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Download: Google Earth for 2.1 Update 1

For whatever reason, Google Earth was pulled from the Market of most Motorola Droid users who updated to the official 2.1 both manually and OTA.  We still haven’t heard exactly why this happened, but we’ll assume that Google must have some good reasoning behind it.  Many of our readers reported being able to see Google Earth initially after updating and within a few days, noticed it had disappeared.  Weird right?  Fortunately, we still have the 2.0.1 version that we made available a few months ago and it works flawlessly on the 2.1 update!

Download: google_earth.apk (alt link)  (alt link2)

Thanks to everyone who tested this!

  • foolish_earth

    Because of this, but ended up spending 20 hours a error~

    Google Earls developers really pathetic, O Why are not you shut the site

  • Red169

    Because of this, but ended up spending 20 hours a error~

    Google Earls developers really pathetic, O Why are not you shut the site

  • bill

    Is the Street View feature available on the Google Earth app now in the Market after the 2.1 OTA upgrade?

  • saimin

    There's a new version of Google Earth in the Android market today. Works fine on my Droid.

  • droiddog22

    The new ultimate ultimate droid has come out and i wanted to know since i am running the previous version of UltimateDroid (9.0) do i have to take anymore steps besides just downloading and installing it like any other rom?

  • LTD10

    It was a cool app but between that and the live wallpaper my Droid lagged and cc so much I had to drop it and quit running the live wallpaper all together. BITES…. Oh wondering if any uprooted people have the GED home app. If its worth the money or should I just stick with helix? Running 2.1 and it already seems baggy enough. Oh, and love the fxzoom cam. Well worth the money ! 🙂

  • dylan84

    I downloaded Google Earth through the market last week as soon as I got the manual update off here. I did get an update notification earlier this evening saying there was an update to Earth though.

  • DroidDrool

    Just downloaded it from the Market!

  • abdroid

    It's definitely back on Market. It worked for me just now after tryng for the past few days to try to find it to no avail. I even downloaded the APK which worked fine today. But after I just read this post and heard that it was back it finally worked.

    Kellex, thanks for the APK, but it's nice to have the real deal for any future updates that come up on market!!! Very timely post, as usual. It' like you're reading my mail, man!

  • just went to my downloads and seen that there was an update for Earth…1.0 (…Earth wasn't there earlier but now after this update it's is there…google must read this forum, good job..

  • Mat

    After removing the remnants of the 2.0.1 google earth download from browser downloads and in the android folder on sd card suddenly google earth now appears in the market. Not sure if that was the problem but it worked for me.

  • Scuff

    BTW, does anybody know what happened to the Amazon MP3 app? One day I looked and it just disappeared from my Droid. I'm a long time Amazon customer and use the app occasionally to download tunes. I looked in the Android market, but it's not there either. ???

    • aarynk

      Should be renamed MP3 store after the 2.1 update… at least mine is

    • David

      It's called “MP3 Store” now.

  • aarynk

    Just found it in the market on my phone a couple of mins ago!! First time it's been in there since I unrooted and went with official 2.1… had to grab it since it likes to go away and come back. DID NOT do a factory reset to get it to appear I just kept checking back in the market to see if it popped up

  • wam

    just reappeared today lol

    • wam

      in market, FYI

  • Flyinion

    Hmm very odd, after reading that Google forums post linked above I tried going to m.google.com/earth and while many people were saying it would attempt to load the market and then FC, I actually got to the page even though I couldn't see it in a market search and it's downloading right now.

    Installed and working now. Very odd that I can get to it through a web link and then see it in the Downloads section of the Market app but not find it in a search.

    • Flyinion

      Wow so I just found a potential solution on the motorola forums. Does anyone know what this “checkin” thing is? I did it and all of a sudden Google Earth now shows up in the market search. I typed the numbers in the dial and it just automatically did whatever a “checkin” is without me pressing the green phone.

      “For those that can't find Earth in the market, try this (not confirmed but may help). Perform a checkin by dialing *#*#2432546#*#* . This has helped me in many ways when dealing with problems with apps in the market.”

  • shane0790

    It's still showing up on mine. I'm running the new Cyanogen

  • 1barlog17

    I had the same problem and I've been looking all over the internet and found many people saying to reset your phone which is a pain cause you have to put evertthing back on phone but I did it last night and low and behold Google earth was in market installed and works fine

  • Eak

    Yup Google Earth is back on the market for me also. It wasn't there after I manually updated to 2.1, but now it mysteriously reappeared.

    • Eak

      Ok, something weird just happened. I just tried to download Google Earth from the market and it downloaded just fine, but didn't say it got installed so I clicked on it and usually it takes me to the market and gives an option to open, but my market just force closed and a black screen appeared. I have no clue what this was about.

      • Eak

        Also wanted to say that, just checked my app tray and it's there and working just fine, but when I go to the market>downloads page it's not there and it doesn't show up when I search for it now. So I'm left scratching my head here on what just happened.

        • Eak

          Ok now it's back in my market>downloads. Didn't do anything whatsoever to my phone. So I'm guessing google was fixing things while I tried downloading or who knows.

  • Summerfish

    Google Earth shows up on my Droid just fine. Downloaded and Installed and used it too. Just did it 1 minute ago.

    • OldNuc

      GE shows up in market downloads but is not listed as being available for download. That may be due to th fact that I have it installed and/or am running DroidMod.

      If you are running 2.1 and can not see GE in the market see if its listed in your market downloads.

      • Summerfish

        I just installed it from Market. Ran the search Google Earth, came up, clicked on it, Clicked Install, and bam, it was working. I'm also running on a rooted ESE81.

  • Warren Peace

    I updated to 2.1 and my Google Earth works just fine………………………

  • Ray

    i manually updated using the site and google earth shows up in my market. but people in my office who got the update over the air couldnt see earth in the market…kind of wierd but mine works fine.

    • OldNuc

      There are cases that are exactly the opposite also. There are cases where Earth was initially visible in the market and then it disappeared. Sounds suspiciously like the problem exists on the market end of the process. The market is the common part of this issue.

  • 04rob

    This definitely looks like a bug, as many users report that GE will reappear in the market if you factory reset your device. I'm hoping this get's fixed soon, who knows what else is missing from the market.

  • OldNuc

    This is a link to the thread on the Google Mobile Help Forum relating to the mystery of the disappearing Earth, http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Google+Mo… Looking at the post from 04rob @ 2:18 today (4/6/10) it looks like a bug has popped up.

  • erocetc

    I downloaded Google Earth as soon as I updated last week (with the manual update) and still have it. It works fine for me.

  • Peter

    Don't tell me no one thinks this droid update wasn't timed to rain some on the ipad parade, or at least distract the fanboys…..seems to have worked too

  • nkhex19

    Just an FYI, I actually read about this and am confirming it, The initial download of Google Earth is about 5-6mb of storage but after its downloaded on your Droid it actually takes up about 22mb of storage. You can see that if you go in Settings-Applications-Manage Applications and you will see it. Don't know if that will matter to anybody but I've seen people ask about that. I don't mind, its a fun app to use and have. Thanks for the post Kellex!

  • leialoha018

    I'm trying to download it from the link you provided and it's not loading on my phone (moto droid)? Maybe it's too busy right now?

  • lantandroid

    can someone tell me the purpose of Google Earth? Especially if you already have maps. I played with it but I do not think it is worth the space it takes. Am I missing something?

    • kellex

      Its just a fun toy. 🙂

    • Pleased

      Sometimes its useful to be able to look at things from a different perspective than just top down.

  • Is this a free app or does it cost.

    • kellex

      If you download from the link I just gave you it's free. And if it ever appears on the market again, it should be free there too.

      • jonj95835

        I'm on 2.1 and Google Earth is on my Market

  • Jer

    Thanks a bunch Kellex…i tried to install this after my OTA from your post a couple months ago and it didnt work…just ran this and works like a gem…thanks again

  • gwright1974

    FYI- I had the same problem and fatory reset my phone and it was back. https://supportforums.motorola.com/message/1360… talks about this and reseting works.

  • Bob

    I had Google earth downloaded prior to my OTA update. Now if I use it and then close the app my launch screens have no icons. I am going to uninstall and wait for it to reappear in the Market.

  • Great job putting this up Kellex, been looking for this for days! Awesome blog your running here as well!

  • aarynk

    Thanks to everyone who tested this to make sure it works… I had it when I was rooted and on Cyanogen but when I got the official one it was gone. Not too big a deal it's just a nice toy but I would like to know why Google pulled it from the DROIDS?

  • hi. If you’re trying to download it off the market from your droid phone (motorola) is it just under google earth? I tried seaching it and only Google earth Blog came up. Is it the same one?