Android Team Imposing New Rules About Account, Data Deletion on App Developers

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The Android team is introducing new rules for developers of apps that allow for account creation and/or the storing of a user’s data, such as files, photos, or videos.

Moving forward, developers of these apps will be required to provide an option for users to initiate account, and data associated with said account, deletion from both the app and the web. The goal of this change, ultimately, is for users to have more control over their account data.

Here’s a handy gif of what this may look like as developers begin to adopt. You can see the new section for Account Cleanup, highlighted under the Data Safety section.

The following information is mainly for developers, but because it’s important to note as it affects the timeline of when users will begin to see these changes, we’re posting it. In summary, we probably won’t see this widely on Google Play until 2024.

As a first step, we’re asking developers to submit answers to new Data deletion questions in your app’s Data Safety form by December 7. Early next year, Google Play users will begin to see reflected changes in your app’s store listing, including the refreshed data deletion badge in the Data safety section and the new Data deletion area.

Developers who need more time can file for an extension in Play Console until May 31, 2024 to comply with the new policy.

I’m all for data transparency, but being an app developer cannot be an easy job these days. Woof.

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