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ADW Launcher Hits Android Market

On Tuesday we were bragging to rooted users about the latest release of the ADW Launcher and how it had a Froyo feel to it plus some of the options featured on the LauncherPro.  Well guess what non-roots?  The developer made it available in the Android Market to everyone.  Yay!

No need for an additional full writeup on the dozens of options it has; you can find that here.



Download Link

  • Kenyaparker

    Can anybody tell me what happened to the Helix Launcher in the Android Market. I had to unistall for the Moto Droid but now I need to get it back but can not find it. Has it been taken away?

  • Kenyaparker

    Can anybody tell me what happened to the Helix Launcher in the Android Market. I had to unistall for the Moto Droid but now I need to get it back but can not find it. Has it been taken away?

  • has anyone tried this out on the droid x

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  • jack

    i cant find adw launcher in the market place any more

  • Kyfry85

    Just downloaded to my Droid Incredible and I love it. I have a question though…What weather and clock widgets can I use with it?

  • Woosam

    Excellent Home replacement – highly recommended. Not sure about memory usage, because unlike Helix Launcher (using ~20-28Mb) it does not even show up in process list.

    • Leo Droid Guru

      i know what you mean exactly its alittle more but im guessing its because of the finer and smoother layout

  • CyberPete

    This is really nice, I played with it a bit when it was beta/root and thought it was a bit sluggish. not any more.

    I think I still like LauncherPro better, and LauncherPro better than Helix 1 (now that LP auto-rotates the home screen AND has customizable persistent apps).

    But ADW most certainly takes the prize for customization possibilities! Wow.

  • Leo Droid Guru

    i used helix for a long long time! no joke i thought it was the shizznits lol but im honestly torn between the LP and ADW both are nice! very nice really! i mean LP has such a smooth smooth lay out of the and the menu transition is very very awesome. and ADW its very nice more screens to mess with and to customize lol but somehow i dont like the left to right menu part lol. im might being a brat but i dont know i really like LP. i mean man i loves that one! its smooth and clean until FroYo comes for the droid who knows we might not need them after a while…NOT lol but i like LP. But i would still recommend ADW. 🙂

  • Alan

    ADW works very well. Does anyone know of I can move folders from the stock to the ADW home/Launcher?

  • Vito

    The update was to fix bettercut shortcuts not working which was not fixed.Hope they will fix that cause bettercut is very handy for changing icons.ADW is very nice.I was a helix 1 guy and now I can not decide between LP or ADW.Have fun all.

  • Alan

    I have not installed a home/launcher before will loading and cause me to lose me setup on the stock home/launcher

    • Flyinion

      It shouldn't. At least I know Helix launcher doesn't wipe that out. If I understand it right, it's basically that you're running a different application as your home/launcher. The stock home/launcher is its own app with its own settings.

      • Alan

        Thank you very much for the input.

  • can anyone tell me if it's faster then helix launcher? Because I really like helix but lately it's been kind of laggy and keeps crashing… it's annoying!

    • Flyinion

      Yeah I'm wondering the same, not crashing but just wondering if this is better. Or even if launcher Pro is better. I don't remember if LP is for non-rooted or not though and I'm still non-rooted and so of course stock cpu speed too. I was this || close to rooting when 2.2 got announced and I decided to hold off in case it came out quick as has been rumored since I didn't want to have to go through figuring out how to backup/restore stuff twice to change roms/etc.

  • cOMplEX

    Wow…loved helix2 just because of a two options, and even made me deal with the slowness. LP was blazing fast, but lacked customization. WOW..ADW is as perfect as I could ever ask for. I mean love speed but customization is what I love about my moto Droid and android OS, and when I get both WOW!

    Kellex, this is easily the best site!

    Moto Droid not a phone but a movement!

  • jess

    Looks like I'm the odd man out when it comes to adw and launcher pro. launcher pro was laggy for me. ADW is very snappy on my phone and flicking between the screens couldnt be smoother.

  • BeeJay

    LP has me spoiled, i cant settle for anything slower than it now

  • matholomus

    WOW!!! thats all i gotta say!.. I have the Nexus One with Froyo and omg this home replacement makes it look 10x better and i tad bit smoother… there is no other phone on the planet like mine hahaha #ImJustSayin …

    But seriously, I've tried EVERY single Home Replacement app that there is, (i mean everyone) and there is not a single one that comes close to how customizable this one is…. Truly amazing.. Thank you for posting this!

    • matholomus

      Aslo, ppl say LP is better…??? what how?? ADW is just as fast, just as smooth and more customizable.. ADW kills LP.

  • DrScrubs

    I noticed that you can't add Audio Manager Profile shortcut to home screen with ADW. Anyone else has that problem or know how to get that to work? Thanks!

  • Thomas Iansiti

    Much faster than LauncherPro on my stock 2.1 Moto Droid. No app tray lag, very smooth screen slide. Still not too sure if I like the to level action buttons, but everything else rocks.

  • Myxomatosis

    Helix crashed on me and put my Droid in an FC loop, and I didn't like the look of Launcher Pro. I really like ADW because it is very customizable, fast, and all Froyo-y.

  • Exodus615

    Completely off topic but I'm currently running bbv1.1 smoked glass 1ghz not the rom manager version but I just came from blackdroid new era I loved only three things on that rom which was the phone apk I liked how my virtual keypad looked and the widgets conversations apk and the application dock apk is there anyway I can reinstall these apps on bb I cant find then anywhere can someone help plz

  • Stick to LauncherPro people.
    Why trade in a Ferrari for a Geo?!?!? lol

  • aarynk

    BEST launcher out there!! Been using all of Ander's beta releases and he just keeps getting better and better

  • Cirro

    I think launcherPro is alot faster then this. I have tweaked the settings over and over yet still lots of lag Droid non rooted

  • rage151

    Tried both and ADW blows Launcher Pro out of the water with both speed and customization. For those of you who see 'lag', make sure you adjust the settings to the lowest milliseconds (Home > ADW Setting). I'm running BB1.1 Smoked Glass at 1ghz and Launcher Pro seemed like the beta version of adw before its first release. I ran all three adw releases up to and including the market version and it is simply the best.

    • rocketdaddy

      Thanks a ton for the input. It helps. I'm still stock (hoping for froyo soon). Will run ADW alongside LP for a bit before I pick a default. ADW definitely wins on options but I really like some of the LP stuff too. It's so cool to have these decisions to make. Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my Droid and how glad I am I don't live in a walled garden?

      P.S. Kellex, you rock. Thanks for being here for us!

  • EC8CH

    ADW is also very customizable, you can control the animation and bounce times. +1 for the high level of customization.

  • kellex

    It's still in the market, but there is an update available already. Might have changed the link.

  • EC8CH

    I like that is only has the two fixed shortcuts like Froyo. Phone and Internet is all I need, anything else just seems to clutter it up. In LaunchPro I couldn't figure out how to get only two down there instead of 4.

  • pyroholtz

    Great launcher, I'm using it over CyanogenMod 5.0.7. I haven't updated to, what is the update that .1 fixes? Anyone jump on .1?

  • Link is bad

    • rocketdaddy

      Looks like there's an update already.

  • Hinano

    was it pulled? links don't work and I'm not finding it in market

  • eric

    Is anyone else having problems with the main dock not opening with the press and flick. It only opens when pushed.

    • rocketdaddy

      Not sure why and it might just be my imagination since I've only played with this for a few minutes but it seems laggy compared to LauncherPro. Of course, like others, I invested yesterday in installing and tinkering with LP and might just be looking for excuses not to do it all again. It's truly nice to be burdened with so much CHOICE!

      • eric

        I would have to agree it seems a little laggy but I'm non rooted so I guess that's to be expected

  • Timmy Turkelton III

    Damnit, I just uninstalled Helix and setup LauncherPro yesterday. 😛

    Without repeating all of that again today, can anyone give me a reason to switch (or not to)?

    • blootzM3

      Don't switch launcher pro is way faster.. no need for lag.

  • Where can you find this mr. Bob rom at?

    • Ray

      Rom Manager

  • Justin

    This is nice! I have no problems with speed [Moto Droid]

  • Ray

    I'm sticking with launcher Pro especially since you can change the default icons now. Launcher pro + bb 1.1 = the fastest droid on the streets

    • +1! Seriously….this thing is blazing fast.

      plus, i dont like the look of the FroYo launcher…maybe cuz its new and i havent given it time.

    • codash

      Mr.Bob's steam 4.5 is faster. and doesn't heat up like Pete's

      • Ray

        Well if you think its faster run the benchmark test and post your results. Let's the numbers speak for themselves

      • Ray
  • codash

    is this better than LauncherPro? LP seems so fast to me. i'm really liking it and just got it all set up with my new steam rom from Mr.Bob

    • Stick with LauncherPro my friend….trust me….lol

      • Paradisimo

        Agreed, it doesn't get much better than Launcher Pro.

  • goose50

    Sweet, this will hold me over until I get my replacement to root.

  • pacomputerguy

    Grabbing it now. Thanks for the headsup.