OSOM’s Patent Pending Privacy Cable Up on Amazon for $29

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OSOM, the company we had really high hopes for then subsequently dismissed because they released a $1,000 crypto phone, has a product worth your attention if you’re someone who finds yourself plugging your phone into shady charging banks and data ports.

It’s called the Privacy Cable and OSOM has a patent pending on it. In simple terms, it’s a USB C cable, with the built-in ability to turn off the data portion of the cable, limiting it purely to acting as a power cable. This design is in direct response to a rise in “juice jacking,” a cyber-theft tactic where a victim plugs their device into a charging station, like those found at airports and hotel lobbies, then either has malicious software unknowingly installed on their device or has information taken off of the device. It’s simply another case of our greatest creation, technology, being used against us. Bastards.

Our Privacy Cable provides the simplest possible protection to help mitigate the possibility of these attacks: an air gap. Flip a switch and the USB data wires inside our cable are physically disconnected — nothing on the other end of your Privacy Cable can “talk” to your phone using the USB data connection.

To flip data on and off, there’s a little toggle on the cable itself, along with an LED light to let you know if data transfer is enabled or not. Specs wise, the cable is rated to provide up to 60W of juice, is nearly 5ft long, and costs $29.

What a nifty idea.

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