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Tip: Move Apps to your SD Card in Froyo

Moving applications over to your SD card in Android 2.2 is actually incredibly simple.  The problem right now though, is that it’s up to developers to actually allow their apps to be moved to the SD card.  While many of you are not seeing the option to move them, as you can see from the screenie above, I was able to do it with a select few.  Just be patient!  Developers are still just getting used to Froyo!


1.  Open Settings>Applications>Manage Applications.
2.  Tap on the application you wish to move.
3.  Tap on the box to “Move to SD card.”
4.  Done!  Now tap on the “On SD card” tab to see that your app has moved.

You can also move the app back to your phone by tapping on the the same app and selecting the “Move to phone” button.

Update: If you want to force move an app to the SD card, you can do so in Titanium backup.  Simply long press on the app you want to move and choose “Move to SD Card.”  Then if you go into Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>SD Card tab, you’ll see your app listed.  You will also see a “Move to phone” option if you tap on it now.  Awesome right?  Cheers Androfan!

Simple right?  Besides the 2 up above, what other apps have you found that will allow SD card storage?


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  • How can you then erase or free up ur internal memory if you have it on sd card  can you erase once you have  pulled out the sd card??

  • Denise

    I tried this but you have to have a rooted phone which i don’t have… are there any other options to forcing apps to your sd card?

  • Google earth does, and that’s like 17mb

  • OMG!

    by accident i wiped my phone 0.0

  • kyombie

    Do I need to root my android for Titanium backup? I have an HTC Desire

  • Kenny 1

    My wife and I just bought Motorola Milestones running Android 2.1-update 1. We keep getting internal memory low notifications. I’m close to taking my phones back and getting Blackberry’s again. Please tell me what to do. I was told I have too many apps. I have like 10. That’s a ridiculous excuse. Intelligent people on here, please help me.

  • Bobo

    Darktremors apps2sd will do it automatically on all installs. It also removes the No A2SD flag file found in some stubborn apps. a2sd help will show you all it can do…. amazing!!!

  • George

    Bump can be moved to SD Card