There’s Such a Thing as a Bixby Marketplace Now

Bixby Marketplace

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Samsung introduced a little something today called the Bixby Marketplace for its Galaxy phones. As the name suggests, this is a gathering place for all of the services that Bixby offers from a range of 3rd party outfits like Yelp or Spotify or Google Maps.

The goal of the Bixby Marketplace, which sort of already existed prior to today just without a name, is to give Bixby users more customization options. In the Marketplace, you get to manage the services that work through Bixby to hopefully bring you the ultimate in Bixby.

I basically said a bunch of nothing right there, so let’s talk about what the point of this is. Bixby uses something called capsules, which are 3rd party services that work within Bixby. That could mean directions or navigation from Google Maps by launching Bixby or reservations from Yelp or opening up a specific Spotify playlist. Yes, you could just do all of this in Google Assistant without signing up for a “capsule,” but if you love Bixby instead of Assistant, then this is for you.

There are categories that you can browse through to find new capsules, selection of preferred capsules if you have multiple services that do similar things, and the potential for more developers to get in on this hot Bixby Marketplace action. It’s kind of like Alexa’s Skills integrations that you approve of, if that makes more sense.

To access the Marketplace, open up Bixby and swipe from right-to-left.

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