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Launcher2 Hits Market as ClockworkMod Launcher

Frustrated that you didn’t receive the Nexus One’s 3D app drawer/launcher when your official 2.1 update finally arrived?  You can turn that frown upside down today my friends. (So cheesy!)  The Launcher2 has hit the market for non-rooted 2.1 users.  Yes NON-rooted 2.1 users and works like butter.  How about a third time?  Make sure you are running the official 2.1 update and have not rooted a thing.

It will cost you $1.99 but that cash goes straight to the developer who happens to be the same guy that keeps pumping out CyanogenMod ROMs.

Head to the market now and search for either “Clockworkmod Launcher” or “Launcher 2” and you should find it.

Update 10:15AM 4/6: Early reviews are spread throughout the comments.  Not one issue that I can see.  Although, it should be noted that this launcher does not have the 4 persistent apps like the HelixLauncher and to some people is reason enough to not use it.  It does however work flawlessly in landscape mode which the previous ported version struggled with.  You get 5 screens and can consider yourself a 3D drawer superstar.

Update 2:12PM 4/6: Looks like the price has been raised to $2.99.  Koush must have seen all of the Droid Life readers flocking to download.  Sneaky.  Also to be noted, Koush has responded in the comments with good news for those of you wanting the 4 persistent icons.  He plans on adding them in a future release.

Cheers Tom!

  • I don't like the four persistent icons. I like the look of it without those icons down there. I like those icons on my screen.. That's precisely why I don't like Helix. This is awesome the way it is

  • aarynk

    Would you guys suggest going back to the launcher that comes with it before downloading the ClockworkMod launcher? Running Helix right now I just don't want any FC going straight from Helix to this one

  • Randy

    I love this app and keep finding myself switching back to it….but it lags my droid and sometimes freezes it..I will keep it and hope for an update…..

  • Doolidg

    so I already have my standard home screen and my panda home and I use the home switcher app to switch between them. If I install “launcher 2” will it get rid of my my other two home screens and all my apps and widgets I have set up on them already? That would suck……our would I just be able to add launcher 2 like another home screen? Thanks for any help here in advance

  • nkhex19

    Just a heads up I downloaded the Clockworkmod Launcher yesterday right after it was posted here and since then i have not had one forceclose in landscape or portrait mode. Runs extremely smooth for me. I was running Helix before and would get forcecloses with that launcher. ClockworkMod is definitely worth downloading.

  • I don't know what is happening now, but I am getting force closes all the time. Changing live wallpapers, coming out of apps. It is happening a lot.

  • Buford

    I am having trouble downloading it as well

  • hockeydog12

    Hey Koush, I can't get this bad boy to download…Are you having any trouble on your end?

  • robert

    don't works on milestone 2.1-update1
    milestone is come a droid, but don't works 🙁

  • mrkings2005

    Is there a force close problem if I make this my default launcher? I love it and want to make it my default but, I dont want the same thing to happen like it did with helix.

    • cpeter753

      no there are no force close issues that i have run into yet and ive been running it for almost a day

    • I have had at consistent force closes going into and out of landscape – both on media dock and off. Conflicts with Beautiful Widgets? It literally happens every time. Not a big issue for me since I don't use the keyboard anyway, but it is happening.

  • brad

    great work koush!! i bought it and love it.

    and, i agree. you need to be on the payroll. keep it up bro!!

  • thebourbonnflip

    Yes it works fine but i was just thinking, what if moto/vzw/google wanted to add the 3d launcher as an update later on in the future…will Koush somehow make this launcher better than the possible “future” update.?

  • dylan84

    Just went ahead and downloaded this. It works great! Thanks for all the work!

  • aarynk

    Anyone run into issues coming from Helix launcher to this one? Just want to know if I should take off all my widgets. Only have mine set to 5 on Helix…


    what happened to the $1.99 fee now it's $2.99

    • SNSMOM

      ok, i see the not about 🙁
      5 columns or 4 as displayed?

  • Duane

    This is great so far. The visual effect as awesome and it runs very smooth.

  • Yagermeister

    I feel no need to root any longer! Stock 2.1, 3D Launcher, Live Wallpaper, Beautiful Widgets…I'm all set. Now if only we could get Flash on here…. 🙂

  • palomosan

    It'll be nice to have the 3D app drawer but I'm sticking with Helix launcher until an official 2.1 root mod appears.

  • Mike P

    SWEET!!!!!! SPANK YOU!!! The only thing I do want are the four persistent apps. Those are really cool and useful, so if you can send them in an update that would complete my DROOOIIIID!!

  • nickmears

    I'm sticking with Helix but I bought Launcher just to support a good guy. Thanks for what you do sir.

  • Trug

    Runs much smoother then helix. would like the 4 persistent icons but because it runs a lot better its not that big of a deal. just wondering though, when he does put out the one with the 4 persistent icons will it just be an update or will you have to buy a new launcher?

  • kevinthorn

    The price just went up to $2.99. I just purchased it, recieved an email notification, but its stuck on “authorizing download”. been like that for the past 15 mins. 🙁 any suggestions?

  • Napes

    Just to note, I found one bug – If you switch to and from Landscape more (opening or closing the keyboard) you need to hit the home button before you can swipe between screens again.

    The other thing I notice is that if you don't register a full screen swipe, the current screen snaps quickly back into place, whereas on other launchers, it would slide to the next scree but at a slower speed. Not a bug, but a difference between the launchers.

    I wasn't going to use it at first due to the lack of persistant apps, but I find that it runs much smoother than helix.

  • jsprake1

    Says 2.99 but when i bought it was the 1.99 seen here!

    • DoubleVision81

      It's $2.99 now for sure. I bought it earlier at $1.99 and returned it due to missing the 4 tabs on the bottom from Helix. I went as far as the point of Google Checkout now though and it is in fact now $2.99. If you bought it earlier you got it at a cheaper price then if you decided to think about it.

  • DoubleVision81

    Wow, now he has raised the price to $2.99. It must have been selling well so he raised it a bit.

  • Hmm. Checking just now on Market the price is now $2.99? Drat, I missed the discount window! I'll be paying though, thanks Koush for letting us know you're putting in a tray!

  • I'm curious why GDE Home never comes up. Although it doesn't have the 4 persistent apps at the bottom, it has the 7 screens – and most significantly, it has the cube rotation screens which I find absolutely gorgeous and fascinating. What I also like about the rotating cube is that it's an eternal loop, so that it comes back to the home screen, and you don't have to backtrack. It's also totally stable. Why is it never mentioned? True, it doesn't have the 3D app drawer, but I don't see the big deal about seeing the apps float away.

  • beastcmg

    I'm happy that Koush put this out. 🙂 Dont get me wrong I like Helix but for some reason my battery would drain like crazy, with this new one I have everything set up the same and the battery seems to do just fine.

  • test

  • Hey! Thanks for plugging my stuff Kellex! I'll be adding a tray (cause it's awesome)! And remember, you can always get this app for FREE if you just muscle up and root your phone!

    • Tom

      OMG! KOUSH IS HERE! You are the MAN! Seriously… You made my Droid many times better.

      Btw, it is actually because of you that you got the plug… On my way to class this morning I was checking twitter, and saw your post about it and had to immediately tell Kellex. Naturally that lead to this post, because you are awesome, and everything you do is awesome.

    • chops5648

      hey koush any way on fixing the landscape mod where u have open keyboard for it to work?

      • Yup, I'll add that.

    • kellex

      Yeah man, anytime. Keep up the solid work.

    • thebourbonnflip

      hey koush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now that i got your attention…is there a way that you can put that tray thing on the bottom as an OPTION so people who dont want it can leave it out????

    • sheldawg

      Dude you should change your name to Santa Claus 🙂 thanks a million. I don't mind the money…as long as the product is good.

  • djenks24

    I'm sticking with the Helix for now because of the shortcuts and landscape mode. Rarely pull out my keyboard. Although, I'd like to send him the $2.00 because as soon as someone figures out how to root stock 2.1 I will be downloading it and would like to support his awesome updates.

  • trixmatic.com

    Awesome app love it wish it it had 7 screens and at least 2 “hotkeys” (shortcuts on the bottom like helix) brought it to support Koush but sticking with helix until it has those things or maybe helix will add the 3d draw then it will be the best launcher

  • Dito_Muertez

    so when they say 'unrooted phones only' , what do you supposed happens if you download on a rooted phone?

    reason for asking: I've tried cyanogen about 4 times now, and keep going back to droidmod for different issues i can't seem to resolve (mainly now, i just can't get my wifi to connect to secure ap's with cyanogen)

  • xFenixKnightx

    I also like that it gives us the old Launchers wallpapers too.

  • CyranoJones

    Love this app. It turns the droid into super DROID.
    Now if only Koush could do something about the rain… 🙂

  • xFenixKnightx

    Amazing!!! Nexus who?

  • Michael

    I'm running Cyanogenmod and sticking with Helix at the moment. While I REALLY want the 3D app drawer I like the 4 consistent icons on the bottom even more. So until I can have my cake and eat it at the same time, I'll stick with Helix.

  • chops5648

    Great launcher very smooth I think smoother then helix but switching from landscape to normal view mode big lag and would like to see that you would not have to open keyboard for landscape mode to work

  • Eric

    I'm not impressed. I love the 3d draw don't get me wrong but does not rotate into landscape mode(have to open keyboard), only 5 screens, no pernament apps on the bottom (instead stuipd little dots that tell you what screen your on), no way to set options like Helix does. It runs smooth but i expect better from Koush espcially since its not free.

  • Nölff, esq.

    Koush is the best thing to happen to Motorola since the RAZR.

    • papawiskas

      +1 for the comment about the RAZR…RAZR=WIN!!!

  • Napes

    It does run 'like butter', but I refunded for the time being until the persistant apps are introduced. Koush did an unbelievable job as always!

  • J3ff

    It crops your better cut icons if you have better cut. A great launcher otherwise.

  • JimStar

    I just got my 2.1 update this morning. Saw this posted up on facebook.. Jumped to here, read about it, downloaded and installed. Its amazing.. Its like I am running with a new phone. Works fantastic with live wallpapers running in the background too. A little slow when loaded in the app slide but seems not enough to bug me. Lovin it.

    Thanks bro for keepin up on all this.

  • DoubleVision81

    I tried it and it worked great, but I would miss the 4 persistent apps of the Helix Luncher so much. The 3D Launcher looks cool, but all it really does is add a rolling effect to the apps as you scroll through them. I refunded it for the time being, simply because I want the functionality of the 4 persistent apps. I did like the side buttons you could click to move between screens and didn't have a problem with 5 screens instead of 7 as that's what I have setup on Helix Launcher anyway.

  • nkhex19

    Koush's work is definitely amazing. I just downloaded it and it works so SMOOTH! I am running it with Live wallpapers and NO lag. Some people say it lagged on their Droids but mine runs like a champ. To use it in Landscape mode you have to have the slide out your keyboard but it works awesome in Landscape. Simply awesome. DEFINITELY worth the 2 dollars. Help support his work if you can. You will be impressed. No forcecloses for me either. Some people commented on it takes about 10mb of storage but I think its more then worth it.

  • I tried it and it worked great, but I would miss the 4 persistent apps of the Helix Luncher so much. The 3D Launcher looks cool, but all it really does is add a rolling effect to the apps as you scroll through them. I refunded it for the time being, simply because I want the functionality of the 4 persistent apps. I did like the side buttons you could click to move between screens and didn't have a problem with 5 screens instead of 7 as that's what I have setup on Helix Launcher anyway.

  • Rachel

    Just purchased it and it runs like a dream!
    If you want to use it as your home download Home Switcher from the market open it and set Launcher as your default.:)

  • mendy817

    i don't think you can you move shortcuts to stay on all the screens like helix though… that's what kills it for me

  • It's awesome. But my favorite part about Helix wasn't implemented. The 4 shortcuts. That was my favorite 🙁
    I have 23 hours and 30 minutes to make my decision 😛 lol

    • kweckstrom

      Scrapped it in favor of Helix 1 because of this. I'll buy this once my 4 shortcuts are back. Koush mentioned on irc last night that he's going to put it back in.

      More info here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?…

      • Did he say when that might happen? I couldnt find that answer in that thread…

        • kweckstrom

          He didn't say, but then again, I didn't ask. I try not to ask questions regarding “when” since he's CONSTANTLY being bugged in there 🙂 It's a miracle he (or cyanogen) can get ANY work done.

          • Yea, they seem to be world known celebrities…
            Well I uninstalled and refunded until they get that shortcut stuff.
            It was really smooth, but those shortcuts are such a great idea.
            Long live Cyan and Helix

        • kweckstrom

          Another tidbit from #Koush just now regarding Faruq and Helix2:

          [12:38] <Karl> is he still developing helix2?
          [12:38] <Karl> or did he just decide that helix1 was the winner and leave it at that?
          [12:39] <romanrish> no he was givin up but cyan is helpin him fix h2 so he doesn't have to abandon it

  • rockymtnhigh

    I downloaded it. Figured why not, its only $2. And while it works, it does not seem to go into landscape mode at all; and I miss the ability to have a persistant dock of 4 apps on the bottom of each home screen.

    I think I'll stick with Helix and wait for Helix 2 to get fixed for the 3D app.

    • kellex

      It goes landscape if you open the keyboard.

      • rockymtnhigh

        Ah, thanks. That explains it. But that is a short-coming in my estimation. I rarely use the keyboard anymore, as the virtual one is so easy to use in landscape mode.

      • Jer

        Quick question kellex, who is that hot mama that is always in your picture frame widget?

  • Martin Pelant
    • Tom

      To be perfectly honest with you, I'd wait until you get paid apps. Reason being for paid apps, they are stored on your google account. so having someone else buy it it would be stored under theirs, and if anything happens you're screwed.

      • Martin Pelant

        It is only 2$. If anything happens I will have it on SD card.
        And I dont want to wait forever for paid apps.

        • kellex

          Sorry man. We're not sharing paid apps here.

  • Trug

    How does it run in landscape mode?

    • Tom

      Considering that it is the same launcher in Cyanogen… It runs amazing both ways… It is truly a work of art. Koush might have outdone himself with this one.

      • garbagedick

        if you guys say it runs faster than helix, i'm gonna pick it up. the auto-rotate, pinned tabs, and changeable amount of screens isn't a big deal to me

    • slipstream20v

      It doesn't seem to rotate with the device, but when you pop open the keyboard it works perfectly. The scrolling dots are even in the right place (on left and right of landscape screen, rather than stacked at the right with the app drawer).

  • garbagedick

    any word on how well this works in landscape?

    • kellex

      Works flawlessy on the version I have on my ROM. Also from early reviews seems to work just as well. This is 10000000x better than that early ported version.

  • A little lag on app drawer once I go all the way to the bottom and come back up it scrolls nice…how do I kill the stock home app? So it can kill the widgets on it..I don't want them running on both home apps.

  • nkhex19

    This is awesome. I am buying this app just to help support his work. His work is just incredible. We get to help support his work and get an awesome launcher that we all wanted. How sick is that? Thanks for posting this Kellex! DL is too sick!!!

  • Tom

    BTW, I have heard as awesome as this is… People should be aware that it is a bit large at around 10MB. However, just look at the result. It is clearly worth it.

  • slipstream20v

    Just tried the ClockworkMod Launcher (new on the market!) and I love it. It's exactly what the 2.1 update should have included; 5 screens, the Helix-esque drawer with 3D scrolling, Live Wallpaper support, and nothing else. It's incredibly stable on a bone-stock ESE81 ROM too.

    The only drawbacks so far – it's a bit big/slow. Even with LWs turned off, it's noticeably laggier than Home++ or Helix (although this is only the first iteration). BetterCut also doesn't work quite right; the shortcuts work and pull in the icon, but don't re-size properly and look a little odd.

    If Koush can make a few tweaks I see this being my new, permanent launcher.

  • I hope we can get a nice full review for this soon! I decided to jump in and grab in anyways, can't hurt its only 2 bucks. I want to hear more about it though

  • poorguy

    I dont have the money 🙁

    • randy21671

      Me too. I bought the rom manager, updated to the 2.1 OTA and can't use the rom manager any more, and Im out the cash.

  • rals

    I just downloaded it and so far I love it more than helix. Helix has a good concept but so far no force closes and 5 screens is more than ok with me.

    I noticed it running much cleaner than before. I'm very impressed. I still need to play around more but so far no force closes like the helix does.

  • Phase3d

    How many screens do you get with this one? I like the fact helix can go up to 7.

    • standard 5 like the nexus

    • kellex

      5 with this one.

      • kellex,
        have any idea when his live wallpaper will work for the stock 2.1? i would love to have the Cyanogen colors and the other options as well.

        • kellex

          Yeah made by someone else. I'm hoping it will work soon. It's the best live paper IMO.

          • i agree… i hoping for the same.

  • josh1980

    Hey Kellex,

    First off awesome website. Is the process to go back stock 2.0.1 from official 2.1 and then CyanogenMod, very difficult. If I decide to try this will be my first time trying this?

    • kellex

      Its not easy no. If you can, just be patient until an official 2.1 root comes out.

      • josh1980

        I think I will thanks for the quick response. Keep up the good work. Also
        how do I enable sound on the HTC IME keyboard just vibrates?

        • kellex

          settings>keyboard>touch input settings and there is a box to check

          • josh1980

            I have the custom sound level box checked and the sound volume at 100, but
            still vibrates?

          • k1cks

            You have to change it to custom vibration length and set it to 0 to get it to stop vibrating.

          • josh1980

            How do I get the sound when I type? Thank u for the answers.

    • skrap853

      This will get you back to stock 2.0.1 – http://alldroid.org/threads/15605-Restore-2.0.1

  • Fawzi94

    Any bugs or is it as smooth as helix?

    • kellex

      Unfortunatley, I can't test it as I'm on a ROM right now. 🙁

      I've got a guy checking it out now though.

      • erikbond8

        Do the live wallpapers still work with it? Still option for multiple screens? That was the problem I saw with most of the launchers (minus Helix)

        • kellex

          Live wallpapers should work. As you'll see in the pic, he has the neural network running in the background.

          I also just got word that my tester installed and loved it. Said it was “nuts” which we hope means it's awesome. Heh.

          • live wallpapers do work, to be honest it works just like helix just has that slightly more polished look and feel.. the launcher feels great and looks awesome a tiny lag noticed compared to the drawer but i got that with helix too

    • Tom

      From what it seems from feedback from my friend and the reviews I have seen, it is just as smooth. Koush is the man. Motorola needs to get that man on payroll and have him develop official ROMs. Clearly he does a better job than they do, not to mention infinitely faster.

      I predict that if they do that, the Motorola facebook would go from people being like “WTF MOTO! WHY ARE YOU SO SLOW? WE WANT OUR [insert Android version number here]” and subsequently “WTH! I'M SO DISAPPOINTED! WE WANTED MOAR”