A Note on Stopping OTA Notifications

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There has been a ton of talk and confusion surrounding users running rooted Droids with either SPRecovery or ClockworkMod Recovery and how they can deal with 2.1 OTA update notifcations.  For example, let’s say you are running DroidMod1.0 and received the notification yet can’t figure out how to make it disappear.  According to the DroidMod team, it’s as simple as making sure SPRecovery is installed, accepting the update, and allowing SPRecovery to then block it and put it to bed…

If you are running DroidMod, you should accept the 2.1 update. The phone will reboot in to recovery, and SPRecovery will block the update outright. Even if you are not running SPRecovery, there’s really nothing to worry about, because the pre-install checks internal to the update will fail, and the update will not be applied anyways.

So, to put it simply, if you are running any non-stock ROM at all, you can safely “accept” the 2.1 update to stop the notifications; the update will not be able to patch the modified system files, and will not make any changes to your phone.

Nice of them to post this an entire week after we all received notifications.  Kidding!

Source:  DroidMod

Cheers Rob!


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