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Sunday Poll: Motorola Shadow or Droid 2?

Now that we’ve seen both the Motorola Droid 2 and Shadow hit Verizon’s inventory system, those rumors of a similar release date seem much more realistic.  We’ve also been tipped off to some of the specs on these 2 new devices and we’re wondering what would happen should they both hit stores within a couple of weeks of each other?  Which would you pick?  The keyboard-less wonder aka the Shadow or a revamped and even more powerful version of the Droid?

  • kineo

    The droid 2 will come out at the same time ans the shadow/xtreem and the droid pro will come out around the holaday. The pro will have a 12 mp camara and a webcam aswell as 1gz of ram. I got this info from the Droid forums. Check it out http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-general-

  • KittyKittyLickLick

    Got halfway down on the comment page and just couldn't go on. Too painful, First off, The Droid2 will NOT be released until Q4 (Novemberish). And current Droid owners will have to pay either full price, or add a line to receive the discount. The exact same thing happened with the BlackBerry Storm. I was doop'd into buying the original when it was released. There were rumors of a Storm2 in the wild around May, with more rumors of a June release. Sound familiar? The Storm2 was released a full year after the original, much like the Droid2 will be. I believe we will see the Shadow in the coming month(s) to compete with Sprints Evo. I have no inside information, I am just that good!

    • Agreed. You are just that good 😛
      I'm hoping you're right.

  • I haven't seen enough info on either phone to make a sure decision, but I would probably go with the Droid 2.

  • Droid Shadow has a bigger screen. Shadow wins.

  • Can anyone help??? The android marketplace has disappeared from my droid. It is not installed anymore, how do I get it back????

    • Jeremy

      Hey I had the same issue with my phone when I tried downloading a new rom. The best way to fix that is to download the bugless beast rom wipe ur data and cache when prompted and when your new rom is installed you will have ur android marketplace back.

  • It's all about the keyboard for me!

  • spary

    I'm wondering why Moto would launch the Shadow that looks similar to the Incredible so close to the incredible launch. really odd. Anyways… I like this phone:

  • Kinda hard to vote without seeing either device. If I was forced to choose, I'd stick with an updated Droid. I'm loving my D1 😉

  • noone

    wow story sucks today!

  • Blaster

    I would get the Evo!

  • I picked Droid 2 but it would really come down to how much Ram each one has. I mean a 1gz processor would be nice but what I really want is some more ram keep access speeds fast. From what I know so far though it will definitely be the Droid 2!

  • What will happened here on this site? Will D2 take over and moto Droid be left behind become a Shadow? Will ROMS become more evolved needing more processing power.etcetera. etc.

  • EVO!

  • jhietter

    Take note Verizon!

  • fred114

    I guess I would really have to compare them. I am definitely one who likes the hard keyboard, but quite frankly the Droid's really sucks. If the D2's keyboard is no better, then would probably lean toward the Shadow. My keyboard on my first gen Envi was much more usuable then the current Droids. I do hope D2 is a big improvement. Of course would be looking at the other performance specs as well.

  • smurgen


  • Jeff
  • Jeff
  • EggoEspada

    Wasn't there talk of Motorola making a phone for Google to sell like HTC did with the Nexus One? Or was that completely axed?

  • I am sorry for this off topic post, but i went to verizon today to get my sister a new phone, (I was trying to convince her to get the droid) and the people there are so dumb. I was trying to explain to them about new upgrade promotion between may 20th and june 30th, but they had no idea what i was talking about, and they were being very rude. I finally got to talk to there manager and he new exactly what i was talking about. So the good news is anyone can use the upgrade if they want to get a new smartphone, the bad news is you have to be talking to someone who knows what they are doing, or else you will be talking to a brick wall.

    • kellex

      Hahah love it. Not good when we all know about promos before they do. At least the manager was in on it.

      And that's good news for anyone wanting to check out the Shadow if it launches in June.

      • Yea, it was even funnier that no one knew what the shadow was because I wanted to see if they new anything since is was already in their inventory and they looked at me like I was making stuff up. It was funny though because they offered me a job when I explained everything lol. I feel ten times smarter following you blog thanks man.

      • Jedi_Gunslinger

        Ok, I might need to put in an application at Verizon because I'm still confused, lol… What exactly is this undisclosed upgrade promotion, who is eligible, and how does it work…? We are looking to add another Droid to our household but aren't ready for our regular upgrade yet so would really like to find out if this is a deal we could take advantage of. If anyone had any specific details on how it works and could please share them, we would be VERY appreciative…Thanks to everyone in da “DL-Fam” 😀

        • Alright, well it is what I said earlier. “You are able to upgrade your phone to a smartphone between may 20th to june 30th, it is a pretty sweet deal if Motorola gets a phone out during it.” The requirements says you need to be a high risk high pay customer, which is kind of confusing, but I think that just means anyone who pays a bill to Verizon. Kellex has a post about it a few weeks back if you want to print out the picture and bring it to ur Verizon store to show them, because at mine they were a clueless about it except when I talked to the manager.

          • Jedi_Gunslinger

            Thanks for the heads up. Will look for the post you mentioned and see if anyone at our local Verizon has any clue of the promos existence, wish me luck…!! 😉

        • Kt

          Wat needed to be edited in this I wonder????

          • Jedi_Gunslinger

            Spelling and punctuation, it was late… lol

    • Jedi_Gunslinger

      And what upgrade promotion would that be exactly…?

      • You are able to upgrade you phone to a smartphone between may 20th to june 30th, it is a pretty sweet deal if Motorola gets a phone out during it.

        • really??? Awesome! Let's hope the droid 2 pops out before thats over.

  • Chris.Go

    HTC is crap!

  • Definitely the Droid 2. I will never own a touch screen only phone again.

  • yo

    Shadow suppose to be really fast.

  • mathew

    Droid 2 with free upgrade when you trade your Droid

    • dominguez619

      Says who?

    • Joe E

      Now that would be AWSOME!

    • Eric

      im hella down for that even if i do have to renew for 2 more years

      • Damn, I really hope so!

    • skltr21

      that will NEVER happen! it's verizon……

    • Octotron

      Do not post stuff like this without proof.

      • Easy there guy. We ALL know hes wishful thinking. 😉
        But, i wish it wss true…. :-p

  • aczm1988

    Ill buy the droid 2 but only if the specs are way better then the original droid. I only just got the droid about 6 months ago right now there's no need to upgrade unless its worth it.

  • Droid 2. It will receive more rooted love than the shadow.

  • Chris Nimon

    Since its licensed and all, we better get some kind R2 D2 (droid2) name tie in. I also think the start up screen should have R2D2 in it.

  • Johnny

    The rugged case (assuming it continues) and physical keyboard win me over to the Droid 2.

  • T.pego

    Does either one have gorilla…errrr…i mean chuck norris glass?

  • Debrihmi

    I never really cared for a keyboard until I got the Moto Stood, now I can't see myself using a device without one. Just ordered one of those super batteries, don't mind the added bulk if I can run all day with the bells and whistles running. 🙂

    • debrihmi

      Damn spell check! You all know what I mean..

  • http://tweetphoto.com/24760377 my Droid JRummy plus scripts

    • wow thats badass, how do i get that?

      • Go to Rom manager find JRummy customize I picked blue then I looked for a 3d type wall from internet to give the effect. Would be nice if lwp would let you choose your own background. Use spare parts in app drawer to change notifications clock color from black to white so you can see it. so anyway thanks for reply

        • kellex

          Rummy FTW.

          • djspikezz

            Im liking BB 1.1 the best. Rummy slows down alot and runs hot 🙁

  • wolverinefan

    Any idea what verizon will do w droid one customers, what if we wanna get into a new phone but no upgrade

    • evltwn

      charge you full price I'm sure.

      • Which would be..? around 500 dollars?

        • Frog

          if you're not up for renewal you'll get charged full price just like any other customer would who wanted to buy a phone outside of renewal

          • Even If it was the droid 2 and commited to 2 more years? $600? really? Jeez

          • wolverinefan

            I mean its not fair to all of us cuz we just got the phones, i love mine but the new one will have better hardware; i mean that could have waited at least a year u know

          • mike

            Add a line for 10 bucks and get the discount for the droid 2 then put an old phone on the line and put the droid on yours done

          • Bill

            that wouldnt work because you would still have to pay 10/mo for 2 years on top of the 30/mo charge for having a second smartphone on your plan.

        • mcdoogles

          Correct… Probably closer to $600 actually

    • mcdoogles

      the same thing that AT&T does with iPhones each year, and all companies do when new Blackberrys, WinMo, and all other phones come out. NOTHING. I don't know why you would think they would do something special for you because you bought the old phone lol. Cutting you a break doesn't make them anymore money. It actually eats into their revenue. So no, don't expect any kind of discount because you have the Droid

      • mike

        Wow your working with the wrong rep come to my store and I can make it happen

        • and what store is that, I am willing to buy a plain ticket.

          • A fancy ticket might get you there faster.

  • nkhex19

    DROID 2!!!

  • Honestly the Shadow is looking like the better phone right now if you can turn Motoblur off. I've alsobeen hearing that the shadow will have a 1ghz processor while the droid 2 will not.

    • EggoEspada

      I don't know why people keep saying that.
      Its gonna have the OMAP3630. Or OMAP3640 (1Ghz). Well I wish anyway, the Snapdragon is overrated compared to TI OMAP processor..

      But it's too early for me to know whether I want the Droid II or Shadow. Right now the Shadow/Xtreme is looking good though.

      • Yeah it never made much sense to me either. Without an upgraded processor what's the point of a Droid2 over the Droid?

  • saimin

    I like real keyboards.

    • I just like having the keyboard available, which has come up in the past. Sometimes the display keyboard has its drawbacks. I

  • Jedi_Gunslinger

    Just wondering if there are any pics (other than just the keyboard) of the Droid 2 anywhere…seen a few of the shadow but missed the D2 ones if they are out



    • dan

      I felt the same way until I got the Droid. With the keyboard being so useless, what's the point? Before then, I had a LG voyager and could not do without a physical keyboard. But, with swype, I can so without a physical keyboard. I'm afraid having the Droid turned me off on physical keyboards.

      • OBEEZIE

        same with me. i think the whole not spring assisted, flat keyboard got me mad too.

      • droid keyboard is awesome, enough

  • evltwn

    Holding my vote until I see some final pictures of both devices. We have yet to see any on the Droid2. Just a speculative keyboard shot.

    • ^^this

    • keith berry

      I agree. if the Droid 2 is not 100 times.better than the Droid 1. I might get the shadow. if I dnt like the shadow ill just keep Droid until the end of my contract or a better pho.e comes out in the Droid series.

  • Wireless G

    Shadow or an HTC model. The only advantage of the Droid was its hardware keyboard, and clearly they're not redesigning that in any meaningful way. I'm sure there'll be custom roms to deal with Motoblur. Only hitch would be if the processor really was inferior, in which case, how does Moto think the Shadow can possibly compete with the Incredible?

    • JLG1985

      First of all, I've read the Droid II will only have a 725GHz processor (to date at least), and the Shadow will only be a 4.1″ screen! Evidently Big Red lost the Dell Streak, the EVO 4G and presently there's nothing in site to compete with either device.

      Why would anybody pay for basically a lateral swap of a Droid when you can get it all with say an EVO 4G? At this point I don't anticipate keeping mu Droid, I'm taking the plunge and grabbing my EVO 4G Friday and raising hell with Big Red. It took them a full six months to credit my account from a defective Droid I had returned, they had proof of this and it still took six months.

      I'm jumping ship for the EVO on Sprint, hell even they're plans are better than Verizon's now. If I'm going to be stuck with a device for 2 years it might as well be an ass kicker with a 4.3″ screen! I wanted the 5″ Dell Streak but dayum, Verizon should've had something comparable in the pipeline by now. But they don't.

      I'm dam glad to give Sprint my money since Verizon apparently doesn't, by not providing what customers like me want.

      • Chaozu

        Ill never give Sprint a cent. They screwed me so bad, they can NEVER win me back.

        • JLG1985

          I'm inclined to agree with, you as you have been screwed by Sprint there's someone else who's been screwed say by T-Mobile or AT&T. Your point is well taken. At some point we all are vetting screwed – but I think it's better to trade up with the information you have at the time than to basically trade say a Storm 9530 to a Storm2 9550. That's all that's happening here with the Droid, granted not including the Shadow.

          It would be smarter to keep my Droid than to “keep up with the Jones's” by grabbing a Droid II. I see no benefit whatsoever, hell if I want a 725GHz processor I could grab a kernel and overclock this Droid and still be in the same ballpark devicewise.

          No thank you.

          • kellex

            Wait…Sprint actually has customers?

          • Meticode

            Yes, my in-laws have sprint and have the Samsung Android device. Although Sprint's service where I live is horrible and Verizon's is awesome.

          • DJ

            Sprint is horrible I had them before and I had a 350 bill every month for 5 months in a row. I kept going in and asking them why it was so high and they kept saying, hmm interesting cant figure it out your not over your minutes or anything, oh well you still have to pay. Horrible customer service, just horrible service period. My monthly bill was supposed to only be somewhere in the 100 dollar range with tax and I was never late. F u Sprint.

          • Octotron

            They pulled the same crap on me ages ago. Will never go back to them.

          • Kt

            Sprint paid my friends bill 2 months in advance with her credit card on file n put her in debt for bout 3 years. She settled out of court n now has verizon lol! N lets jus put it this way she has an Eris, 2 droids, and 2 incredibles (she's currently uses one of the incredibles. All her phones work n she has them collection dust thanks to sprints f up! O n she started with the Eris n paid full retail for the rest n ha plenty more to blow! Mayb I should switch to sprint to later come bak to Verizon n load up on phones!???

          • Wireless G

            I also have Sprint horror stories. I've had Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Virgin Mobile back in the day, and Sprint was certainly the worst customer service (although T-Mobile is close). Verizon is expensive but reliable and has the best coverage.

            I would call Sprint and ask them to remove services, change plans, etc. They wouldn't, or they would change it to something that gave me overages. When I called back they'd denied there had ever been a conversation, or they'd blame it on me. Awful, awful people. Their customer service was so bad they've been losing customers by the millions over the past few years; the only major carrier to have that happen. They really are a new low in corporate attitudes toward the customer – incompetent and intentionally deceptive. When I quit I had to wait for 15 minutes on hold so they could bring on one of their 'customer loss prevention' people who tried to argue and guilt me into staying with them. Disgusting company – I'll never go back either, not if they have 5 or 6G!

  • Ray

    droid 2 with dual camera i hope?

    • Droid 2 with a web cam!

  • JP The Droid King

    considering the whole “Shadow has MotoBlur” thing has been debunked by my sources, Shadow FTW!

    • Steve

      Don't know what to believe, why would moto put that blur piece of excrement on the Shadow? If so, rules that out even if it can be turned off. Those ui shells are too deeply embedded in the os for me to be comfortable.

      • JP The Droid King

        they wouldnt. No Moto device with the DROID branding will have Motoblur. The Droid XTRM (Shadow), the Droid2, will be stock Android 2.1-2.2.

        The Motorola Flipback, Kickback, twisty piece of crap will be their next Blur device. Direct from my moto source

        • kellex

          Shadow has MotoBlur.

          • Yes Kellex, the Shadow IS slated for blur. Droid being motorals high end is y the shadow will b blur. To our dismay. 🙁

        • Vincent mac

          Hope you're right. I don't care for motoblur or physical keyboards. Swype ftw.

    • mcdoogles

      Didn't MotoBlur just receive and overhaul? HTC and Motorola have joined forces with Android and are making a mixed OS overlay now remember?

      • Hybrid? Sound like a clusterbunk…. :-/

  • StephanC

    Droid 2 with Vanilla Android!

  • Octotron

    Love me some Droid!