Samsung Smacks $1,100 Off Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, Doubles Storage Again

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 - Deal

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Samsung Discover week is upon us and that means deals for all of Samsung’s fanciest things. We already shared that solid Galaxy Z Fold 5 deal over the weekend, but as the week officially kicks off, we now have a Galaxy Tab S9 series promo worth a look if you need a bigger screen at the ready.

Samsung is dropping up to $1,000 off in total savings for its biggest Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, $920 off the Tab S9+, and $770 off the smallest Galaxy Tab S9.

As you probably guessed, you’ll need to trade-in a device to get the full discount. That’s just how these things work and probably will for the foreseeable future. However, Samsung is doing that really great double storage promo, which ups your storage (and RAM in some cases) at no extra charge. That’s how we’re getting to the full $1,000 in savings.

Here’s the breakdown of this Galaxy Tab S9 deal and why it’s the deal I took a few weeks back.

$800 TRADE-IN: The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra and Galaxy Tab S9+ are currently fetching the highest trade-in values up to $800 if you swap out something like a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra for a Tab S9 Ultra. The other two Tab S8 models would also get you $700 off. The older Galaxy Tab S7 is getting $500 in value. For the Tab S9, the trade-in values do drop some. An example is a Tab S8 Ultra getting $650 in value instead of $800. The Tab S7 line is still getting you $500, though.

Again, as a reminder, these trade-ins get you an instant discount off the price today. Samsung will simply ask you to send in your old device later to confirm, so don’t lie.

FREE STORAGE UPGRADE: Samsung is doubling the storage on all Tab S9 models for free, so that means jumping 128GB to 256GB on the smallest Tab S9, and from 256GB to 512GB on the Tab S9+ and Tab S9 Ultra. The Tab S9 Ultra can also jump to 16GB RAM and 1TB storage at the price of the 512GB amount. For the Tab S9, that also means a jump in RAM from 8GB to 12GB.

These upgrades are worth $120 off at the initial jump. The move to 1TB-16GB for the S9 Ultra is a $300 upgrade for free.

$99 WATCH 6 ADD-ON: As a bonus, if you want to add a Galaxy Watch 6 to your Tab S9 series purchase, Samsung will let you do so for $99 extra. That’s $250 off, in case you were wondering.

Best Galaxy Tab S9 Deal

As far as end prices go, if you have all the trade-ins, you could get the fully loaded Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra for $519 (down from $1,619).

The link below should get you all of the deals and promos I just talked through.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Deal Link



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