Get a Pixel 6 Pro for $399, Pixel 6 for $199 at Best Buy

Pixel 6 Pro

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The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are days away from stealing all the attention and tempting you into a purchase. There may even be a launch deal or two to make that purchase hard to avoid. But here’s the thing – the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are basically at their lowest prices ever at Best Buy should you choose the carrier model and activate with them.

Choosing the carrier model of a Pixel phone and then activating with one isn’t a move we often recommend (we despise most things contract-related and non-unlocked), but the prices here are kind of ridiculous. A Pixel 6 Pro can be had for $399 with activation on T-Mobile or Verizon. That’s a $500 savings. If you choose the Pixel 6, it’ll cost you $199 through the carrier activation option, a savings of $400.

To get the deal, you have to choose T-Mobile or Verizon from the “Carrier” dropdown and then the “Activate Today” option. From there, Best Buy and your carrier will confirm you are you and then provide you with upgrade options. You could potentially save more by buying on a device payment plan (another contract), but keep in mind that Verizon runs ridiculous 3-year contracts now. I’m not sure you want to lock into any wireless contract for that long.

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