YouTube Samples are Here to Help You Keep Discovering Your Next Jam

YouTube Samples

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YouTube Music is adding a new discovery tool that is rolling out today. Called “Samples,” you’ll find a new tab in the app that works a lot like Reels in Instagram, where you can flip through short clips with a swipe and then take action if you see something you like.

When you are in the Samples tab, YouTube Music will show you “a seamless feed of short form video segments to get you to your new favorite music.” The idea is that YouTube Music has a massive catalog of music that you know nothing about and it wants to help you move out of your music comfort zone. You need to new artists in your life, friend.

The Samples tab shows those short clips that can be skipped with a swipe up to get to the next song idea. Each clip also has buttons to let you add the clip to your favorite playlist, to start a radio, and to share with others. There’s even a “Shorts” button that I’m guessing lets you share it to Shorts, which is apparently still a thing.

Again, Samples are rolling out today, so be sure to update your phone’s app to see it. You should be able to access it in a browser as well, but your account likely needs to be approved. Samples in a browser can be found here.

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