Here’s the Pixel 4a in What We Call ‘Eh Blue’

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Newly discovered renders of the Pixel 4a show off what might’ve been for the device, a phone that launched in a single Black color. Before we dive into what this color is, let’s quickly remember that Google is capable of good looking colorways. There was this one. And this one. And even this one wasn’t bad.

What we have here is something we’re calling Eh Blue, which is actually more like the Pixel 2’s Kinda Blue color, but not as deep. It’s a very light blue tint, complete with an orange power button. It’s not amazing, but also better than just plain ol’ black.

These renders were captured from Google’s own store, thanks to a bit of URL tweaking. Far as we know, we’ll never see this color launch, but that could always change. Basically, this is just remnants of a launch that was screwed up by the pandemic.

Would it kill these companies to give us actual colors? And I’m not talking about rainbow phones and shiny metallics. Give me a satin red or matte green with a white power button. Something with some personality, please!

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