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Droid Life Custom HTC_IME Keyboard Gallery

Again, our readers come through with some amazing stuff.  This time, reader Wes, took over the custom HTC_IME keyboard game after I posted the walk through on how to make your own.  He tossed together 11 different keyboards ranging from Batman to Hello Kitty and wanted to make sure they were made available to Droid Life readers.  Gotta love that right?  He’s also offered up his services in case any of you have a special request.  That’s right, you shoot him an email and he’ll create one for you.

So check out his first 11 and if you don’t see one you like, shoot him an email via the attached contact form!

*These are for all users.  Non-rooted and rooted.*

Batman:  Download (alt link)

Check out the full lineup of keyboards after the jump!

Batman 2:  Download

Boba Fett:  Download (alt link)

Spiderman:  Download (alt link)

Panda:  Download (alt link)

Jango Fett:  Download (alt link)

Hello Kitty:  Download (alt link)

Green Lantern:  Download (alt link)

Transformers Decepticon:  Download (alt link)

Ohio State: Download

Atari: Download

NY Giants:  Download (Cheers Carl!)


Chevy Cobalt: Download

Darth Vader: Download

Detroit Tigers: Download

Oakland Raiders: Download

Tampa Bay Rays: Download

LiveStrong:  Download

Crimson Tide: Download

Cleveland Cavaliers: Download

Washington Redskins:  Download

Droid Life: Download

*Remember to thank gIMpSTa, the developer behind this keyboard!  Donations accepted.*


Instructions for submitting your keyboard requests:

1.  Requests are closed at this time.

  • Tyson

    I. Got a request for one of the best in the nba DETROIT PISTONS.

  • Caseyallison6

    How do you get this on your phone??

  • Kitty_kitty715

    I tryed downloading the hello kitty one but it doesn’t do anything. this is my first android phone i need helpl plzzzzzz!!!!   

  • Fashiongyrl09

    has anyone else had any trouble using these with the htc inspire???

  • is that possible to add hello kitty, pandapple, and chocolat together as one icon?

  • i installed and now it tells me my trial period has ended and i need to upgrade. i have the original beta so i dont know what gives

  • DEEroidX

    great idea but it force close a lot.

  • Pegschr
  • Tannerprice25

    You should do a fox racing or monster energy keyboard.

  • Craig Lapp

    When you start taking requests again please hit me up. I would love Chevy Malibu LTZ with the logo with white keys and black accents. Thanks

  • Craig Lapp

    When you start taking requests again please hit me up. I would love Chevy Malibu LTZ with the logo with white keys and black accents. Thanks

  • backboneque

    Has anyone been able to get any of these custom keyboards to work on the Droid Incredible? I haven't had any luck with it. I set the Hello Kitty keyboard on my wife's Moto Droid easily. What am I doing wrong?

  • NickEspi12


  • NickEspi12


  • MAD450r

    Thanks to all who made this possible. Im new to all this. Im trying to learn how to make my own custom png files any help or pointers on what to use for a beginner. I really dont want to dive into photoshop at the moment hoping there is an easier program.

    Im trying to make a spacebar png of a few uconn huskies files I have here or have found on the web. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    For those that dont know these guys made eding of these very easy, just im new to working with images

  • BIGMAN3100


  • Outstanding job, keep it up. May I request a punisher skull logo keyboard please?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Vince

    Is it possible to install more than one at a time? If so, how?

  • LTD10

    I really want a BMW keyboard. Also interested in the .su keyboard. This is more than fun..

  • Very nice work! Thanks for the Raiders! Hopefully they will actually win more than 5 games this year!

  • Fred Duke

    Great job on the skins, I requested Lakers.

  • josh1980

    I tried downloading one of these skins from my phone but when I downloaded it says the content not supported on this phone. Do I need to download it to my computer then install it on my droid?

  • chrisnimon

    I used Superuser logo to make a few keyboards. 1 black and gray, 1 red and black. can check them out at my lowly website.

  • All I have to say is that I love the Batman 2 keyboard <3

  • chaz

    How do we install these keyboards? its a apk file

    • chris nimon

      I made my keyboards on laptop then went back to the site on the droid. picked my keyboard and went back through it picking the same ones i had on laptop(shows you which ones you pick previously) then downloaded to phone. I had to uninstall my original IME keyboard through Astro. then installed the new keyboard (bottom one in your list). then open text box somewhere and press and hold on text box. then click input, then htc IME mod. It closes, then touch your text box again and your all set.

  • xintensex

    Sweet themes How about a Superman Theme I see Batman And Green Lantern but no Superman?? Please someone make one. Thanks

  • mikebaltierra

    asked for Foster BJJ / MMA theme ( http:///www.fosterbjj.com ) where I train. that would be sweet

  • mikebaltierra

    asked for Foster BJJ / MMA theme ( http:///www.fosterbjj.com ) where I train. that would be sweet

  • Paul

    I asked for the Minnesota Twins.

  • Ron

    would kill for a Montreal Canadiens themed keyboard!

  • Marlena

    Could I have a purple keyboard with a butterfly theme?

  • trinawashere


  • ashlannnnn

    You should definitely do a Pokemon themed keyboard.

  • this is all pretty easy. i used to do custom keyboards for both the stock android KB and htc_ime over at XDA. i can take request as well

  • 1barlog17

    If I've never installed this keyboard do I need to install it from the original post you put up the first time it came out ?or can I install it right here ?

  • joandy

    Any seminoles (FSU) fans out there? I have made a couple if anyone is interested!!

    • AtmaWeapon

      hey thank you for responding to the gamecock one! you are the man!!!! here are a few links to some icons. I wasnt sure what color you used for the spacebar so just choose the one that shows up the best!! oh and you are the effin man!!!!

      http://www.pycomall.com/images/P/gamecocks_logo… (i tried to find it without the little TM and the other junk to no avail, maybe u can cut it off if u use it)


      • joandy

        Tell me if you like this color scheme?

        • AtmaWeapon

          looks really nice. could you make the letters and symbols white tho? i think i might have trouble seeing the garnet ones, especially in bright outside sun at football games! :-D.

          • joandy

            k let me know if you like it. https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0Bw9rIaudj-03M2

          • AtmaWeapon

            soo cool dude. hey if ya wanna send the one with garnet characters i would be happy to try it out. i trust your judgement! you might just be spot on! cant go wrong with too much school color 🙂

          • joandy

            The garnet letter its hard to see lol. But it looks sooo cool. You can download the screenshot I sent you to your phone and see if you can see it in daylight. Any other color/logo combination you want?

          • AtmaWeapon

            good for now! thanks for the help man! im gonna load this baby on a bunch of droids lol. now lets root for our respected teams to beat Florida and Clemson next season!!! we both play em!!!

          • daniellefulks

            do you know where i can get one?

  • I think I love you guys…

    No, really, I do.

    Added ability to use any color background yesterday, hoping tonight I have time to enable custom color symbol sets, generated keyboard history (to see what you, and others have made) and a few other goodies.

    Stay tuned.

    • joandy

      As I said on the forums…. You da man!!!

    • kellex

      Very cool. Thanks for all the work you've done.

    • Wes

      Much props in what you have done for us fan boys/girls!

  • AtmaWeapon

    South Carolina Gamecocks!!!!!!!! nice garnet and black keys and what not!!!!! block C logo on spacebar :)! mmmmm mmmmm good!!!!! Will love you forever if this happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know about 10 or so droid users who will pimp the hell outta it!!!!!!

    • joandy

      I have a garnet and black FSU one (Can link you to screenshot if you want)… If you find me an image that you want I can make you the keyboard!

  • Steen

    Whoops forgot one more. Need one for the Blackshirts too!!!


  • Steen

    Definately need a Nebraska Cornhusker keyboard!!!

  • wolverinefan

    I got one request if you can could u post a Wolverine or Patriot keyboard i tryed to create it but wont work. It would be great thanks

    • Yeah Patriots!

      • wolverinefan

        I tryed to make it but it says the picture is too big u got any ideas how to make it?

  • emanuelC

    Dallas Cowboys Kb would be great!

  • wolverinefan

    Could you please post a keyboard with the Detroit Lions. Patriots or Michigan Wolverines

  • Wes

    Hey everyone! Thanks for the great response on the themes. I will have these to you as fast as i can. Keep them coming my way and I will keep putting them out!

  • duckphan

    I asked for an Oregon Ducks keyboard even though Ohio State beat them in the Rose Bowl. I am currently rockin' the Kellex blazer version.

    • OHIO

      Loving The Ohio State University one

      • duckphan

        that's nice 🙂

    • kellex

      Ahh yeah, Blazer goodness.

    • wolverinefan

      The MI Wolverines man Forget them Buckeyes haha

  • cheesecurd

    noob question here- will these work on the IME for swype?

    • kellex

      Unfortunately no. But stay tuned, I've got a batch of Swype skins coming later today. 🙂

      • kulz


        • kellex

          Well maybe tomorrow. We sort of had a packed day today.

      • cheesecurd

        awesome! would love a baseball one for the Twins

  • Wes you rock!!! I'm loving the green lantern.

  • Nice work! You should make an Oakland Raiders one with a silver and black theme


    I requested an iPhone killer theme.. Hehe

  • Dave

    Here is my simplistic Black/Red with Droid Logo Spacebar version..


    • POWERLESS415

      Care to share??

    • Yagermeister

      Ditto POWERLESS415…Care to share Dave?? Great looks while not being too flashy!

      • Dave

        Sure, let me know where to send it, or if Droid-life has a place to upload.

        Wait, I think I know a place to upload..give me a second, if it works I will reply with link.

    • Trug

      Hey Dave that keyboard is pretty sweet! Using it currently and love that droid logo! You mind uploading just the file for the logo cause I wanna change the red to a green for my Canes them im rockin on my droid. No biggie if you cant though.

  • jhietter

    Buckeyes baby! Nice! Thank you!

  • Mrpicolas

    Droid life keyboard. Hands down

    • Phase3d

      I agree! Droid-Life all the way!

      • kellex

        It's in the works!

    • Word

  • Octotron

    Make me a Washington Redskins one and I will love you with the burning passion of 1,000 Suns.

  • Static_prone

    All of the keyboards are awesome. Wes thanks for spending the time to do this.

  • slackerjoe

    I was going to request one in an Ohio State design but man was I stoked to see you already had one done!! YOU SIR, ROCK!!!!!

  • nasunog

    Just wanted to say, “Nice Job”

  • kulz

    one for NY Mets would be HOTT~!

  • kulz

    one for NY Mets would be HOTT~!

    • CheeseMcGee

      Yankees suck! – Go Rays!! 🙂

      • CheeseMcGee

        … and here is my Rays inspired theme! [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/fxypfq.jpg[/IMG]


    • There is already a NY Mets one 🙂
      Check here—–>http://www.gimpsta.com/themer/

      Register for an account, the check out the premade keyboards…
      You can't miss it 🙂

      • kulz

        OMG… :O thanks tim!

        mets all day~!!