Xfinity Mobile Adds More “By the Gig” Options to Wireless Line-Up

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Xfinity Mobile, the Verizon-powered wireless service from Comcast, added new options to its “By the Gig” plan this week. Instead of a single pay-per-gig option next to the $45 unlimited plan, there are now three “By the Gig” choices.

Previously, if you didn’t want an unlimited plan, you could pay $12 per 1GB of data used each month. Now, you can still go that expensive route or you can buy a starting amount of 3GB for $30 or 10GB for $60. Xfinity Mobile says you can adjust all this “if your needs change,” but it’s all still shareable data between family or friends.

I’m sure you can do math, which tells you that the 3GB-$30 plan offers a savings of $6 over the 1GB option, should you use 3GB in a month. For the 10GB plan, you are potentially saving $60.

If you choose the 3GB or 10GB plans and go over those data amounts, you’ll pay the $12/GB price.

The new plans are live right now.

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