Pixel 6a for $99 Ain’t Bad, Verizon Customers

Google Pixel 6a - Best Deal

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The Pixel 6a certainly isn’t a “new” phone any longer, with the Pixel 7a available since last year and a likely Pixel 8a on the horizon for mid-2024. Still, if you can find a 6a at the right price, it could be worth a look if your budget is tight. Best Buy might have that deal for you today.

Best Buy currently has the the Pixel 6a listed for $99 if you activate it today with Verizon. That’s technically a $300 discount from its retail cost of $399, which yes, is $50 higher than the unlocked model because it has access to Verizon’s 5G UW network.

In order to get this deal, you would have to sign-in with your Verizon account through Best Buy’s sales portal and upgrade to the Pixel 6a. If you choose the $99 option, you shouldn’t be signing a contract and should instead just get the phone for $99. There is a monthly payment option, but I wouldn’t recommend locking yourself in when this phone is already almost 2 years old.

There is a $35 activation fee from Verizon on top of the $99, so be aware that you won’t walk away paying only $99. Still, you are saving a lot of cash even with the activation fee.

Is the Pixel 6a still worth buying? I think so, at least at this price. Google plans to give it at least one more major Android version update in 2024 and will then push security patches to it through 2026. This phone still has 3 years of support left.

If you need a recap on the Pixel 6a, be sure to look through our review.

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