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Droid Life Custom HTC_IME Keyboard Gallery

Again, our readers come through with some amazing stuff.  This time, reader Wes, took over the custom HTC_IME keyboard game after I posted the walk through on how to make your own.  He tossed together 11 different keyboards ranging from Batman to Hello Kitty and wanted to make sure they were made available to Droid Life readers.  Gotta love that right?  He’s also offered up his services in case any of you have a special request.  That’s right, you shoot him an email and he’ll create one for you.

So check out his first 11 and if you don’t see one you like, shoot him an email via the attached contact form!

*These are for all users.  Non-rooted and rooted.*

Batman:  Download (alt link)

Check out the full lineup of keyboards after the jump!

Batman 2:  Download

Boba Fett:  Download (alt link)

Spiderman:  Download (alt link)

Panda:  Download (alt link)

Jango Fett:  Download (alt link)

Hello Kitty:  Download (alt link)

Green Lantern:  Download (alt link)

Transformers Decepticon:  Download (alt link)

Ohio State: Download

Atari: Download

NY Giants:  Download (Cheers Carl!)


Chevy Cobalt: Download

Darth Vader: Download

Detroit Tigers: Download

Oakland Raiders: Download

Tampa Bay Rays: Download

LiveStrong:  Download

Crimson Tide: Download

Cleveland Cavaliers: Download

Washington Redskins:  Download

Droid Life: Download

*Remember to thank gIMpSTa, the developer behind this keyboard!  Donations accepted.*


Instructions for submitting your keyboard requests:

1.  Requests are closed at this time.

  • Tyson

    I. Got a request for one of the best in the nba DETROIT PISTONS.

  • Caseyallison6

    How do you get this on your phone??

  • Kitty_kitty715

    I tryed downloading the hello kitty one but it doesn’t do anything. this is my first android phone i need helpl plzzzzzz!!!!   

  • Fashiongyrl09

    has anyone else had any trouble using these with the htc inspire???

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EU3PFZ62BBVKH2J4KHTT6FOOVI zola

    is that possible to add hello kitty, pandapple, and chocolat together as one icon?

  • http://www.edeskco.com/conference-table.cfm conference table

    i installed and now it tells me my trial period has ended and i need to upgrade. i have the original beta so i dont know what gives

  • DEEroidX

    great idea but it force close a lot.

  • Pegschr

    are these for android phones? How do I get it on my phone? I am looking for a pink one