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Launcher2 Hits Market as ClockworkMod Launcher

Frustrated that you didn’t receive the Nexus One’s 3D app drawer/launcher when your official 2.1 update finally arrived?  You can turn that frown upside down today my friends. (So cheesy!)  The Launcher2 has hit the market for non-rooted 2.1 users.  Yes NON-rooted 2.1 users and works like butter.  How about a third time?  Make sure you are running the official 2.1 update and have not rooted a thing.

It will cost you $1.99 but that cash goes straight to the developer who happens to be the same guy that keeps pumping out CyanogenMod ROMs.

Head to the market now and search for either “Clockworkmod Launcher” or “Launcher 2” and you should find it.

Update 10:15AM 4/6: Early reviews are spread throughout the comments.  Not one issue that I can see.  Although, it should be noted that this launcher does not have the 4 persistent apps like the HelixLauncher and to some people is reason enough to not use it.  It does however work flawlessly in landscape mode which the previous ported version struggled with.  You get 5 screens and can consider yourself a 3D drawer superstar.

Update 2:12PM 4/6: Looks like the price has been raised to $2.99.  Koush must have seen all of the Droid Life readers flocking to download.  Sneaky.  Also to be noted, Koush has responded in the comments with good news for those of you wanting the 4 persistent icons.  He plans on adding them in a future release.

Cheers Tom!

  • I don't like the four persistent icons. I like the look of it without those icons down there. I like those icons on my screen.. That's precisely why I don't like Helix. This is awesome the way it is

  • aarynk

    Would you guys suggest going back to the launcher that comes with it before downloading the ClockworkMod launcher? Running Helix right now I just don't want any FC going straight from Helix to this one

  • Randy

    I love this app and keep finding myself switching back to it….but it lags my droid and sometimes freezes it..I will keep it and hope for an update…..

  • Doolidg

    so I already have my standard home screen and my panda home and I use the home switcher app to switch between them. If I install “launcher 2” will it get rid of my my other two home screens and all my apps and widgets I have set up on them already? That would suck……our would I just be able to add launcher 2 like another home screen? Thanks for any help here in advance

  • nkhex19

    Just a heads up I downloaded the Clockworkmod Launcher yesterday right after it was posted here and since then i have not had one forceclose in landscape or portrait mode. Runs extremely smooth for me. I was running Helix before and would get forcecloses with that launcher. ClockworkMod is definitely worth downloading.

  • I don't know what is happening now, but I am getting force closes all the time. Changing live wallpapers, coming out of apps. It is happening a lot.

  • Buford

    I am having trouble downloading it as well

  • hockeydog12

    Hey Koush, I can't get this bad boy to download…Are you having any trouble on your end?

  • robert

    don't works on milestone 2.1-update1
    milestone is come a droid, but don't works 🙁

  • mrkings2005

    Is there a force close problem if I make this my default launcher? I love it and want to make it my default but, I dont want the same thing to happen like it did with helix.

    • cpeter753

      no there are no force close issues that i have run into yet and ive been running it for almost a day

    • I have had at consistent force closes going into and out of landscape – both on media dock and off. Conflicts with Beautiful Widgets? It literally happens every time. Not a big issue for me since I don't use the keyboard anyway, but it is happening.

  • brad

    great work koush!! i bought it and love it.

    and, i agree. you need to be on the payroll. keep it up bro!!

  • thebourbonnflip

    Yes it works fine but i was just thinking, what if moto/vzw/google wanted to add the 3d launcher as an update later on in the future…will Koush somehow make this launcher better than the possible “future” update.?

  • dylan84

    Just went ahead and downloaded this. It works great! Thanks for all the work!