Pixel Fold in “Porcelain” Back in Stock, Free Pixel Watch Still Included

Google Pixel Fold

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Last week, we took a fresh look at the pre-order situation for the Pixel Fold and discovered that it was going to be a long time before new orders would be fulfilled. If you didn’t get in an early pre-order, you were going to be waiting a while to get Google’s first foldable, possibly into August.

We’ve got an update on the Pixel Fold situation today! And actually, it’s semi-good news for those wanting a Porcelain model who were also wanting to get that free Pixel Watch bonus.

When we shared info last week, we told you that the Porcelain version of the Pixel Fold was completely sold out and pre-orders for it were closed. At the time, the Obsidian model was still available in both 256GB and 512GB configurations, with July and August shipping estimates, respectively.

Today, the Porcelain model is back open for pre-orders with 256GB of storage. Unfortunately, you may not get that pre-order until August, but you can pre-order it once again. The Obsidian versions are both still available as well, but shipping estimates have slipped and also improved. Below are the current ship times for all Pixel Fold models:

  • Pixel Fold (Porcelain, 256GB): Delivers Aug 2 – Aug 10 to 97219
  • Pixel Fold (Obsidian, 256GB): Delivers Jul 19 – Jul 27 to 97219
  • Pixel Fold (Obsidian, 512GB): Delivers Aug 2 – Aug 10 to 97219

As a reminder, the Pixel Fold officially launches at the end of June, so some of these units won’t show up for a month and a half after that. While not the end of the world, that is a long time to wait. If you’d rather get your device sooner, there is a chance that select retailers will get some, plus you’ll have carrier versions too. Verizon has already committed to having devices on June 27.

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