Hide Weather Icon in Beautiful Widgets

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Who wasn’t a little weirded out by the dual moon/sun effect while using Beautiful Widgets and Beautiful Live Weather at the same time?  I know at least a few of you were after reading just a couple of the comments from our post on this fantastic new live wallpaper.

Well guess what?  One of our readers came through in a big way again!  Drew Richard created a weather skin for Beautiful Widgets called “None” which will hide the weather so that only your Beautiful Live Weather will display and those Event Horizon-esque moons will be back to normal.  Amazing.

Obviously I’m biased, but Droid Life readers are the best on the planet.

Instructions for hiding…

1.  In Beautiful Widgets configuration, scroll down to “Select Weather Skin.”
2.  Tap on the “Download Skins” tab.
3.  Scroll to the bottom, locate “None” and tap to download it.
4.  Tap “Download.”
5.  Once it finishes, move back to the “Installed Skins” tab.
6.   Tap on “None” and click “Apply.”
7.  Click “Save & Apply” at the bottom and then again on the next screen.
8.  Done!

Update: Here is the “None” weather skin direct download:  None.zip

To install this, extract the “none” folder and place in /sdcard/data/beautifulwidgets/wskins/

Fantastic work Drew!


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