Here’s What Galaxy AI Brings to the Galaxy S24 Series

Galaxy AI

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Galaxy AI, the Galaxy S24 lineup’s marquee feature. It sounds fancy, but what exactly is it? It’s a combination of multiple new features, powered both by on device processes and the cloud. Samsung is utilizing work done by Google in its Gemini Nano AI model that allows for many of these AI processes to be done on device and not outsourced to big machines in the cloud. For example, all real-time translations happen on device, while resource gobbling tasks like photo editing that features generative AI is handled in the cloud.

If it helps, think of Galaxy AI as an umbrella term for new features found in many of Samsung’s apps. With this post, we wanted to overview the features, just to ensure you know exactly what to play with when and if you decide to get this phone.

Galaxy AI

Live Translation: Live Translation takes place on device, usable via Samsung’s native Phone app. Having tested this with my wife who speaks Spanish, I can confirm its awesomeness. Once you place a call, you’ll tap on the Call Assist button that shows the Galaxy AI stars. From here, select Live Translate. There’s a variety of supported languages, but once you’re connected, the caller initiates the feature by saying “Hello.” Once initiated, Live Translate tells the user on the other end that the feature is active. From here, you speak normally and then watch the feature translate what the other user is saying right on your screen.

As I mentioned, I tested it in both Korean and Spanish and thought it worked wonderfully. If you call a landline, it works great, but if the person you call also has a Galaxy S24 device, they too will see the transcription take place in real time.

Chat Assist: Chat Assist is enabled again through a partnership between Samsung and Google. Pixel owners have been utilizing this feature for a bit. With it, AI can take the message you write and change it into something entirely different. For example, I can type out “Hello, how are you doing on this beautiful day?” and then give it a Shakespearean theme. AI will then turn that sentence into, “Greetings, fair sir! How fares thou on this day of radiant sunshine?” There are many themes to choose from.

On top of that, there is also built-in message translating, as well as AI-powered replies. It’s similar to that episode of South Park where the boys use ChatGPT to communicate with their girlfriends. It can be quite useful it certain cases when maybe the right words aren’t coming to you.

Photo Assist: Accessed inside of Samsung’s Gallery app, users can utilize AI-powered editing tools with Photo Assist. This is where folks can have a lot of fun with generative AI. For example, you can quickly select subjects and move them or erase them entirely, with AI tasked with filling in the blanks. If you tilt your photo in a means to create new space in the shot, that’s when AI will then generate new parts of the image. It can sometimes look a little funky, but so far in my testing, it’s pretty good at being realistic. Also accessible is the ability to quickly remove shadows and reflections from photos. This was highlighted greatly in Samsung’s press event.

Circle to Search: Samsung and Google’s partnership is also bringing a new gesture-powered search function to Galaxy S24 devices, as well as Pixel devices in the future. With Circle to Search, users can utilize the power of Google Lens from anywhere on their device without having to leave the app they’re in. For example, you can circle something you see on TikTok and get instant results or circle something inside of your gallery. Regardless of where you are, long press the home button or the bottom of your display if you use gesture navigation to pull up the Google Search UI. When done, circle whatever you want to learn more about and let Google do the work. It’s incredibly intuitive and works exceptionally well in my early testing.

There are other AI-powered goodies on the Galaxy S24, such as the generative AI wallpapers, the same as what’s on the Pixel. Samsung and Google’s partnering here to improve the experience for both Pixel and Galaxy users needs to be applauded here. Instead of Samsung going its own route like we’ve seen in the past with Tizen and Bixby, the two companies appear to have a common goal here, which is to battle Apple in the race to mobile AI superiority. As of right now, Android is winning.

Does all of this Galaxy AI stuff sound sweet to you? If so, you can click the link below to pre-order your very own Galaxy S24.

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