Xfinity Mobile Intros New $30/Month Unlimited for 2+ Lines

Xfinity Mobile

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Xfinity Mobile introduced updated pricing for unlimited plans this week, undercutting a lot of the other options out there when you’re using at least 2 lines.

Beginning today, customers can get 2 lines of unlimited for $60/month, making it $30/month for each line. Even its single line of unlimited data costs $45/month, which isn’t anything to overlook. For each additional line after two, it will be an additional $30/month for up to 4 lines, and any additional lines will cost $20/month. It’s straightforward enough.

Comcast provides the following chart, just to see how they stack up against Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile’s options.

This new unlimited plan from Xfinity Mobile is now available.

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