Google WiFi Management Gets Rerouted to Google Home App

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Heads up, Google WiFi app users. Control for your networks will soon have a new home, with Google moving to shut down the current Google WiFi app. Soon, you’ll need to migrate all of your info over to the Google Home app and there’s nothing you can do about it. Sorry.

According to information posted by The Verge, there will be two phases to this migration. The first part happens on May 25, with Google disabling most aspects of the Google WiFi app. At that time, all you’ll be able to do is check your network status via the app and nothing else. The next step comes in June and that’s the complete removal of the Google WiFi app from Google Play. At that point, nothing will work in the app and hopefully everyone will have migrated to Google Home by then.

The migration process is easy enough. There’s a dedicated “Import Google Wifi network”section in the Google Home app when you go to add a new device to your network, so it should be relatively straightforward for most people. Do note, once you have switched over to Google Home, there is no reversal process, so be sure you’re ready to do it.

For a complete rundown of migration instructions, follow the Google Support link below.

Bye bye, Google WiFi app.

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