Pixel 3 at $499 is Such a Damn Good Deal

Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL

I’m sure you’ll show after reading that title to tell me that “4GB RAM isn’t enough” and that “64GB storage is pathetic” and that I’m a fool for suggesting anyone buy a Pixel 3 with the Pixel 4 possibly less than two months away. And that’s fine! But I’m fully prepared to stand by the idea that at $499, the Pixel 3 is a hell of a buy right now.

Thanks to a back-to-school sale at the Google Store, Google has kept its Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL with $300-off discounts for the time being. That gets you into a Pixel 3 for $499 or a Pixel 3 XL for $599. If the 64GB storage I mentioned above isn’t enough, add another $100 to each of those prices and you’ll get 128GB.

Why should you still buy a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL right now? The best way to explain why you should consider each, particularly right now with this discount, is to tell you why I keep coming back to these phones, even with Galaxy S10s and OnePlus phones sitting next to the Pixel 3 on my desk. Because like I did last year, Google’s phone is the one I keep grabbing over everyone else’s.

Here are 10 reasons the Pixel 3 is still worth buying:

  1. I grab the Pixel 3 because I know the camera is one of the best in the business.
  2. I grab the Pixel 3 because it has had Android Q beta on it for months, will get stable Android Q any day now, and I like having the newest sh*t. I’m a tech guy, after all.
  3. I grab the Pixel 3 because I like squeezing it to fire up Assistant, which I do multiple times in a day.
  4. I grab the Pixel 3 because it has a fingerprint reader that works, rather than one of those sh*tty, inconsistent and slow in-display units everyone else keeps putting in phones.
  5. I grab the Pixel 3 over the Pixel 3a because I appreciate the wireless charging at times, the better display, and the wide-angle selfie camera.
  6. I grab it because I prefer this leaner version of Android still to this day.
  7. I grab it because Google sure seems to have cleaned up performance issues from earlier in the year and the phone is quite speedy.
  8. I grab it because of little things like the always-on display that shows me weather and whatever songs are playing nearby.
  9. I grab it because I can slap any SIM card into it and it’ll work, but if I need to, can always just fire up Google Fi.
  10. Finally, I grab the Pixel 3 because it’s close to being the perfect size and looks super clean.

It looks like Google’s $300-off promo is running through most of September or until they sellout. You may have some time, but you may not want to wait too much longer.

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