YouTube Will Start Serving Ads When You Hit ‘Pause’ on Your TV

YouTube TV

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YouTube wants advertisers to be better storytellers. To help with this, the video-sharing platform is introducing non-skippable 30 second ads for viewers on CTV (connected TV), which should allow for a brand to better explain why you may need their product. On top of this great news, YouTube is also launching a new “pause experience” for advertisers to take advantage of, which is exactly what users were asking for.

A similar feature is already available on Peacock. When you pause a video, you may be shown an ad for another Peacock title or something similar. YouTube explains that, the experience is “seamless” and allows viewers to learn more about brands while they get up off the couch to go to the bathroom or grab more ice cream.

These new ad experiences will be exclusive to YouTube Select users, which accounts for 70% of impressions on TV screens, according to YouTube. That means a whole lot of new ads are about to served up to users.

Be on the lookout for all of this starting soon.

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