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Video: Flashing SPRecovery SBF to Stock 2.1

Less than a week after the DroidMod team ruffled some feathers with their announcement that a real 2.1 root exploit would likely never be found, they come through with a method that’s almost as easy.  The process involves using RSD Lite and the flashing of an SBF file (which you might be shuttering at), but is only changing the recovery image of your phone and as far as I know, is much less risky than flashing the full 2.0.1 SBF which was previously mentioned.  Let me try to explain this.

If you go through with the process I’ve outlined below and in video, your phone will NOT be rooted, but will have SPRecovery installed instead of the stock Droid recovery.  So why is this good news?  Because SPRecovery will allow you to flash a 2.1 custom ROM which will give you 2.1 root access.  That make sense?

Recap: This process will NOT give you root access to 2.1, but will allow you to get there much easier than previous instructions.  When we are finished, this process will give you the opportunity to flash a custom ROM which will in turn, give you root access.  (Yay!)  Now please read the warning.

*Warning* – The process we are about to layout is extremely risky.  If you choose to do this, we are not liable should you brick your phone or cause any sort of permanent damage.  If you do harm to your phone, please do not email us asking for help as you have already been warned and accept all risk involved. Cheers!

Initial steps…

1.  Download the SPRecovery SBF:  SPRecovery_ESE81.sbf
2.  Place the file somewhere other than your desktop.

Video instructions…

Step-by-step instructions…

1.  Remember this post?  Well we’re back to it only simplifying.
2.  Download your correct Motorola USB drivers and install.  (32-bit)  (64-bit)
3.  Download and install RSD Lite 4.6.  Link to download at this post.
4.  Connect your phone to USB and turn it off.
5.  Open RSD Lite (run as administrator).
6.  Slide open your keyboard, hold up on the d-pad, then the power button for 5 seconds and release.

Your phone should then boot to a black screen which is your bootloader.

7.  Click the … next to the filename box and browse to where you saved the SPRecover_ESE81.sbf file.
8.  Double click and open the file.
9.  Click “start” and allow the SPRecovery SBF to flash.  This should not take long.
10.  Allow for your phone to reboot and for RSD Lite to show that you are 100% and completed.
11.  Close RSD Lite and disconnect your phone.  You are done.

What about root and custom ROMs?

Your phone is now still sitting at official stock 2.1, but has SPRecovery as your recovery image.  This is great news as it will allow us to install a 2.1 custom ROM with root access.  If you are familiar with flashing ROMs manually in SPRecovery, go for it!

For instructions on how to install a custom 2.1 rooted ROM, visit this post.

  • Tangyi

    article is very good, like, you are very great and it was really wonderful

  • teddyearp

    Well, I am just wodering if there is any way you folks could delete this post and the associated video.  This method is so old it should be covered with cobwebs and not only that, but the use of the file SPRecovery_ESE81.sbf WILL give very bad results these days on most all if not all Motorola A855 phone out there.

  • Vimal

    Can this SPRecovery file be used on MIlestone ?

  • Jacob

    Can I do this same process, but from SPrecovery TO Stock Recovery?

  • Undeniablyd

    Excellent Tutorials!

  • Undeniablyd

    Excellent Tutorials!

  • Manorton

    Is there an easy way to remove SP and put it back to default without wiping everything?

  • This Program “RsdLite” Also Worked When A Guy Posted On Here That His BBV0.4 Wasn't Allowing Him To Get Back Into The Recovery Scree. So I Said Read The Directions And Install All Programs And It Got His Phone Back On Instead Of Just Showing The “M” And Restarting. Thanks Kellex For Posting This And Allowing Me To Be Able To Help Get Someone's Phone Back Operational =)

  • Dr_tio

    Using the 4.6 is crucial and running as administarator is too. Also the suggestion to save the file to your c: drive is good. My phone says unknown where my wifes says CDMA

  • i tried to install rsd lite but i couldnt and windows asked me what program i should use to open it. i am only doing this because i cant apply an update.zip file in recovery because i get an error message saying

    –Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E: eocd marker occurs after start of eocd
    E: signature verification failed
    installation aborted.”
    any ideas. help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Mej284

    Great instructions, worked like a dream. It did not reboot my phone after it installed it took me back to the boot loader screen. So I held my breath and shut off my phone, disconntected from the computer and turned it on. Works like a dream. I don't know if it made difference, I had the Motorola 64bit drivers 4.6.0

  • xmguy

    How can I flash the recovery image back to true stock?

    • xmguy

      reason i ask if I need to send the phone off to verizon I want it to be as stock as possible.

  • doc

    I rooted my droid a few weeks back, but never got the superuser permissions like the guide said I would. So I used the nandroid back up I created to go back to stock then did a factory reset again in stock to be sure I was back at the “out of the box” OS. Well I went to re-root my droid again, but when I went to install the update.zip I got and am still getting the error that “No such file/directory exists on /sdcard Install aborted.” I have already tried to the guide root to unroot and I still get the same error. I even tried using and flashing back to 2.0.1 and re-rooting that way and it failed as well. I also went back to 2.0.1 then updated to 2.1 and tried to re-flash this way, and still I get the same error. It seems there might be a problem with the SD card taking all the information and holding. There were quite a few times after moving the right files over to my SD card that I received an error on my computer stating that most of the files were lost in the transfer . When this happened I uninstalled the driver software I had for the phone for each time I did an OS flash to remedy this issue . With all this said is there any way for me to go back to that “out of the box OS” and root without getting this error. I spoke with a guy here at work and he mentioned something about blowing the old OS back on to the phone. Whether he was talking about flashing or whatever. I NEED ME SOME HELP! I would like to overclock my cpu and maybe add a custom rom but this is really hindering my process. I would really appreciate the assistance. This is the post that I have on droidforums but no one has replied or made any statements as what to do. Do you have any ideas?

  • Daveshurman

    wont let me open rsd lite! cant install it or anything. windows doesnt recognize it and doesnt have a program to open it

  • josh

    yoo i cant get the sprecovery file to start on rsd lite do u know how to fix this problem

  • societalmire

    Anyone know if this would work for the HTC Incredible?

  • Raj

    actually i figured it out. i just ended up doing it all on a 32 bit os and worked perfect.

  • Raj

    how is it going guys. I was flashing my android but my flash process failed. i was trying to see if someone had the same issue but didnt see a post. can you guys help me out. thank!

  • rashaad

    please do a video on if your phone came with 2.1 out the box when u root it it will not let u revert back to 2.01 so can anuy one tell me how to go back to stock2.1 because it only allows u to go back to 2.1 with sprecovery

  • rashaad

    now how do i go back to stock 2.1 ?

  • dogdays

    I get to the point where I am ready to flash sprecovery to my phone but rsd lite does see my phone. What can I do?

  • dogdays

    I get to the point where I am ready to flash sprecovery to my phone but rsd lite does see my phone. What can I do?

  • pico

    I followed the steps and when i try to install update.zip which by the way says deprecated it gives me a E:cant open/sdcard/update.zip (bad) message. If anyone can help it would be ausome

  • Mayday

    I'm running Windows 7, 64-bit. I've installed RDS Lite and the 64-bit driver. I re-start my phone to the bootloader menu, bring up the .sbf on RDS Lite and hit start, but it keeps going to “Failed Flashing Process: Phone did not re-enumerate . . .”

    Can anybody help?!


    I did the steps above…and the custom rom aborted…when rebooting the phone, of course all user data was gone…the phone would not reconnect to the google servers…so now I can't get any of my data or apps back…what do I do????

  • murphn

    My phone does not reboot on its own after the 100% completed. Does this mean it did not work?

  • sanjonnny

    I just did this on my 2.1update1droid and it worked with a few problems. Read this, hopefully it will help I have some hints to help. First of all, you have to use at .east 4.6 on RSD lite, if you follow the link in this post, you have to use 7zip to unzip it. For me winzip didn't work to unzip it properly. I tried using an older rsdlite and it would not recognize my phone, I got the same cdma error that others got. So download the RSD file, run 7zip on it to unzip and then install it. Also, most XP and Vista machines will be 32 bit. At win 7 it is a crap shoot, so if you are having problems try downloading the motorola drivers for 32 bit first (if you are on anything but XP)

    Second issue is the SBR, no you will not have root or be able to run roms, you will have SBR and there is where my question comes in. If you want to have rooted 2.1 you need to go to http://www.droid-life.com/2010/04/20/video-inst… and then you will have root, which is exactly what I did. I have some hints I will post there too, but for Nandroid users here is my question, which might apply better there.

    I used the simple backup in nandroid before I went to the next step and rooted the phone. CAn I restore that backup to bring my phone back to how it was before rooting, back to stock 2.1 with the SBR installed? I don't know much about Nandroid but since the next step wipes all your files, I made the simple backup first, or was that just a waste of time.

    Now that I am rooted, I am wondering if I can use SBR and just run the restore on my original simple backup to bring myself back to unrooted 2.1 with SBR. Any Nandroid experts out there?

    • sanjonny

      ooops sorry, that should have said if you are running anything but windows 7, you are most likely using 32 bit drivers.

  • nitro2044

    anyone got a link to rsd lite 4.6 for a mac? or is there another method to flash sprecovery to my phone?

  • dischill

    i finished the flash, but when i place jrummys cyan mod on sd card, and reboot and try to install it says it doesnt exist somebody help

  • Rodeojones000

    Wow!. Just followed these steps (using the video as a guide) and I installed SPRecovery on my phone in about 10 minutes. Not a single issue at all. I'm about to move on to the next step – install a custom 2.1 ROM and thus have root access. I've debated about rooting for two months. I was afraid I'd ruin my phone and void my warranty. But after reading through these steps it seemed like, unless I did the complete opposite of what I was being told to do, there was no way to screw things up. Hats off to you, Kellex. I'm not a computer idiot, but I'm not a hacker either. If you are a newbie reading this, don't be scared. I'll update my progress on installing the custom ROM on the other thread when I do it (in about an hour). Cheers..

  • the sprecovery file is not cdma platform so it says not compatable

  • Towelie

    Kellex, I am ready to root. I waited for the official 2.1 update from Verizon, and I can honestly say that my Droid slowed down dramatically. It's very much slower than before the update. My main concern is that I have a lot of apps. I have not seen anyone mention whether or not you lose your apps after rooting.. If you have to re-download them, how do you do that?

  • techjunkie

    I,m having problems rooting can anyone help me?

  • shiggityx2

    Ugh, ok sorry to be a total noob, I thought I was doing it correctly and read carefully, but I'm having an issue on windows 7 64bit. I got RSD to flash and it says “PASS”, but the phone just reboots back to the bootloader. Suggestions?

  • JA64Flyers

    I'm having trouble after pressing “Start”. RSD keeps giving me this error: “Failed Flashing process. Failed flashing process. (0x7100); phone connected”

    I've checked for updated USB drivers. Resintalling the Motorola ones. Running RSD in different compatibility modes. Running as Admin currently. Any ideas?

    Windows7 64-bit

    • JA64Flyers

      Well, using XP 32bit on another PC worked flawlessly. Oh well, at least its working!

  • kingblood

    Cant get RSD lite 4.6. to run. have a mac and pc runin 7. help !!!

  • HawgFan1979


    If your phone isn't registering on the RSD Lite 4.6, then you probably downloaded the USB driver, but didn't install it. I think I'm a ritard. Anyway, now that I've got SPRecovery as my recovery image, and downloaded a ROM, how do I back up my SD card? I have already sent my pictures to my hard drive on my computer. I'm not sure what else there is? Contacts and Calendar should reload when I add my google account again right? Anything else I need to do before wiping and installing the ROM? Thanks in advance.

  • rjfrank

    I'm having no problem until I double click on the SPRecovery.SBF file then I get an error code that says Platform is not defined for CDMA_TYPE-OMAP_CHIPSET where it once said connected. Anybody have any ideas?

    • Never mind. For some reason the RSD file I downloaded was an older version so I downloaded 4.6 and everything works!

  • leifsawyer

    I Keeping getting a fail error what do i need to do

  • its been ova a week and still cant figure out how come my phone isnt coming up on rds lite thanks again for the help droid-life hope your all haveing fun with the custom roms cuz im not…..

  • How do I know which Driver to download? 32 or 64? I have Windows Vista…
    Thanks for any help :-/

  • lunap805hotmailcom

    How would i know which is the correct “Motorola USB Driver” for me?

  • dev

    ok so i did the recovery part i didnt shut my phone off and hold the x button yet because u showed how 2 get 2 it but i dont kno what 2 do when i get there do i just exit or i do i have to do something…n also i downloaded jrummy's blue theme but the file is zipped i would like to kno how 2 unzip it??

  • kaloo

    Is this just for Droids? I mean I have a Milestone(most of features same as US-versioned Droid) with Build number as : SHOLS_U2_02.31.0 and even the baseband version is different….would like to know if this could help me getting Custom ROMs into my Milestone cause the Stock version (shipped with 2.1 already) is very laggy and has lots of bugs…

  • scuzzullbutt

    i have tried for days to flash sprecovery on my phone but nothing i always get an error message in rsdlite. I have read every post and tried every fix but nothing. i am very aggravated and want to through my droid in the river……

  • thom

    When I try to flash this spf I get stuck at the motorola splash screen while I wait at 100% on RSD lite. I've used it before so I don't think i'm doing anything wrong. If I try to boot up the phone it gets stuck on the motorola splash as well. I have sprecovery so I can just recover to an old backup, but I'm incapable of flashing this sbf. why?

  • ian

    can you not do this on a mac?

  • So, judging from these comments, it appears like the best advice for Linux users is to hunt down a friend who still runs Windows, right?

  • jizzoizzm

    i cant get the sbf file to open ive tried all i know im at my witz end…DROOIID…;-(

    • kentucky1

      Ditto… Same problem as Jizzoizzm. RSD Lite installed, 64 bit drivers installed, RSD see's the phone, but it will not run the SBF file. I have also selected unblock in the file properties. The only thing that I can't seem to figure out is how to get admin rights in RSD lite. Please help.

      • mayajw

        Go into your device manager on your computer and update your HUB Drivers. Then install your moto drivers again and it should work. I was having the same issue but once I did this it worked.

      • If you RSD Lite tool is having problems identifying your device and/or .sbf, try placing it on the root c:/, or on in a folder on root c:/, or in the documents folder. Play around with it until you are able to see information for the .sbf.

        Next, to run with administrative privileges you have to go to c:/program files/ motorola/rsdlite, then right click on SDL.exe then select run as admin. Think this is a Vista Windows 7 issue.

        Does that work for you?

        • kentucky1

          Will go RSD lite to recognize the phone and was able to run the SBF file. When the SBF file runs I get this error: “Failed Flashing process. Failed flashing process. (0x7100); phone connected”. Any suggestions?

      • I'm also WILL – a few comments down. Any more problems, shoot me an email.

      • My blog name is also Will – a few comments down. Any more problems, shoot me an email.

        • kentucky1

          I finally got my droid connected but when I run the sbf file I get this error “Failed Flashing process. Failed flashing process. (0x7100); phone connected”. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      • jizzoizzm

        did you ever solve this problem?/?? im stuck with no roms

        • kentucky1

          Yes… but I moved the whole process to an old XP laptop to do it. It went pretty smoothly in XP verses Win 7.

          • jizzoizzm

            Congratz to you even my vista laptop didn't work for the process but I've found numerous homes and themes and icon changes on the android market without rooting or getting custom roms…peace…DROOID!!!

  • jizzoizzm

    just open spf file huh, im being charged $50. to do tht im not ready

  • SlimSlow

    Just in case I need to return back to stock (unroot) after using this method, how would I go about doing this, will I receive the stock recovery also? thanks


    what happens if you cant open the .sbf file or rsd lite

  • iApex

    Works like a charm.
    I finally decided to man up and go ahead and try a rooted ROM today and I used this method after being on Stock 2.1. Took me about 15 minutes, then a little bit longer than that to get the ROM I wanted on the phone with everything set up the way I wanted. The phone is super responsive now running at 1.1ghz. I absolutely love it!

  • RIen Kim

    hey im a bit confused because this was done on a PC is this compatible on a mac?

  • kegofkillians

    Ok so I finally got the balls to do this and downloaded 32bit (per my computer) and rsd lite…connected…turned off phone…opened rsd lite…turned phone back on…located SPRecovery and clicked start…I get the error “phone failed to re-enumerate after RAM-downloader was sent (0x703E); phone disconnected”

    what am I doing wrong?

    • kegofkillians

      **read first then post** I'm an idiot

      thanks bdoc for helping out the prior problem

  • ironmen4life

    A bit of a noob to the root world, wanted to know whether or not you can overclock by flashing the SPRecovery to your droid and gaining access to root.

    • eazy1x7

      Can some one please help me my phone is detected in RSDlite 4.5.3 but when i install 4.6 it isnt detecting my phone at all..can someone help me i have 4.5 drivers installed and im on vista 32 bit..in need of desperate help

      • eazy1x7

        aw yea forgot to mention error .its the same as everyone(Unable to retrieve initialization values from ini file) and thats on 4.5.3 ..i cant get nothing out of 4.6 not even recognized

  • RaceMan

    Wow I fixed it , I had to remove the batt and get back to the boot screen and then reload the sprecovery , man I thought I bricked it LOL

  • mipami

    I just tried installing the sprecovery file as well and it said internal error and said staus fail . What I'm doing wrong. please someone help!!

  • RaceMan

    did this just as it says and got a criticle error when I went to load sprecovery , Hope this isn't bad but I diconnected and removed the battery now still waitting for it to com back on , so far it's rebooting to the M screen , Help !!!

  • chris

    ok i installed rsd lite but when i open it its not reconizing my phone and theres no USB connecting ….

    • bdoc

      And you have the correct Motorola USB drivers installed? As well as this:

      “I was having this same issue. It was an issue with my USB Controller drivers. Go to device manager and try updating the driver for the USB Host Controller. After I did that, it worked for me.”

      You connected your phone via USB, turned it off, then launched RSD, correct?

  • bdoc

    I've read through some of the comments, and hopefully I can help a little bit. I flashed the SBF file last night, and it went through without a hitch.

    First, I put the SBF file on the root of my computer's C drive. Not sure if this matters or not, but I saw an earlier commenter suggest it and decided to do it just in case.

    Second, there are a few ways you can figure out which Motorola USB drivers you need. To determine which version of Windows you have you can go here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/827218

    Third, I couldn't get the RSD Lite file that's linked to work. It didn't download as a zip file for me. However, I was able to find another RSD Lite link that did work: http://www.mediafire.com/?c2tibonomyn That should download as a Windows Installer(msi), and you'll be able to install RSD Lite 4.6.

    Other than that, I followed the video and was able to successfully flash the SBF file. Hope that helps some of you out.

    • Alex

      I can't get this to work. I get the following message in my status field in RSD Lite;

      “Faild Flashing process. Failed flashing process. Phone[0000]: Phone did not re-enumerate after RAM-downloader was sent. (0x703E)”

      My phone then get stuck so I have to pull battery to get it back working. I'm using Windows XP 32 bit and I downloaded SPRecovery to my C: drive. I've creating its own folder as well. The only thing I can think of is that I deleted the update.zip file from my root of my phone. Do I need this file there?

      Help please.

      • bdoc

        Just so I have an idea of where you are, what is your phone running right now? It's stock 2.1 with the OTA update installed, correct? I've seen a few other people receive the same error, and they've tried different things. I would try uninstalling the Motorola USB drivers, reinstalling them and attempting again. Here is something another Droid owner tried that might help you out:

        “I was having this same issue. It was an issue with my USB Controller drivers. Go to device manager and try updating the driver for the USB Host Controller. After I did that, it worked for me.”

        • Alex

          It's stock 2.1. I did the update manualy though, not OTA. I did have some question marks on my USB controller in device manager so I updated them… I'm going to reboot my comp and try again. I'll let you know.

          • Alex

            Woot! That did the trick. So it must have been my usb controllers needing an update. Thanks bdoc.

          • bdoc

            No problem. Glad I could help ya out.

  • no one is gonna help us everyone else got theres to work and quit lookin at this post days ago… no one will help us noobz to experence the different roms like they are

  • daniel

    kellex! how do i unroot

  • alex5252

    whenever i try to do this i get either the start being whited out or when I can click start it just says failed flashing. Also when I click on the downloaded file in rsd lite it does not show any file properties. What should I do?? I have also tried on multiple computers and still no luck, I am running window 7 64 bit also.

    Thanks for you help!!

    • mayajw

      I'm right there with you…multiple computers, saving to C: drive, everythiing I've read on here hasn't helped. I'm curious if anyone has gotten this to work today.

  • mayajw

    It would be really helpful if someone could direct us in the right way after getting all of these FAILS in RSD. I've followed all of the steps and tried this several times but still no luck. I appreciate anyone with help. Thanks.

  • Edgar

    i cant get it to show up my device when i open the rsd lite 🙁

  • Nick

    will this work with a mac or no?

  • i have no idea why my phone is not connecting with rsd lite ive downloaded drivers and rsd lite when i hook up phone to computer and turn it off and on holding up nothing shows up on rsd lite can sum one please help really want to finish rooting my phone but can more foward….

  • mikeylieb

    i downloaded 32bit 64 bit RSDlite4.6.7z and sprecovery…i click on the document RSDlite and it pops up unknown and dsnt no how to open it…any help… thanks

  • GARY

    I had decided to go the rooting route and wanna know a few things.

    After doing the Flashing SPRecovery SBF to Stock 2.1 from my computer

    Now, Installing a Custom ROM Using SPRecovery……can I do that on my phone?

    From the few custom ROM that was shown here at Droid-Life.com http://www.droid-life.com/2010/04/14…ng-sprec…

    Can I download that from my phone?

    Do I have to be using the defalt Home when rooting or stay on HelixLauncher 2?

  • Turd

    ok so i cant get my device to show up in RSD lite can anybody help

  • mkedroid

    Do I have to install this version 4.6 of RSDLite cause I found a newer version 5.0.which I installed just fine. When I tried to install this 4.6, my computer could not open the file. I already installed the correct drivers. I am running windows xp

  • sonicboomin

    is overclocking a must when u use a custom rom?

  • Kent

    i finally got it to work…i had to save the sbf file in the root of my C drive for it to work. Idk why but it wouldnt work any other way, it would just start and instantly fail if i had it saved anywhere else. except in the my documents folder, then it wouldnt even start. so if anybody else is havin problems with it not starting or starting then failing, just move the file to the root of you C drive.

    • palomosan

      I'm going to try whay you said, thanks.

    • shriker

      that worked for me too, nothing else did… thanks!

      and thank you Kellex for this tutorial

  • ZazzaBronson

    Hi guys,

    a very noob-ish question, but would this work on a milestone? (European version of the Droid)


  • droid4life

    ok guys i have a few questions. 1st, im having trouble with the dl process of the neccessary files to continue with this process. on my computer every time i try to dl the file all its really doing is dl the the file but its like a link to the internet to re-dl the file. do i need to have something like have something else previously dl for these files? this is soooo easy to do i just cant seem to figure it out.

    also goin throught this process along with the newet video kellex put together about flashin custom roms and all that. will this leave me able to overclock, ect……. all those rooting goodies everyone has? since its beings flashed onto my phone

  • dylan84

    Well I got RSD Lite to work on my mac, using a piece of software called CrossOver. But RSD isnt detecting my phone. Any help would be awesomely appreciated!

  • dylan84

    I'm really wanting to root my Droid, and it sounds like this is the simplest way to do it, atleast from what I can tell. I'm currently running stock 2.1. Unfortunately, I'm on a Mac…and thus RSD Lite doesnt work. Is there a way to root using this method (or something similar) using OS X?

  • i dont know why but my phone is not showing up on rsd lite i have the file ready to start but no where to send it…. can some one please help

    • rebelsoul

      me too……is there a problem with the file? i dont understand why rsd isnt reading the sbf file.

    • Avery42

      Same issue wish someone would answere

  • i have my phone at the bootloader screen and on rsd lite but my phone isnt coming up on rsd lite any help please….

    • james34

      it happened to me in a way, I pulled the battery and ubs cable and did everything over and it worked for me. Thats what i did, its up to u what u want to do

  • Avery42

    same prob wonder whats up it doesnt give the says tFilename: SPRecovery_ESE81.sbf
    Creation Date: 04/15/2010 02:54:02
    File size: 6345657
    RAM DL Version: N / A
    Bootloader Version: N / A
    Platform: Unknown Platform
    HAB Type: Signed Production

    • JDub

      yes! Please help. Same problem. Could it be version of RSD? The 4.6 in the link above didn't open/install. Said I had to find a program to run it. I found RSD v4.5.3 and am running that.

      • Bennyfuld

        I'm in 4.6

        • JDub

          Found a RSD Lite v 4.6 that worked for me.


          Flashed with SPRecovery and worked.

          • kaeoortiz

            tried to uninstall the version of rsd i had and installed this version but it didn't work

  • kaeoortiz

    i downloaded the SPRecovery_ese81.2bf to my documents and the start button in RSD lite is grayed out. what do i do?

    • rebelsoul

      im having the same prob and have tried it on multiple computers.

  • Bennyfuld

    Hey guys, I opened RSD Lite without a problem, and I opened the sbf file after hitting the “…”s. But then nothing shows up in the file properties box, and it does not give me the option to “Start.” What's going on here?

    • earz

      whats up, just wondering….how did you go about opening RSD Lite?

      • Bennyfuld

        Use Winzip to extract the file and then install it as a program.

        • earz


  • earz

    hey guys… unfortunately im a total noob when it comes to computer although im extremely exxcited about this whole rooting deal. so i downloaded the RSDLite4.6… how do i run the program when it just comes out as a regular file? it just ask me to use the web service or to select a program to run it.

    sorry if this is a total bone head question

  • Griff

    Hey all sorry for this newb question. If I have no problem mounting the phone to my computer, do I still need to install the usb drivers in step 2 above? “2. Download your correct Motorola USB drivers and install.”

  • robcannon

    At the RSD Lite screen after booting up my phone with (up+power) i select the .sbf file (SPRecovery ESE81) i hit start, and it instantly says “Failed flashing process. Failed flashing process. (0x7100); phone connected”…

    what am i doing wrong?

    • Smallsz

      Mine is doing the same thing. The moto-connect says that USB is not supported. I downloaded the correct driver (32 bit) I can't seem to figure it out

    • Jdiz

      get your .sbf off of your desktop and out of your my documents folder. i had to put it in its own folder on my hard drive. hope this helped

      • antrison

        That's exactly how I fixed that problem. Just put it in its own folder in my documents and it works like a charm. Thanks man. Hope this helps everyone else!

  • aazz

    hey if im taking my phone into get it traded and i need to go to stock 2.1 how do i do that. so i need to take off the rom and root. how do i go about that.

  • Kmart

    OK i'm almost ready to do this but i still need to figure out one thing. I don't know how to run RSD as administrator. I thought it would be as easy as right clicking on RSD and selecting Run As Administrator. But I dont have that option when i right click it, i have that option for almost every other program but not RSD… lol. I am running Windows Vista, if that means something. So what should i do???

  • palomosan

    Hey guys, need help, I have the RSD lite open, my phone is booted in the black screen, I downloaded the SPRecovery file but when I double click on it like the video says I don't get the file properties, I press the start button and it says in the result section FAIL… What am I doing wrong?

    • mayajw

      I'm getting the same FAIL message. Anyone? Thanks guys.

  • spencerbourland

    How do you know which, 32-bit or 64-bit, to get?

    • JDub

      start – right click my computer – properties

      Under system…it says next the the type of windows OS you have. if you see 64 then 64 bit otherwise it's 32.

      That's what I read to do. Correct me if I'm wrong.

      • spencerbourland

        Haha but I have a mac not Windows .

        • JDub

          as far as I know the process to do this on Mac you need some sort of windows mirror…

          so i'm clueless how to help you. others know.

          • james34

            I am a mac user. I was able to do this cause i have Parallels installed on my mac so i can run Windows 7. I had a small issue with flashing it but pulled the battery and USB cable and redid it again and went thru fine. Good luck to ya.

          • spencerbourland

            Thanks for the help , I installed parallels and tomorrow ill try it . 🙂

  • reyman00

    ok so i Downloaded all the right drivers and RSD lite on this post, but when i open RSD lite it wont recognize my phone. what am i doing wrong? I already clocked show device and nothing happens.

  • Hoagie

    Still have not done this going to tonight but had a curious question after done could I if I wanted go back to 2.01 using DM.

  • Kent

    Hey everybody and thanks for any help in advance. Ive got a problem with rds lite. a couple days ago i use it to go from 2.1 update one down to 2.01 so i could root my droid and it worked fine then. Then i seen this and went back to stock 2.1 so i could have rooted 2.1. Now when i open rds lite and open the SPRecovery sbf file the start button is grayed out and cant be clicked, nor does it show any file properties . I dont understand it. ive reinstalled the driver and rds lite multiple times. ive even did a wipe in recovery mode but nothing is working. the only difference i can see is where it says what model your device is in rds lite. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

  • JDub

    when i load the sprecovery file onto RSD and have my phone connected under “Status” it says 'Platform is not defined for CDMA_TYPE-OMAP_CHIPSET.' Also, under file properties next to platform it says “Unknown Platform”

    Can I go ahead and load the recovery file or am I missing something?

    • JDub

      I went ahead and tried flashing the file. It said “Failed flashing process. Unable to retrieve initialization values from INI file.. (0x7029); phone connected.”

      Any help?

  • Noel

    some one please help!! I Cant get the sbf file option to start on RSD Lite, I have the drivers installed and rsd lite installed.. what do i need???

    • stsil6

      Same problem… Can someone please help…

  • Noel

    i download the file, but which program is used to open it??? im on rsd lite but it doesnt give me option to start the sbf file??? what am i doing from? i have the file in the my documents folder

  • iamthewalrus2211

    Who's the man?!?!? Kellex is the f-ing man!!! I finally feel like my phone belongs to me again. Muchos gracias senior!!

    • slatejones

      what is the easiest way to get my apps back, thats something i need to know before I try it. I know its crazy but I have over 100 apps on my phone.

      • fireproof1905

        I would say use mybackupro that what i used and it saves your stuff to your sd or online i believe.. you can save contacts,data, etc with this program… a must have and works great!!

        • fireproof1905

          Just in case it's on the adroid market for like 4.99 little pricey but well worth it….

  • slatejones

    I saw a post on the android forums that once this is installed you can install the ESE_81su.zip files and get superuser root access. Is this true?

    • fireproof1905

      if you go to the droidlife youtube page he has the next video he's talking about already up i did it and it worked fine…..
      look here…

    • slatejones

      PLEASE tell me it could be this easy.

      • iamthewalrus2211

        It WAS that easy!!

      • fireproof1905

        It is super easy… i'll tell you the one problem i ran into during the whole thing was when i renamed the rom to update.zip is that when you drag it to your sd card it already makes it .zip so i had the file called update.zip.zip so when i tried to install it it kept aborting the install so i went into astro file manager and checked the names and sure enough that was the issue you just have to rename it and wham bam it worked flawlessly…. this is an easy process i just followed the videos step by step and paused it so i could stay exactly where he was at… he's the man with the easy videos and also dont forget to vote for his blog!!! thanks kellex

  • lugzey

    I'm such a noob at this, but I love it!!! Do the same steps apply going from Cyanogen to stock? I have never received the Motorola update.

  • slatejones

    Now this was easy, Thats why I love this site. Now… Patiently…. waiting…

  • jbstutes

    works like a charm thanks

  • dpu328

    Well call me dumb, but i didn't know if I was to reboot in the SBF selection screen or simply back out. It wouldn't let me back out, so I simply did a battery pull hope that was okay. Thank you Kellen for all your patience and reply's. Can't wait for 2nd video


  • dpu328

    FYY folks you gotta have RSD lite 4.6.7z http://www.mediafire.com/?jzzjmngizmj

  • dpu328

    Do I select reboot system now with cam button or back out with power?

  • dpu328

    Okay I have the screen with the droid and boot options. Do I choose reboot or what?

  • mbm

    The easier way into the bootloader is to just slide open the keyboard and hold the up arrow while powering on the phone.

    Once the phone says “Recovery Installed” it's done and you can safely disconnect the phone.

    The rsdlite program has no idea how long it takes to reflash the phone and will only consider the reflashing complete once the phone has been reconnected, if it doesn't see the phone it will slowly count up to 100% and tell you to turn on the phone. If you want to keep rsdlite happy just hold the up arrow while reflashing so that it boots to the bootloader immediately upon reboot; rsdlite will then be happy the phone has been successfully reflashed.

  • rizzet


    Cant get my phone to show up in RSD Lite????? Any ideas???

    • rizzet

      Switched to my laptop and it worked like a charm!

  • sundawg

    once again Kellex made it easy to understand I had no issues with his steps. I did find that I had issue opening/installing RSDLite4.6.7z and all I did was download winzip. After that it was pretty much smooth sailing, cannot wait till the next video comes out on how to install a custom rom with 2.1 root!!!

  • Ray

    OK so i completed this now whats next….can we get the next video kellex?

    • Ray

      Nevermind i figured it out. Im so glad im back to being rooting never again willl i unroot. thank god for this video thanks kellex

  • dpu328

    got Failed flashing process. Phone (0000): Unable to retrieve initialization values from ini file. (0x7029)

    • james34

      had it happen to me, I pulled the battery and did the “update” again and it went thru

  • brain550

    Why can't I get RSDLite to work? Do I need Winzip or something like it to unzip the file first?

    • james34

      dont think u have to, Try redownloading it and let it run and see what happens

      • brain550

        I've tried that, downloads as a 7z file and says windows can't open, “do you want to use the web service to find the right program?”

    • famousroms

      need to unzip the file, install, the you should be good to go!

      • brain550

        So whats a good program to use to Unzip 7z file? Winzip?

        • famousroms

          i use winrar but winzip is good too. they both do the same thing.

          • brain550

            Thanks, got it to work. Lets see if everything else does.

  • famousroms

    i went ahead and went to 2.1…YAY!! followed the vid and it worked flawlessly. No issues. i did a nandroid restore to UD 10 (gave me everything, but the notification bar stayed white, no biggie) i opened up my app drawer and there was the superuser icon. This got me wondering so i reinstalled ROM manager and re installed cyanogen….works fine!!!!

    • famousroms

      i dont have an camera to show what i did.. but i will be getting one next paycheck !!!!!

  • rizzet

    So, I am following the video step by step. When I load the SPRecovery file into RSD Lite, instead of saying “connected” like in the video, mine says “Platform is not defined for CDMA_TYPE-OMAP_CHIPSET.”

    Should I continue or is something wrong????

    • rizzet


      • james34

        Not sure what to tell ya. When i did mine i had no issues. I feel for ya 🙁

  • gregk

    what program do i use to open spr recovery file? i tried 7 zip didnt work..

    • dpu328

      not supposed to unzip. I believe you're supposed to just leave it on your desktop. Other programs will find and use it during the setup.

  • dpu328

    Comment way down says the other video is being uploaded. Any idea if we are talking minutes or hours now? Sorry for the impatience just want to get a look and try this while I have tiem to myself for a change. LOL.

    • james34

      yes when are we going to see this? I hope we dont have to wait like Moto did to get the 2.1 update out, Ouch!!! Just having fun!!

  • fireproof1905

    where can we the custom roms at…

  • Scott

    I'm a noob here. Does doing this cause you to lose any apps that you may have downloaded and installed. If so, is there a way to back them up so they may be used after a custom ROM is installed.

    • brain550

      Astro file manager.

      • Thanks for the reply. Will I need to copy the Astro backup folder to my computer and then recopy to the Droid and perform a restore after the custom ROM is installed?

        • brain550

          The backup should be fine on your SD card, but you might as well play it safe and put a backup on your computer.

        • nope it stays on your sd card

    • sundawg

      I shouldn't but if you do any apps you downloaded and even purchased are still in the market, just go to the market hit menu then downloads and it'll give you the list of all the apps you had and you wont have to repay for any paid apps as long as you are signed into your gmail account that purchased them.

  • Giovanni

    otherwise ill just have to go to VERIZON…….

  • Giovanni

    pleaseeee help if you have any ideas????

    • famousroms

      what happened

  • Giovanni

    ok a little late i tried the other post (the remember this post) before this video was made and i follwed the instructions but as i got a 100% fail after each of my attempts i received a code corrupt so idk if i bricked my phone or not but either way im screwed so now lets see if VERIZON will give me another droid !

  • fireproof1905

    can't wait to see the next video on custom roms thanks kellex for your detailed videos….

  • littlemac48

    For those of you who have done, this and are now waiting on what to do next, I can help out most of you. If you have ever made a nandroid-backup, you should be able to reinstall it using sp-recovery, and choose flash the latest back up, or which ever one is like this, I haven't used it in a while, once you have downloaded one of the nandroid backups, download rom manager, the free one will work, and flash the clockwork recovery, then flash the newest cyanogen mod rom. Once you have flashed this, you will have a rooted droid, on the 2.1 update.

    • PS. I am not responsible if you brick you phone

    • brain550

      Once I do this procedure, can I then flash back to an old backup of my Droidmod 1.0 that I made, thus going back to rooted 2.0.1 OS and then flash clockworkmod recovery and install the rooted 2.1 Update.zip file? or do I have to stay with a custom rom built off of the 2.1 Update 1 ESE81 build?

      • brain550

        Any input, good or bad would be helpful, thanks.

        • Sorry, do you have a nandroid backup?

          • Ok I think I understand what you are saying. What you would need to do I believe, is when you install any of your backups, is to go install droidmod and go back to stock 2.01 no root. Then use the rooted 2.1 update.zip file, which you have edited using command prompt on a windows. That should work, though I have not tried it

          • brain550

            I was thinking of using the Rooted 2.1 Update-1 file that is on Rom Manager, which I believe is already edited and ready to be used, again just floating the question, trying to find an easier/alternate way.

          • oh I will look at this, I didn't know that rom manager put it in. Let me look at it

          • Yea that appears to work, great fine. That is all you have to do then, without using command, srry if I was confusing.

          • brain550

            No confusion, very helpful.

            Cross my fingers and hope for no brick.

          • I will, tell me how it goes, I wanna make sure it works for you, and I will help you if you encounter any problems.

          • brain550

            I've downloaded all the files, installed the Motorola driver, and can't seem to figure out how to open RSDlite (probably something simple I'm overlooking). It downloaded as “RSDLite4.6.7z”, but says windows can't open?

          • Sorry for the late reply. You need to have something like Winzip.

          • brain550

            Do I need Winzip or something like that to unzip the RSDLite file?

          • Mr. Helpful

            You need a program called 7zip. It's free, open-source, and pretty cool.

          • brain550

            Now, the only thing I can't remember is… Do I need to wipe data or cache when I do a Nandroid restore of my backup?

            again, thanks for all your help.

          • james34

            I cant say for sure but in one of the videos it shows which one to check and not to check

          • When you go back to 2.01, you might need to have to because it is like different OS. I know for sure though, that when you go from 2.01 to 2.1 you need to wipe data and cache, so to play is safe you should wipe it when going to 2.1 to 2.01. You can ask Kellex if he knows. Actually, when restoring the 2.01 backup, it doesn't ask you so yea going to 2.1 to 2.01 you don't need to, because it just restores the backup.

          • jizzoizzm

            i cant get the sbf file to open im gud all the way up to open and start…

          • brain550

            I have 2 nandroid backup files, one is my backup of Stock 2.0.1 after applying the root with DMupdater and the other is an old backup I made of Droidmod 1.0, before I flashed clockworkmod and started messing around with all these wonderful custom roms.

          • Ok. If you want just a plain rooted 2.1 droid, all you need to do is download either one of the backups. Then using dmu updater, you can revert back to stock 2.1. After doing this you will need to install the 2.1 update with the rooted 2.1 update in it, which is a little confusing, because you will need to use command prompt to put the two update.zip together. The easiest way though is through a custom rom though, because you do not need to mess with the command prompt, which I have never used, and you let rom mannager do all of the work for you. I did it using the custom cyanogen mod rom and it was painless, and the rom is very stable.

          • Here is a link that shows you how to install the 2.1 root update, without a custom rom, follow the steps for 2.01 to 2.1 http://www.droid-life.com/2010/04/05/how-to-roo

          • brain550

            I guess my next (and hopefully last) question is, is there really any point in actually rooting stock 2.1 or just flash Clockworkmod Recovery after restoring my old Droidmod 1.0 backup and go from there and just stay away from the rooted 2.1 update all together?

          • There really is no reason to go to 2.1 because droidmod 1.0 makes it look like it is running 2.1. The only reason to go to 2.1 is if you like to experiment with different roms. Also, some apps only are viewable on 2.1, but you can change that with root explorer and change one number from a 6 to a 7. Kellex posted something about this if you want to look for it

          • AndroidsOfTara

            The 2.1 stock web browser being significantly faster in page loading and rendering at stock CPU speed isn't a good enough reason to move to 2.1?

            Nobody's sick of the horrible browser performance downgrade that the move from 2.0 to 2.0.1 brought?

          • The browser is slightly faster, and you can change the CPU on 2.01 as well. Also, 2.1 is actually slower in 2d apps, so it depends on what you want your phone to be used for, either browsing the wep, or apps, but the speed differences are not to big of a problem

      • jizzoizzm

        my sbf file is not opening and the start button wont respond, am i alone???

        • wpg9210

          I have same issue

          • jizzoizzm

            did you ever get tht sbf file to open and get to custom roms on your droid???

    • AC

      you seem like you know what you are doing sremex, i dont want to bother you but if you could just answer me one, prob easy question; how do you know which driver to download 32 or 64 bit?

      • AC

        nevermind, i knew i would find it as soon as i posted something

        • Sorry for the late reply, but for those who would like to know what you do is you can you can right click on the desktop, go to properties and look for the max bit which will either be 32 or 64. Hope this hleps!

          • AC

            appreciate the help. im not entirely sure what im doing, so its nice to get all the support i can

    • jizzoizzm

      i cant get the file to open im stuck at press start…;-( DROOID

      • ninjalex76


    • jizzoizzm

      the sbf file wont open im stuck at open and press start in this video….help me plz anybuddy….

  • cylentz

    Yeah, you work your butt off to help all of us. Even us n00bs that are here :-D.. We appreciate all your hard work

  • so did the boys at ultimate droid and cyanogenmod kiss and make up? i noticed v10 of ultimate droid is available on rom manager..tried it out and it's very very snappy

    cyanogenmod with jrummy is pretty sweet too.

    • Roberto

      The Ultimate Droid download they show is just a CyanogenMod based THEME. It's not the actual ROM from the looks of it.

  • famousroms

    great vid kellex…. just waiting on the next vid to show how to put a custom ROM on this 2.1. I have an idea on how to go about doing it, but i can wait to make sure my idea matches with the vid. I haven't even went to 2.1 yet! I was waiting for something like this to come up! thanks again.

  • blackdroid

    if im not that into custom ROMs b/c i already like what 2.1 offers….is it worth doing this process if all i want is the new boot animations?

    • teejaytm

      I probably wouldnt. Dont risk it. I mean how often do you turn on and off your phone just to watch it boot? lol

  • Alright Mr. Kellex, I will give this custom rom thing another try. Thank you so much for posting this video. 😀

  • One thing that you failed to mention is that they should not reboot back to their official 2.1 unrooted phone without going into recovery, mounting the system partition, renaming or deleting /system/etc/recovery-from-boot.p and pushing the su binary in the event they should want to run the stock os with root for a while.

    If they don't remove recovery-from-boot.p then their recovery will be overwritten the first time they boot to the os after writing the old recovery image.

    • Roberto

      This is directly quoted from the DroidMod website:

      “Please note that this WILL reflash the boot image to stock ESE81! This is required to keep recovery from being overwrote on reboot.”

  • blackdroid

    other then the boot animation, what else can you do that cant be done on the regular 2.1 ??

    • teejaytm

      Custom ROMS

    • Tom

      Lets make a list! Make recovery images for your phone, Overclock, run Custom ROMs, mod your phone like crazy and actually OWN your phone, make the phone generally more enjoyable. I'm still fairly new to this, so I am sure I am missing things.

  • nkhex19

    Out of curiousity, I followed everything and the RSD Lite worked perfect and when I rebooted into recovery I got the screen you had at the end of the vid with the android robot and then I rebooted and was wondering is there supposed to be an app or anything that lets me know that I have SPRecovery?

    • l_sloan

      Boot up your phone while holding X. You should see SPRecovery come up if all went well.

  • Jason Standiford

    I've already flashed the 2.0.1 sbf and got back into the rooted world and I must say it wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be. However, you are the f'n man to find this procedure for those people that didn't want to flash the other sbf, this will definitely make things smooth for those that are still stuck on 2.1 and want back to the rooted world. Great job man.

  • we need a droid-life app! this site is incredible

    • teejaytm


  • james34

    Well I am a mac user but also running Windows 7 Via Parallels. I went threw the the headache of rooting my phone and got it all messed up so i had to used the RSD Lite program to get it back to stock. So the RSD Lite program with the .sbf file to get back to stock worked. I am most definitely going to do this but just thought i would pass the word for mac users that if u are running windows 7 it will work. Thanks to the people that made this happen and to Droid-Life for posting this. Just makes me more and more proud to have the Droid and not no damn iPhone.

  • cylentz

    This was a lot easier, I did do the whole returning back to 2.0.1 to try to get root that way.. so i gave up with it, an was just running stock till i just seen this… So Kellex, think you will put up a video to get from this point to the way your ROM was before? I really want to try the cyanogen, also with it overclocked 🙂

    • kellex

      Video uploading now.

  • nkhex19

    You are the man Kellex, I am not joking I was actually gonna use RSD Lite tonight to go back to 2.0.1 and you cant believe how nervous I was knowing I was gonna attempt that and then I actually happenes to catch this video and did it right away with no issues. DL is too sick!!!! Now I will just wait until you post the videos how to get some custom ROM's!!!

  • NewDroidOrder

    Well goodfor me i already .SBF'd my way bacl to 2.0.1. And now I'm enjoying the ROM life

  • teejaytm

    Ok so do I install the driver on my phone or the computer???

    • kellex


      • james34

        trust me using the RSD Lite program sounds scary but relax it does it job very well. I still have to say the team that put this together and even to you Kellex your the GOD OF DROID

      • teejaytm

        Ok Im sorry Im not as savvy on a windows as I am on a mac. I install the appropriate driver and rsd lite and the sbf file to a folder NOT on the desktop and I will be ready to go???

        • james34

          i would say yes. best advise it to do it while watching the video and it will be easy

          • teejaytm

            Ok thank you very much. Im a wiz at my droid now thanks to Kellex and a wiz on a mac but a windows computer is a whole new animal lol

          • james34

            Understandable, We are all here to make our Droids like the way we want them and some are mac and others and window user but we all share the same statement, WE WANTED OUR DROID AND NOW WE ARE DROIDED!!!

          • teejaytm

            HA! I agree. I have to wait to do this till tomorrow because I dont even OWN a windows lol. I have to go to a family members house. This will work on windows vista right?

          • james34

            I would double check but i would think so. Cant say yes or no to it.

      • Thegoldendroid

        Kellex.. I downloaded rsd lite and it wont open im running windows vista.. could u please help?

  • kevinshalkowsky

    RSD Lite cannot run on Mac OS X unless you are running Boot Camp with Windows.

  • If anyone is stuck on stock 2.1 they just need to sack up and .sbf a rootable version:)

    • kellex

      Well this will allow them to. 🙂

  • this uh…doesnt work on mac..im assuming? damnit…i dont wanna have to go and dust off my HP

    • kellex

      I'll have to leave that to Mac experts to answer…

      • *cries*…gahhh…the pain of Windows…..the agony…..is it worth overclocking my phone??!?

        • kellex

          I'm into custom ROMs and the added bonuses they bring so my answer is “yes.”

          • dansavi

            im a little confused here. the start button's just…greyed out.

            im trying to do this to my droid, check everything in “About Phone”, downloaded all files provided, drivers are in order but i cant start for the life of me. un/reinstalled everything twice, did battery pulls, nothings working. any light someone can shed? i guarantee im missing something simple though.

        • OldNuc

          RSD Lite will only function reliably on a native real Windows installation. Trying to run RSD Lite in a Windows VM on a MAC or Linux OS is just asking to make a paperweight.

          • james34

            Thats not correct. I have a MacBook Pro with Parallels installed running windows 7 and RSD LITE ran perfectly with no errors. Just wanted to let the other users know this.

          • OldNuc

            Running through a virtual machine is an increased risk and is not really recommended for the casual user. When flashing ROM all you need is one scrambled bit and you will have problems. Just depends on your risk tolerance.

          • james34

            Well i must have guts to do it but then again i am a huge mac user and have done many things threw a virtual machine and have not once came across any issues.

          • I'm running Windows XP in VirtualBox 3.1.6 on an Ubuntu Host. Everything worked fine. I did have to manually “mount” the Droid in Windows. A couple of times during the process I had to remount it because RSDLite unmounted it. No problems though.

          • OldNuc

            It can be done but its not for the uninitiated.

      • teejaytm

        Will this work on windows vista

        • teejaytm

          And/or windows xp?

    • Hoagie

      Need a on phone or mac solution please.

      • ZOMG! i know…i really dont want to dust off the HP and face the agony that is Windows 7….i mean, I will if i must.

        question..at the end of this video, are we rooted? can I run SetCPU and Overclock my Device?

        also…i'm assuming I should know the answer to this, but will i have to go about resetting all my apps and redownloading my widgets and all that crazy jazz?

        • kellex

          Read the whole post. Answer is no.

        • phenom

          Agony of Windows 7? It's the best Microsoft OS yet. If this is agony for you, then I don't know what you are waiting for them to release. Also you may want to evaluate your computer storage environment if you have to dust off a computer running Windows 7. They couldn't ship these until 10/23/09, so even you received it and shelved it, I'm concerned about dust build up on the unit being so significant that you need to dust it off. If that dust level is throughout your home, you should probably seek medical attention.

          • actually my laptop is a year old, and i upgraded from the painful os that was Vista, to Windows 7 last summer (loves the interwebs. :))…

            i was trying ot make a joke…..sorry.

      • Please, i really want to root but im on a mac.