Google Releases Experimental Apps to Improve Your Digital Wellbeing

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Google released five new apps to Google Play today, all focused on improving your Digital Wellbeing.

Each app is a different experiment of sorts, designed to either help you disconnect a bit or at least better manage everything you consume on your smartphone.

The above video from Google details the apps released, but from the few moments I looked them over, there are at least two that we recommend you check out. The first is Unlock Clock, which is a live wallpaper that shows how many times you’ve unlocked your phone that day. It’s a great way to see just how often you’re looking at your phone. The other is Post Box. This app holds all incoming notifications until a preselected time, which can be similar to Do Not Disturb, but the UI the app uses is colorful and fun.

You can find links to all of the new apps below.

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