Pixel Pass Users, How’s That Going for You?

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With the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Google introduced Pixel Pass, a single monthly subscription that not only finances your smartphone, but includes select Google services, such as Google One storage, device protection, and YouTube Premium.

While we’re hoping that most customers are having a positive experience with Pixel Pass, it’s not exactly a complete surprise that a few users are running into issues. Over on the subreddit for Google Fi, it appears some users are seeing their Pixel Passes get cancelled for no known reason. Then when reaching out to Google customer support, they get a runaround and no decent explanation as to what’s going on with their account.

Reddit user Flesh-Nuggets paints a fantastic picture what they’ve experienced so far:

Just got an email, telling me they [Google] cancelled my Pixel Pass, due to not activating my phone. My phone has been activated since the day I received it (Oct 30). The email states, “You’ll continue financing the Pixel 6 at an undiscounted rate. Device protection will be canceled”

Of course, I contacted customer service immediately and I was told, “I just checked your account and you’re still enrolled. Kindly ignore that email.”

I replied, “I’m looking at my account right now and it says Pixel Pass is now inactive.” He replied, “let me check your account” (I thought you just did??). He returns and asks, “have you returned the other phone?”

WHAT OTHER PHONE? I only have one. Then of course he says he’s going to escalate it and they’ll get back to me later.

Another user, Sonic__, is also having a similar experience, but with the YouTube Premium subscription that is supposed to be included with their Pixel Pass.

It appears that my YouTube Premium account has lapsed and is no longer active, even though I still have Pixel Pass.

I’ve contacted support. They had my log out and back in, then led me back to the same YouTube page in the screenshot. When I confirmed that all I could do is sign up and pay for a new subscription they escalated to a specialist. Will update.

Again, we hope most Pixel Pass users are having zero issues, but now we’re generally curious. If you are using Pixel Pass, how has your experience been? Any issues? Care free? Let us know in the comments below, and to everyone having issues, we hope you get them resolved ASAP. C’mon, Google!

Cheers Sean!



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