if you are running 2.1???? how old is this process??? was this process for rooting while you had 2.0 or 2.0.1???

        • Wow, I totally posted the wrong link. Sorry….

          As of this time, I believe there to be no way to gain root on 2.1 droids with a Mac.

          • skltr21

            thats what i thought. thanks. bummer……

          • Do you have any access to a PC at all? 🙁
            You can always buy a cheap lil notebook at best buy or something 😛

          • skltr21

            i have access to a pc, but only at my moms house. just inconvenient…… but ill just do it over there. just wondering if there was a way to do it on my mac so i didn't have to go to my moms……. i have my phone rooted but i want to do my wifes phone. but ill just wait till i can get over there. thanks though!

          • P!X3L

            set up a bootcamp partition if you have an intel mac

          • skltr21

            yeah i can do that, but then i have to actually install windows on my mac……. and that defeats the purpose of having a mac. =) thanks though.

          • Dylan

            You do NOT need a computer to root your droid…. i dont know what they are talking about but all you need is internet access. I have a mac and did not even need my computer for the rooting process

          • P!X3L

            on 2.0.1, no you don't need a computer. on 2.1 you need to flash the 2.1 recovery sbf file using rsd lite (not mac)

          • P!X3L

            If by “defeats the purpose” you mean “Windows 7 runs faster than OSX on the same hardware” then I guess you're right. 😛
            Ever since I installed Windows 7 on my Mac Pro I haven't looked back…

  • aarynk

    NEW BASEBAND UPDATE ON droidforums.net for 2.2 users!!

    Sorry a little off topic but I thought people should know.

    • Never off-topic if it is something awesome like this 🙂

      • jon

        it says for non rooters too? can someone clear this up what it is and what its specifically for…

        • What says that? lol
          Oh….well if you have a Nexus One then you will have Froyo non rooted.
          So unless you have a Nexus One, then nevermind it 😛

          • jon

            thank you kind sage

          • You are quite welcome kind sir 😛

          • Did you do this and run into any issues with it asking for your ss number or your account password. I don't remember my account password, so I don't want to update this quite yet.

          • aarynk

            No I had no issues at all just pressed one and was saying something about turining off your old phone before calling in then it programmed and I was good to go…

            Took about 15 mins before I noticed a difference in service. I used to get 3 bars at my house but now I've been on a constant 5 to full bars for the last couple of hours.. DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE PEOPLE!!!

          • I am a little worried, but i might just take the jump in the morning when I can look up all my info just incase.

          • aarynk

            I always like to wait till the mornings to load my stuff too! More awake then hahaha… But you should have no worries I think the password stuff is for people on corporate accounts and when the phones are NOT the primary on the account(main line)

            you can always go back to the old baseband that ends with .03p just download it from ROM manager under the Cyanogen tab…

          • Sweet, thanks for the info! Can't wait to get better service mine isn't the best at my house.

    • rizzet

      I can confirm this as I am now running the new baseband update! Thanks!

    • Chris Nimon

      Do I unzip on computer and rename then transfer to sd card? I haven't messed with this before. How bout a quick install rundown?

  • Chris Nimon

    OOOOHHHH, Update?

  • p3droid


    Contact me

    • What you have to share!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Nimon

    I like the fact I can now use the IM section on facebook

    • how?

      Never mind I thought you meant the app sorry.

  • CPOR

    hey kellex, this is off-topic, (as it seems most of my posts have been so far lol) but ever since i used your terminal emulator script to change my boot animation, it wont change when i use, say, Jrummy's customizer. is there a script im unaware of that'll fix this?

  • talkdj

    Hey Kellex, for the screen shots on this, is that your Droid? I ask because I notice you have 1 bar of signal. When I moved to this froyo rom I noticed my signal has gone down the s****r. Just wondering.

    • Jamerson90

      I've been doing great. Actually, I have 4 bars right now, and have been since I got home. Idk why yours would be so different

    • New baseband update for 2.2. was just released.
      That will fix your problem 🙂

  • rizzet

    Hey, how do I get my Set CPU widget back? Its gone ever since I moved the app to the phone.?

    • sean

      you can get it back when you reboot^^

      • rizzet

        Nope…had to move it back in order to get it to work…….

  • rizzet

    You would think that the “Droid-Life” app would be the first to jump on it and let us move it to the SD…..come on! 🙂

  • CPOR

    also, is anyone else having gallery problems? like the pictures are all blurry, but fine when viewed w/ camera

  • CPOR

    a bit off topic, but my LEDs no longer work, except for low battery. =[ any recommendations?

    • not having that problem, you can try downloading sms popup is allows you to change the color, it might work.

  • rizzet

    Ever since moving to 2.2….Titanium backup gives me an error about not having busybox….so it wont work. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Any suggestions?

    • I had the same problem. Go to Titanium and click the “Problems?” button, and a dialog box will come up in effect asking if you want to install BusyBox. You do.

  • teejaytm

    SO…………….Can we get a video? lol I want to but I am SOOOOO on the fence about it

  • jedijesus95

    !t would be nice if we could tell it always install to the sd card instead of having to go into the applications menu to move it.

  • Charlie

    Off topic; sorry… I love Swype, but any time I turn off the phone or reboot, I must reinstall Swype. When attempting to do so today, I am denied because I “have installed the maximum times” (probably about a dozen times over the past 6 months). Any ideas?

    • CheeseMcGee

      Just go to the download section of this site and use that swype .apk and you will have no problems.

      • Charlie

        Duh, too simple. Thanx

  • jedijesus95

    You can move Math Workout to the sd card.

  • Camaros_Kill

    i got ak notepad, bluetooth file transfer, cachecleaner, lipper, root explorer, speedx3d, and titanium on the sd card

  • DJ

    Jewels the game can be put on the sd card but once I put those apps there I couldnt use them. I put setcpu and titanium backup on the sd and couldnt use the widget.

  • country83

    My Droid died on Friday. Verizon sending me a new one. Will be here on Tuesday. Cant wait to root again and try out all the new goodies.

    • Greg668771

      we are all sorry for your loss…

    • So sorry we couldnt get you up and running. Don't worry, you arent missing much. I ran FroYo all weekend and I switched back to BB. I'm waiting for the good stuff 🙂
      Good luck!

      • Tim idk why you changed, besides the few bug, froyo is awesome.

        • It's cool. Just seems choppy. Also, I HATE the Market.
          I'm sure i'll get used to it, but it seems like garbage as of now to me.
          At least on my phone, it was not properly downloading apps and then it would download, but not install.
          GRR! So frustrating. I really wanted the f'ing shotgun app!!! lol 🙂

          Hopefully Pete is on his shi+ and we can see a Bugless Froyo sometime in the future.
          They still be waiting for source though. IDK if this nandroid version has everything they need on it.
          BUT, I saw a tweet from him and I am hoping he wasnt lying lol
          End of non coherent squabble about my meaningless opinion…haha

          In other news: This is my 557th comment lol WOW…….in need of real life. My girlfriend hates me and my Droid lol

          • True true very true, my market isn't working the best either, but flash is what is keeping me. Yea and pete makes the best roms, so hopefully the source comes out very soon!

  • Cedacash

    Search for froyo in your market and all the apps that allow apps2sd will show up! I found ALOT!

    • kellex

      Seems so obvious, but hadn't thought of it heh. Thanks!

  • Static_prone

    With 2.2 install did anyone lose any stock apps, i seemed to have lost my stock alarm app, i can find it using the clock app and switch to alarm, but even beatutiful widgets is unable to just find the alarm, kinda weird

    • KSChris

      I noticed that as well.

    • kellex

      It's because they are finally giving us the good clock app and finally ditching that old clunky one.

      • Static_prone

        Thanks Kellex!

  • Stephen

    I'm having trouble getting busy box…how do you get it?

    • Titanuim app then press problem button it will dwn load it for you

      • Stephen

        Thanks, I couldn't figure why my titanium backup wasn't working anymore. We're good now.

        • Jess

          After you hit fix problems and install busybox, go into root explorer and search for busybox. When it finds the file, copy/paste it into system/bin. That should prevent any issue using MM or other programs requiring busybox that adding it through titanium doesn't fix.

  • New version titanium 3.2.2 to force move apps and private to froyo SD card.

  • RT @clockworkmod: Keep your pants on. When the froyo source is released we'll make a proper @cyanogen build for droids.

  • iammebane

    my move to sd card is not highlighted……i am running froyo, but there was a move to sd error when i downloaded…. any suggestions????

    • I got the same error, but it still works on mine. Try moving either root explorer or set cpu and it should work. 🙂

    • iammebane

      nevermind..im stupid… did not read the part about not all apps are able to do so….

  • Well, I'd try, but the market seems to be, well, sorta broekn to be honest. When I attempt to updates omething, it just sits there, does not download, and it is rather worrying. Anyone have a solution to this? >.>

    • Normally cancel then retry usually works

      • Wellllll, It goes Cancel download ==> install, and then just freezes again, so that appears to be out.

        • SFC Airborne 51

          I had the same problem. Go into Applications management and then delete the application you are trying to update. After that go back into the market and download the app. It should work perfectly. I had to do that with several apps. I think it has something to do with the transition to Froyo and how it autoinstalled the apps when you first install the ROM.

  • steelerman

    I moved SetCPU to my SD card with no issues. Now my SetCPU widget disappeared. It doesn't show up in the widgets list either. I tried rebooting my phone, but it still doesn't show up. Any ideas?

    • steelerman

      OK… I moved it back to the phone and rebooted. It's back in the widgets list.

      • SFC Airborne 51

        Yeah I had the same problem. Apparently it has to be on the phone to use the widget.

  • You guys are true bleeders! I'm waiting patiently. Good luck

  • SetCpu and AndChat

  • lompi129

    I can't move anything to my SD.. I got some error when installing Froyo. It said no apps2sd partition found. skipping format of s/d-ext;E: can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 no such file can't mount /sd-ext/

    I got this same exact error! Please kellex help us out!! Its frustrating cause this was a main reason I downloaded froyo!

    • I had the same error come up also. I tried for snicks to see if I could do it and sure enough it worked. I just tried root explorer and in worked perfectly, now you just need to wait for more developers to make there apps able to move.

    • Octotron

      Kellex is NOT responsible for issues you are having with any roms, etc. you have downloaded. All of these files are simply there for you to experiment with and are prone to occasional issues as they are not final releases.

      Just remember, rooting and installing anything is at your own risk!

      • lompi129

        Hey octotron i never said it was his responsibility its not working. I was just asking if he could help me out or if he ran into the same problem. So don't *edited for immaturity* lecture me how I do it at my own risk. I know that, I was just asking for a little help

        • Octotron

          Well, see, now we can talk about something different all together, since you do not seem to understand the spirit of what is going on here.

          Curse at me or another member of the board again and you will not be getting a simple edit.

          This site is not a tech support site. Never has been. This site is to support the community or the Droid and nothing more. If you are thinking that Kellex in some way owes anything other than that, you are mistaken. That being said, he gets about a hundred emails every single day asking the exact same things. He does his best to help out whoever he can, though sometimes it takes awhile.

          If you did indeed understand that it is YOUR responsibility, you would not be demanding and complaining on here and instead would simply ask the question. Using a bunch of exclamation points and such does not make anything happen faster.

  • Chris

    My apps that i moved are Chess LITE, EarthRot (the live wallpaper), Jewels, and SetCPU.

  • AndroFan

    Kellex: You can force move the apps to SD using Titanium Backup (http://www.androlib.com/android.application.com…). Under “backup” tab, all you have to do is long click then select “move to SD card” and it does it. I believe it's treating them exactly as Froyo would, because after I force move them, when I look in Settings>Applications>Manage Applications at one of the apps i force moved, it now gives me the option to move them back to phone, so I don't think the process is problematic in any way. TO be safe, though, I've only moved non-essential apps to SD at this point, but it's working swimmingly.

    • Joe E.

      Does anyone know where the “apps 2 sd” puts the apps on the sd card????

    • AndroFan

      Ok, I've had the weekend to toy with this method, and there is one problem I'm noticing: it looks like the market doesn't recognize that you already have the app, so, as far as I can tell, it doesn't inform you when there are updates. If you look at an app you already have and have moved to SD, it gives you the option to download it again in the market, so it seems like moving them is making them invisible to the market. I don't know if this same thing happens when you move to SD using the Froyo method (I don't have any moveable apps), but probably not, so this appears to be an issue unique to Titanium. So be advised.

      • Anonymous

        This is incorrect – you must have hit the ‘detach market’ button for the apps. I still see my apps in the market as ‘installed’ (Adobe Air, Flash, Fring) even after force moving it to SD through Titanium Backup. I rebooted and checked that they work as well.

    • Hashan Gayasri

      woww thank you soo much i’ve been googling for a long time for now to find a way to put my 20MB games and dictionaries to SD ..Thanks man

    • Hashan Gayasri

      woww thank you soo much i’ve been googling for a long time for now to find a way to put my 20MB games and dictionaries to SD ..Thanks man

  • ethan

    You can also use Titanium to move other apps. Unfortunately if you are using adw or launcherpro, the icons disappear from the drawer and the homescreens when you boot up. This can be solved by stopping adw or launcherpro after boot. Then when it starts again the icons show up in both places. This happens after each reboot. My guess is this will be fixed in future versions of the launchers.

    • DJ

      Must be why when I moved my apps they werent able to be used or couldnt use the widgets I have launcher pro. Still happy im sure they will fix this soon.

  • bsteen

    Do you have to reformat card to start using this? It takes me forever to copy everything off my card then reload after a format (13+ gigs of music and video).

  • KSChris

    I can't move anything to my SD.. I got some error when installing Froyo.

    It said no apps2sd partition found. skipping format of s/d-ext;E: can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p2
    no such file
    can't mount /sd-ext/

    • Mine said that too, but moving the apps still work, I just tried root explorer and it worked perfectly.

      • KSChris

        Hm. Weird.. I just tried SetCPU and it's grayed out.

        • That is weird, idk what is up with that, maybe you have it in use or something, Idk what the problem would be sorry man.

  • Ray

    hey i cant move my droid life app to the sd card whats up with that kellex?

    • kellex

      Haha I guess I better get one those guys 😛

  • Ray

    has anybody been able to use chrome to phone because i get a error in my browser?

    • cedacash

      I have…it def works on nexus one

      • andrew401

        well, guess what? NO ONE HAS A NEXUS ONE ON HERE! Thanks for the pointless comment tho

        • Hahahaa! +A BILLION hahah

        • kellex

          Be nice people. Android love. Android love.

          • andrew401

            it's all love Kellex. just had to drop a gem on em real quick, I love my Android Community and would not leave it for any other community real talk

        • Solecistic

          I have one. :S

  • The Shake Them All! live wallpaper is the only thing I have besides SetCPU that's movable.

  • Ronnie Peacock

    Does anyone know how to root stock 2.1 on a mac?

    • Borrow a friend's computer that has Windows? Seems to me like most of the people in the world have a Windows machine. Also you could buy a netbook on the cheap. Also an option…

    • P!X3L

      just set up a bootcamp partition if you have an intel mac

  • Jess

    I can move Titanium Backup to my SD card, and a few people have been able to move 3 (cubed) music player. I wasn't able to move that one though. droidforums.net is going to be posting instructions for Froyo non-root users today I think.

  • henry

    1st comment woohoo

  • henry

    1st comment woohoo