Qualcomm’s New In-Screen Fingerprint Reader is 17x Bigger, Allows for Dual Finger Authentication

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Besides new Snapdragon 865 processor hype, Qualcomm also announced new in-display fingerprint reader tech this week. The new sensor is a lot larger, 17x larger to be exact, allowing for dual fingerprint authentication. That, of course, leads to better security for your device.

Unlike the last 3D Sonic model, the updated 3D Sonic Max sensor identifies what it’s sensing with ultrasonic waves on its own hardware and not via algorithms and processing somewhere else on the device. This means better security with less vulnerabilities.

While having double the fingerprints is sweet for a lockscreen, one major convenience change is the 3D Sonic Max allowing for just a single tap on the large sensor to register your finger — no more multiple taps to get all the nooks and crannies of your fingerprint.

Qualcomm says we can expect to see this new sensor available commercially in devices next year. Maybe Galaxy S11 or Note 11 family? It’s completely possible.

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