Wednesday Poll: Do You Stick to One Brand or Switch It Up?

iPhone 14 Pro - Pixel 7

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There are plenty of companies out there making good products. For me, I have zero brand loyalty, because why should I? I’m always going to use what works best for me. That means if I want to use the Pixel Watch with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, you best believe that’s what I’ll do.

Others do not feel this way. In their eyes, everything needs to match or be from the same brand. While I totally get that, it means they could be missing out on a better experience.

Our question to you is: What’s your take? Do you stick to just one brand or do you switch it up and mix/match your products?┬áLet us know your thoughts in the comments below after answering the poll.

Do You Stick to One Brand or Switch It Up?

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