Windows and Mac Apps for Samsung’s DeX are Live

Samsung Dex Windows Mac

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Samsung’s DeX always seemed to me like a waste of resources, as so few of us need a computer replacement operating system. We all own Windows or Mac or Chrome OS machines already, so the idea of needing a setup and dock for a half-baked mobile OS-turned-desktop-OS was unnecessary. But now, with DeX able to run on Windows or Mac as an app, it makes a lot more sense.

Today, those Windows and Mac apps are live for Samsung DeX, so you can try it out right now. All you need is a Windows or Mac computer and a USB cable that will attach your Samsung phone (like the Galaxy Note 10) to it.

With the app installed and phone attached, DeX opens in its own window, like any other app. But from within it, you can run all of the apps on your phone, use your favorite browser, check and send emails or messages or texts, and make use of the apps you might not typically have available when on your desktop computer.

Maybe more importantly, it’s not an entirely separate setup like it used to be. Now, with DeX running as an app on your computer, your keyboard and mouse just work and there’s nothing to disconnect or switch over. After downloading, I had DeX open and then closed again within minutes.

To give it a shot, hit that link below!

Download Dex Mac, Windows Apps



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