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Download: Flash Player 10.1 for Motorola Droid

And now that you have Android 2.2 running on your Motorola Droid, it’s time to get the Flash 10.1 beta right?  If you go to the official Adobe site and attempt to download, you will likely get an error.  So just download the apk below…

Download: Adobe Flash Player 10.1

*Installs just like any other APK does.

*Doubt it will work on 2.1, but feel free to try.  Tried on Incredible with no success.

Source: MyDroidWorld


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  • It’s not working on my 2.1

  • Arcaraco

    Well, I maybe slow and can't figure out how to do this… help! I need flash player or I could go crazy at work… ugh.

  • Arcaraco

    Well, I maybe slow and can't figure out how to do this… help! I need flash player or I could go crazy at work… ugh.

  • Iamandrew 15

    how do you get version 2.2 for moto droid.

  • eddieonofre

    hi kellex Flash player on the Droid it is great, but it has a small down side.
    There are pages that have too many flash ads on it making the scrolling thought them a little crapy.
    Do you know if there some way to turn off the flash player????

  • samsonite801

    So I installed Adobe Flash Player over Froyo and became frustrated that the stupid browsers would auto-detect that it was a mobile browser and force me to the http://m.whateversite.com, and I was getting pissed. Well, I later realized that Skyfire Browser lets me view the non-mobile version of any site, so for example I can go to http://www.cnn.com and see it in it's native form and watch the flash videos in their normal way like you would on a normal computer browser. My question is, is there any way to turn off the feature that identifies the standard browser as mobile. I guess it doesn't really matter, I'll just keep using Skyfire.

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  • Paul E

    Rooted 2.2; says download unsuccessful… any thoughts? I've tried 3 times.

  • yoda

    Say this device doesn't support it, when I downloaded flash. Droud running.2.2

  • bryan

    I keep getting an error message telling me 10.1 is not represented on my device. Just rooted to 2.2

  • droid=justu

    Froyo is sweet. Is anyone else phone getting hot when watching flash content on line? I lower my overclocking speed but it did not change. I think its because I am watching it over 3g and not wifi?

  • Drew

    Copy the .apk into the download folder on your phone. Then access it through astro file manager. It will install.

  • Drew

    Copy the .apk into the download folder on your phone. Then access it through astro file manager. It will install.





  • nick

    OK i just downloaded it but how do i bring it up 2 use Adobe Flash Player 10.1

  • I am set to download files via the broswer (through astro) but when I navigate to the page the app market interface launches then I get “requested item could not be found.”

  • anilraj420

    it works but it needs alot of work videos chopy but it is flash runing on a phone so still kool

  • iammebane

    if anyone is still having problems… try dropbox…..

  • carterlive

    says device not supported, im going back to petes bb

  • Chris Nimon

    I tried to install it from droid about 8 times unsucessfully. Was “untitled”. Then I downloaded it on laptop and dropped it into DropBox. then opened it on Droid and it installed in about 30 seconds. Give it a try.

  • sean

    I downloaded it just fine but it is just a word file, no data. Can anyone help

  • masizzai


  • masizzai

    Not working for me either. Running Frito with 1.0ghz kernel.

  • iammebane

    anyone have problems downloading this???? just keeps saying not supported on my phone, and im running froyo

  • brendan

    hey can someone help me i cant download it when i go to it on my phone and click on it it doesnt work

  • Exodus615

    Just like someone said earlier its soooo damn choppy but it works skyfire is better sound works tho running bb v1.1

  • monolithic

    Flash: Just an FYI, Adobe has announced *another* exploit due to a Flash bug. Do you really want this on your phone? It won't be on mine, if I can help it. HTML 5 and CSS 3 built into WebKit-powered browsers is plenty enough for me.

    Here: http://www.adobe.com/support/security/advisorie

    “First Post” crap: I agree – it's lame and childish and TIRED. If being “first poster” on a web site's comments section is an accomplishment to you, that's a sad life you're living. Even more so if you're bragging about it. Go run a race or something and finish first. You might even get a medal, some cookies and possibly get laid. You'll get none of those for posting first in a blog's comment section. You'll simply take the discussion off-topic and look incredibly lame in the process.

    • Mark

      The post if for flash10.1. You linked an article that adresses Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions.

      You work for Apple? Haha

      • 10.1 is a beta. is the latest production release for all major platforms. I would hope there would be less bugs (and exploits) in a production release than a beta release. So if they just now caught 'sploits in, I'm gonna take a small leap of faith and say those exploits also exist in 10.1b…

        On a desktop system, battery life obviously isn't an issue. For anything else and especially for mobile devices, no, I don't want that draining my phone's battery when WebKit-powered Android browsers already support HTML 5.

        But hey, what do I know? I'm just a web developer.

        • AdamV

          I am not sure what you do know…unless this advisory has changed in the last day…you probably need to read over it a little more carefully. It does say that the release candidate does not appear to be vulnerable and flash for android the version number 10.1.xxx (just checked it myself).

          I would say this security vulnerability does not apply. Not to say that flash is bullet proof (it's not) but you have a better chance of picking up something on your desktop than you would on your mobile phone.


          • “The Flash Player 10.1 Release Candidate available at http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/ is confirmed not vulnerable.”

            Flash Player 10.1 RC7 (for Win, Mac and *Nix) is not the same as Android Flash Player 10.1 BETA for Android (2.2) Froyo.

            It does not say that 10.1b for Android isn't vulnerable. It says 10.1RC. While I admit this is confusing, I still wouldn't want to install beta software on my devices (*nix-based phone or computer) until this is confirmed.

            As for it not being a threat to phones, but rather desktop and laptop systems…I personally am not lax like that about security for any of my systems, including my phone. It does after all have ftp, ssh, web and e-mal capabilities and it is used for web browsing, mobile banking, e-mail and FTP/sFTP access.


    • NOT YOU


  • tracker

    not working on rooted 2.1 droid..

  • Ray

    This is really choppy skyfire still works much better.

  • StephanC

    These “First” battles are stupid. If you can't contribute an intelligent comment to the conversation then shut up.

    • kellex

      People just having fun, don't get all stuffy on us.

    • Jdon285


    • spyderman

      Then why did you even post?

    • aarynk

      I thought this was supposed to be a FUN forum as well as an informative one

  • Chris Nimon

    Pulled this from cyanogen on facebook. Too funny – called android phone is for porn.

  • Got Flash working..a little buggy but works well…WHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Not working with 2.2…

  • Chris Nimon

    So, in another week or so we should start seeing some more polished versions?

    • kellex

      This is polished 2.2. They broke the wifi on purpose. Hopefully they fix it soon. 🙂

      • dkoch84

        so how long till they find a way to get hulu to work

        • Brandon

          Try this…I have not tried it but it is supposed to work. Open your browser and in the address bar…type about:debug and then click desktop instead of android…and reload it on your browser.

          • dkoch84

            tried it a couple times and nothing… i read the same thing thanks though

          • muaddip

            Here are the full instruction I found on Lifehacker.

            Open your browser, enter about:debug into the address bar, then hit the “Go” button on your keyboard—don't tap the search/URL suggestion that comes up. You'll notice that the browser now does, well, nothing. But hit your Menu key, choose the “More” option, then select Settings. Scroll down some, and you'll see a new collection of advanced options there, including a “UAString” option. Click that, then choose between Android, desktop, or iPhone user strings to change what browser web sites think you're visiting with.

          • Brandonmee

            You also must browse to hulu.com/widget/player to watch the videos…it will not play the high resolution versions of the videos from the main site. I just did it on my droid and it works.

  • Winterfresh

    Tested for the sake of science… and it doesn't work on a 2.1 Droid.

  • APK for flash 10.1 if you have android 2.2 on your droid:


    • J Glenn

      Tried installing this on my 2.1 using Astro and Astro refused to install.

  • Tried and failed on Droid (BB 1.1)

  • My phone is tellin me it cant download this format?

    • Brodie Krause

      You need to open up astro file manager and set it to allow downloads of all file types.

      • Jesse Myers

        Thanks for the help. It works now. Can you turn off/on flash in browser or is on all the time?

  • the-hidden_wonder

    Ayyyy people so inpaitent just wait for the froyo update! Lol you guys did the same thing with 2.1 u kept making beta versions and by the time you got all the bugs fixed it still had missing features and the actual 2.1 upgrade came out haha

    Ohh p.s. haha first comment woot woot

    • fireproof1905

      Then the 2.1 ota came and was no better than the beta versions why not update and try it out…. better to try and be able to go back then get the update and end up getting your phone locked down by moto or vzw…. i say try this and see what you think worst you can always go back might not have the option with the ota…. booyahh

  • jedijesus95

    Hot damn. You just made my month.



  • Nice to be first…

    • Especially when you're third.

      • Fail. (Reverse chronological order: most recent at top.)

      • the-hidden_wonder

        He was fourth hey kellex you should hook me up with a job haha

    • kellex

      I'm loving these first battles hah.